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Cancer Horoscope 2020

The horoscope 2020 readings for the Cancerians, the moon will stay in the eighth house, which in the initial times can make you a little worried about your health. This year, you will get great opportunities to participate in contests, because the 6th house is occupied by Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Ketu and these are creating new paths of success for you. In addition to this Mercury and Saturn are creating, which indicates that you will get the fruits of your hard work.


People from the sports world, cinema can achieve success by traveling and participating in competitions abroad. The planetary positioning is creating the best opportunities for you. All you have to do is to grab them and give your best.  Especially for the people in IT, engineering, media, acting, and politics. This year instead of depending on your luck, depend on your work and talent which will get you the best results.


With the change of Saturn after 24th January, the chances of change in business or job search are going to be there for you, and all of this will bring huge success for you. The change of Saturn will be very good for you as it will provide stability in your business. The presence of Saturn in the 7th house of your chart is also creating chances of a marriage, but you need to be very careful before taking this huge step. 


On 30th March, Jupiter will move into Capricorn, which will fasten the pace of your marriage along with new possibilities in your work life. Apart from this, horoscope 2020 shows that the creation of favorable circumstances, will require you to work hard at the beginning of the year but you will get very good benefits along the way.


Saturn will turn retrograde on May 11th and this can result in obstacles in your marriage or at your workplace. If possible, try to postpone any important task at the moment. On the 29th of September, the path of Saturn will become progressive and only then should you resume all your work and expect success out of it.


Astroyogi suggests that you need to keep a regular check on your day to day life and make use of your day in a planned manner to achieve maximum out of it.


With the retrogression of Jupiter on 14th May, you will feel success coming your way. The vision of Jupiter on your 7th house will make it possible for you to overcome the health problems you have been facing for so long. 


On June 30, Jupiter will move into Sagittarius which suggests you to take care of your health. You may have to face problems related to your stomach. Weight gain can also haunt you this time. With the progression on 13th September, Jupiter again will start to give you auspicious results in terms of your health, luck and good fortune. 


On September 23, Rahu will move to Taurus in the 11th position or the house of profit and fortune. 


On 20th November, Jupiter will move back to Capricorn, and you will benefit from this transit. At the beginning of the year, Rahu will be at the 12th house creating opportunities for you to travel abroad. 

Overall this year will be prosperous for the Cancerians.

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