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Virgo Love Horoscope 2020

According to Virgo Love Horoscope 2020, your romantic life is going to be very good this year. The lord of the 5th house, Saturn is creating chances of marriage for you. The lord of the 7th house is Jupiter which along with Saturn is present in the 4th house. Overall, these planetary positions are pointing to a happy love life. Those people who are not yet in a relationship with anyone, with the influence of Jupiter can get a good partner in 2020. Those people who are already in a relationship can think about their future and take their relationship to the next level.


Venus is the lord of love and is sitting in the 5th house which will be quite auspicious for you. Venus is indicating a positive response for those who want to express their love to a special someone. At the beginning of the year, Saturn will be sitting in the 5th house, which is expressing the possibility of getting immense happiness for married people. Jupiter, by the end of March, will also move with Saturn which will create beneficial times for couples who were trying to expand their families as they might be blessed with a baby in their lives. Although, due to Saturn and Jupiter’s retrogression you can be a little worried about your partner's health. 


Till September, there is a possibility of difficult times for you and your partner. Things will start to improve after the progression of Jupiter and Saturn. Near the end of the year, in the second half of November, Jupiter will again move with Saturn in the 5th house, so that your romantic life can return to normal.


In total, Virgo Love Horoscope 2020 is indicating that this year you will spend a good romantic life.

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