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Sagittarius Horoscope 2020

The horoscope 2020 readings suggest that this year is expected to be very auspicious for the people of Sagittarius, because at the beginning of the year, Jupiter will remain in its own zodiac sign. The creation of beneficial results will fill you up with new energy. It is said that due to Jupiter in your zodiac, your weaknesses do not emerge out in front of people and by this, you can eliminate your difficulties.


Venus is in place of wealth, due to this your economic situation will be good because Venus is the owner of the 2nd house and occupies the place of wealth. Destiny is also going to be very cooperative this year because the lord of destiny is sitting in your own zodiac. Lord of the 10th house, Mercury is in the center along Jupiter, Saturn, and with its efforts, new schemes will be born in this field, especially for all the people who are from the education field. There is also a chance of you going to get an education abroad. Mars, which is the lord of 5th house that is education, sits in the 12th position which inspires the natives to go abroad.


Astroyogi suggests that you need to keep a regular check on your day to day life and make use of your day in a planned manner to achieve maximum out of it.


Staying in the 7th place, Rahu can cause bitterness in your marriage. Keep a relationship of love and trust with your spouse. For the lovers who have a new relationship, Rahu can become the reason for separation.

At the beginning of the year, Saturn will enter into Capricorn on January 24. 2nd house is considered as a major factor in wealth and family happiness. That's why your financial status is likely to remain strong and there will be an atmosphere of love and peace in the family. You can get good support from an elderly family member.


Jupiter will enter into Capricorn on March 30 with Saturn, which will bring about a reformation in your personality. Your reputation will increase, your honor and status will increase in the family. View of Jupiter on the 5th house can decrease the chances of you having a disease.  


Retrogradation of Saturn will happen on 11th May. There can be a loss of wealth and a situation of discord in the family. Do not make any transactions at this time as you will not be able to pay the money taken due to the influence of the planet. You may also have trouble getting back the money you loaned to people.


On May 14, Jupiter will move to Capricorn, after which you can get a mixed effect in the economic situation. But mental satisfaction will gradually increase and success will be achieved.


On June 30, Jupiter will move into Sagittarius and your incomplete works from the past can be fulfilled at this time. 

Jupiter will become progressive on September 13 after which you can focus on making future plans.

On 20th November, Jupiter will be able to come back to Capricorn, after which you can work hard to make your dreams come true. You can also get the required support from your in-laws. 


Rahu will also move to the 6th position on 23rd September and Ketu will occupy the 12th position. The presence of Rahu in Taurus and at the 6th house can be a source of enmity and disease for you. Sixth place is also a competition, so you will face competition and challenges. Stay away from wasteful expenditures. Spend only if it is necessary.


Saturn will turn progressive on the 29th of September. Once again, the status will change for you. Suddenly, money prospects can be created. The loaned money can also be received at this time.

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