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Scorpio Family Horoscope 2020

According to Scorpio family horoscope 2020, family life can be good for you this year. The lord of the 4th house, Saturn will remain in its zodiac this year, and the best thing for you is that you will be free from the movements of Saturn which was going on for a long time and so your family life can be happy.


According to the Scorpio Horoscope 2020, this year you will see many of your plans being fulfilled. You can renew your house this year, to get the feeling of new happiness in the family. Positive changes in the 4th house is creating happiness and prosperity for the whole family, but there are possibilities of differences with your father or a father figure. Saturn will make changes on January 24, at the beginning of the year. At this time you may be worried about the future of your younger siblings. On 30th March, Jupiter along with Saturn will move to Capricorn. Jupiter is the lord of the 5th house and its presence with Saturn is creating favourable conditions in the 3rd place. The 5th sight of Jupiter from the 7th house is indicating your family life to be peaceful. You can get a lot of support from your spouse. Those unmarried people who are in a relationship with someone can introduce their relationship in the family.


In May, Saturn and Jupiter will turn retrograde. At this time you have to be a little cautious, you can be worried about your children. You can also get some negative news from your child’s side. During this time, no matter how unfavorable the circumstances are, you will get full support of your kin. On June 30th, Jupiter will go back to Sagittarius, while in retrogression. At this time, your relations with your family members will improve. An auspicious work can be organized in the family. In the month of September, the progression of Jupiter and Saturn is indicating good results for you. In the same month, Rahu-Ketu will also be changing the zodiac. While Rahu will move into the 7th house, Ketu will be entering your own zodiac sign. Due to this, relationships between family members can see a little bitterness. However, progressive Saturn is expected to calm things down and offer some good news from younger siblings. In November,Jupiter will move with Saturn and your family life will be full of happiness again. Overall, the annual horoscope for  Scorpions is indicating towards a happy family life after a few ups and downs in the middle of the year.

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