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Leo Love Horoscope 2020

Love Horoscope 2020 for Leos indicates that your romantic life will be auspicious this year. In the case of relationships, you can feel fortunate enough to have such a great life partner but certainly, to keep up the park you may have to face challenges in it. To keep your love life happy, you have to control your anger. Instead of deteriorating on small things, the bigger picture will need to be kept in mind. Try to understand your partner's feelings and spend as much time with them as possible. The lord of the 7th house, Saturn will be in the 12th house at the beginning of the year. The 5th house is occupied by Jupiter but along with it, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Ketu are also present, which will create signs of the fluctuations in the life of unmarried lovers. Married people will also need to take some care in the initial times.


You can get a lot of support from a partner at the beginning of the year by the presence of Moon in the 7th house. Marriage plans can also be made for unmarried people. 


In the second week of May, with Saturn's retrogression, there can be emotionally troubling times in a couple's life. In particular, you may be worried about the health of your life partner. After Jupiter’s retrogression, you can find positive results in your romantic life.


In September, you can expect to end the difficulties in your romantic life. The reason being that this month there will be a lot of upheaval in the transit of planets. While Jupiter and Saturn will turn progressive, Rahu-Ketu will also change the zodiac sign. 


Overall, Horoscope of 2020 is indicating that this year is going to be very romantic and exciting for you.

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