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Pisces Finance Horoscope 2020

For the Pisces, this year is going to be very good in case of their finances. Having Venus in place of your income and profit and chances of receiving a huge sum of money is being made for you. The lord of wealth, Mars is sitting in its own place. At the beginning of the year, the change of Saturn on 24th January is moving in the place of income from the workplace and due to this you will experience a big chunk of money sent in your way. But along with this, the expenses will also increase. 


According to this year’s horoscope, the change of Jupiter will take place on 30th March to the place of profit, which will be auspicious for you. Due to Jupiter being at its own place as well as Saturn, there is creation of favorable circumstances which will give you health benefits and less expenses on medical help. 


On 11th May,Saturn will turn retrograde. With this effect, sudden impedance will arise and a time might come when you will find yourself financially inapt. But the progression of Jupiteron September 13, 2020 will give you the balance back and you will soon begin  preparing for your future plans. During this time, you will focus on making new plans of income. With this, you can also consider investing in a new scheme. If you are thinking of investing in a scheme at this time, then be assured of the first plan. Discuss with your advisor and family members about this topic. Otherwise you will have a loss rather than profit.


This year Rahu is going to change on September 23rd which is giving a good sign for your income. Since Rahu will be in Taurus, you will be at the best of your career. You will get the benefit of this in the work area which will increase your income. As soon as Jupiter returns to Capricorn again on November 20th, you will start benefiting from the plans made in the past. In the case of your finances, this year is likely to be slightly tight for you.

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