Will the Sun Transit in Leo 2022 Be Beneficial to You? Find It Out Here!

Mon, Aug 15, 2022
Guru Shriram
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Mon, Aug 15, 2022
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  By Guru Shriram
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Will the Sun Transit in Leo 2022 Be Beneficial to You? Find It Out Here!

The Sun is scheduled to transit Leo in 2022. On August 17, 2022, the Sun will move to the sign of Leo. What surprises does this transit have in store for you? Read this article to find out what changes the natives of the 12 zodiac signs can anticipate in their daily lives during this planetary transit. Here you’ll also learn about powerful astrological remedies to help you get through the transit as smoothly as possible.

The Sun is the primary source of energy on Earth. As a result, the Sun transit in Leo zodiac will have an impact on all living things on the planet's surface. Leo is a masculine energy sign, and the Sun's energy increases in Leo. The Leo zodiac sign is represented by a lion, symbolizing courage, bravery, leadership, aggression, and power. Leo comes under a fixed zodiac sign. The entry of the Sun into the fixed zodiac will create wealth, prosperity, and challenges for people.

The Sun will transit Leo on August 17, 2022, at 7:37 AM (IST), and will remain there until September 17, 2022, at 7:35 AM (IST), before moving to Virgo. Let's look at how the Sun Transit in Leo 2022 will affect the various zodiac signs. We must remember that it will present prosperity for some zodiac signs as well as challenges for others.

How Will The Sun Transit in Leo 2022 Impact Our Lives?

Connect with Guru Shriram on Astroyogi to learn more about the Sun Transit in Leo 2022 and whether or not it will be beneficial to you.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Aries

Aries is a fire sign that is ruled by the planet Mars. The transit of the Sun will occur in Aries' 5th house, where the Sun will be in Mooltrikona, which will positively affect learning. This is a good time for the students who are preparing for exams. You will have plenty of opportunities during this time. For married couples, this period will bring prosperity and togetherness. Those in a relationship will have some difficulties. You are advised to be courteous during this time. Due to the Sun's transit, people in business can make a lot of money through proper investment. However, if you are trading shares or stocks during this time, you must exercise caution to avoid suffering a loss.

Remedy - Those in trouble are advised to recite Rudrashtakam daily during this period.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Taurus

Taurus is the zodiac sign ruled by the planet Venus. The Sun will transit the 4th house of the Taurus horoscope. This is an excellent time for the student to achieve success in life. However, during this time, homemakers must exercise caution with their spouses because they will have many differences. On the other hand, this time will be enjoyable for lovers. They will find it easy to make up for the lost time. People who are investing need to choose their investments wisely.

Remedy - Read the Hanuman Chalisa daily to increase stamina and energy and prevent the shortcomings of this time.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Gemini

Gemini is the zodiac sign for Mercury. Sun transit will take place in the 3rd house to the Gemini natives. They will find it easy to withstand the situations of their life in this period. This period is good for students to qualify for competitive examinations. However, married couples will find it difficult to address each other. Lovers will be at their peak during this period, and their vibes and energy will be positive. Students will benefit greatly from this transit because it will instill courage in them to pass competitive examinations. Those who are investing must be careful and take appropriate precautions. It may cause you problems, so think carefully before making an investment.

Remedy - Read Aditya Hriday stotra every day in the morning; it will give you a lot of energy.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Cancer

The Cancer zodiac is ruled by the Moon. The Sun will make transit through this sign's 2nd house. The ascendant will benefit from this planetary movement's courage, wisdom, prosperity, and strength. This period for married couples will be very happy. They will find it simple to make decisions about their future. Those in a romantic relationship will likely experience some difficulties, which could be due to a lack of awareness of their surroundings and an inability to adopt a realistic approach. For students, this is an excellent time to decide on a specific course of study. For business owners and investors, this period will be difficult, but if they plan carefully, they may benefit greatly.

Remedy - Recite “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times daily.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Leo

The Sun itself is the lord of the Leo sign. The Sun transit in Leo 2022 will give this sign’s natives the motivation to make decisions that will help them succeed. As a result, the Leo sign will benefit during this time. Married couples should remember that they should talk to each other before arguing because this could result in conflicts. For investments, it is a great time to invest as much as you want because you can reap many benefits. The Sun's energy will be present within you, providing you with numerous financial benefits. You will be very strong socially, as well as emotionally. For romantic couples, this transit will be challenging to adjust; it is advised that they remain calm and quiet during this time.

Remedy - Read “Bajrang Baan” once daily to benefit properly from this transit.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Virgo

The Virgo zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in charge of communication, and human progress depends on communication. The true impact of the Sun transit in Leo will be felt by Virgo natives in their 12th house, causing problems for Virgo ascendants. Additionally, they may benefit from going on foreign trips. This period may be challenging for students, yet they may be selected for government exams. Investors must exercise caution during this period to avoid confusion, or they may make poor decisions. Businesses will thrive during this time because it is an expansion period for them. They will find happiness by expanding their infrastructure, which is extremely beneficial to them. There will be the possibility of a romantic relationship between lovers.

Remedy - Recite Rudrashtakam once every day.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Libra

Libra zodiac is being ruled by Venus. These sign’s natives are very charming, attractive, and creative. For them, the Sun transit in Leo 2022 will occur in the 11th house, which is the house of benefit for them. They will experience financial, social, and spiritual gain during this time. This is a great time for athletes to succeed in their chosen sports. Those in business should make their investment decisions now because they will benefit from sales. This time period will be very advantageous for traders. However, it will be full of tension for married couples, and they will both be unable to decide what to do and what not to do, so they must practice calm and quiet during this period. Lovers will be overjoyed during this time because their energy levels will rise. Students will pass the exams, and they may qualify for the government job examination.

Remedy - Chant the Gayatri Mahamantra 108 times every day.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Scorpio

The Scorpio zodiac sign is being ruled by Mars, the planet of energy and enthusiasm. During this period, the Sun transit in Leo will take place in the 10th house for Scorpio sign natives. As the 10th house is the house of Karma, people will be focused on their efforts to achieve success. You should concentrate on your efforts because they will yield the desired results. Students will find it simple to understand and grasp the concept, allowing them to succeed in the examination. Business owners can make informed decisions about their upcoming projects, and they will benefit from this transit. For those who believe in Karma, this is the time to succeed and benefit. Therefore, you must pay attention to your actions to achieve the right results with the right thoughts, as negative thoughts might cause problems in your life. So, think positively and stay focused.

Remedy - Recite the mantra “Om Hanu Hanumate Namah” 108 times daily to receive benefits.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives are governed by Jupiter. The Sun transit in Leo 2022 will take place in the 9th house for Sagittarius. It will have an impact on luck and destiny. Furthermore, they will reap the benefits of their previous Karmas' actions during this period, which will bring them happiness. Students are advised to focus on their studies skillfully to gain more benefits. The married couples will have a wonderful time during this period, which they will cherish. They will see an increase in wealth. If you want to buy a house, you can do so without much difficulty now. So you are in good time. However, lovers will encounter difficulties, so to benefit appropriately during this time, it is advised that they be as romantic as possible as it will be very beneficial. This period will not be fruitful for investment; therefore, you must exercise caution before investing.

Remedy - Read Guru Gita once every day.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is a slow-moving planet. So the behavior aspects of Capricorn are also slow and calculative. However, the Sun transit in Leo will occur in the Capricorn sign's 8th house, providing them with ample opportunity for in-depth thinking. If they have any unresolved issues in their lives, they will be resolved and can move forward with more energy. The married couples will feel enthusiastic during this time. For lovers, this is the right time to move forward in their lives and achieve whatever they desire. Students will have a difficult time deciding on a career. On the other hand, investors will get the right results if they think positively and invest.

Remedy - Recite “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times every morning.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn. The Sun will transit Leo in the 7th house to the Aquarius sign. This represents an ideal relationship and partnership. As a result, this is an excellent time for relationship issues, partnership, and marriage. Those looking for a business partner will also find one during this time period. However, investing in the stock market won't produce the intended results. Students will be able to choose a career path that will benefit them in the long run. Working-class people will receive appropriate raises from their bosses. There will be a prosperous time for business, and if you make decisions and take the necessary precautions, you will profit. Those who are in a relationship will struggle to adjust.

Remedy - Recite the “Bajrang Baan” during the period to get the proper benefit.

Effects of Sun Transit in Leo on Pisces

Pisces is the zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter. For Pisces natives, the Sun transit in Leo will occur in the 6th house. The 6th house is the house of sickness, debt, and disease, and because the Sun is in this house, these aspects will be removed from the life of the Pisces ascendant, making this a favorable time for them. Those who have already decided to invest in a business or start a new project will have no difficulty doing so. Lovers will find a suitable partner during this time. The married couples will be able to make sound decisions about their future. If there are any issues between them in the past, they will be easily resolved. There will be happiness and peace on the love and relationship front. People in the salaried class will receive their proper raise at the appropriate time and be pleased. Therefore, for them, this transit will be advantageous. However, in trading, one must be cautious about investment or risk losing money.

Remedy - Recite the Durga Stotra Namavali every day.


The Sun transit in Leo 2022 will be no different from previous planetary movements, which always predict major life changes. Additionally, it will result in both positive and negative changes in people's lives. But remember that each person will experience the Sun transit in Leo differently. Thus, focus on your Karma to get the results you deserve, as this transit will bring energy and positivity to the zodiac signs.

Connect with Guru Shriram on Astroyogi to learn more about the Sun Transit in Leo 2022 and whether or not it will be beneficial to you.

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