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Capricorn Family Horoscope 2020

This year will be mixed for the family life as this year, Jupiter will continue to change the path and change the place so that you can see the good effect inside your family. But ultimately the love and cooperation will continue to be interconnected in the family with the influence of Jupiter and Mercury.


In the Capricorn Family Horoscope 2020, the presence of Mars in the 9th house will give you the power to fight every problem. You can succeed in resolving the ongoing dispute in your house. This year, the first phase of Saturn’s movement will end in your zodiac sign, which will give you great relief. You will be able to focus on your family. On March 30th, Jupiter will change the zodiac and it will be in your own zodiac, in the lowest amount. Saturn is already present in your zodiac sign. The transit of Jupiter with Saturn leads to the creation of favorable circumstances. That will help in increasing your status among relatives.


On May 11, Saturn will turn retrograde, which will show you the effects soon. There will be a disturbance in peace and prosperity in your family. At this time, you have to be careful of your enemy's side because they can try to harm you or your family members. Jupiter will turn retrograde on 14th May. The effect of Jupiter will bring happiness to your family once more. The fear of the enemy will also be reduced.


According to Capricorn Horoscope 2020, on September 13th, Jupiter will turn progressive after which you will make new plans for your family's future. On September 23rd, Rahu will be located at the 5th place with your zodiac sign. This can trouble you a bit and put you in a dilemma. Due to this, you will not be convinced about your plans for your family. For the children, the year 2020 is going to be good with the effect of Rahu. 


On 20th November Jupiter will move to your zodiac sign and you will be able to make family decisions with clarity. Overall, this year is going to be better for the Capricorns.

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