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Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2017

You are happy in love this year, Sagittarius! Your relationship is fun and breezy, full of frolic and flirtation. You truly admire your lover, and early in the year, things are light-hearted and fabulous. Toward the end of January, when Saturn moves to Sagittarius, you will face a new commitment in your personal relationship. This will be wonderful news: an engagement, a marriage, a baby or maybe simply a subtle deepening of your love. At first, you might feel overwhelmed.  Let this emotion ride, and do not panic.


By March, your acceptance will become tremendous joy, as you begin to realize what an incredible gift you have been given. If you are looking for love, Sagittarius, you will find the beginning of the year, through March, a wild and crazy time of fantastic dates and exciting encounters. Have fun with this, but expect someone very special to enter your life in late spring. Pay close attention; this person is quite unexpected. Love will blossom for you by December!

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