Venus Transit in Cancer 2020 and Its Impact on You

Thu, Jul 09, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Jul 09, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Venus Transit in Cancer 2020 and Its Impact on You

The planet Venus is the deity of Love, luxury, comfort and artistic abilities. In Vedic Astrology, the planet Venus rules Libra and Taurus in the zodiac signs. People who are favored by this planet can be experiencing comforts in their lives and much more than often possess a engaging personality. Moreover, the positive position of the planet Venus in a person’s Kundli, endows them with pleasant relationships, marital harmony and success.


The planet Venus will transit from Gemini to Cancer on September 1, 2020 (Tuesday) at 02:18 am and will remain progressive in this sign till on September 28th 2020.

Let’s take a look into Astroyogi’s expert astrologers’ predictions for each zodiac sign on how this transit will influence their lives.


Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs. (Know Your Moon Sign)




The planet Venus will transit into the 4th house whereby improvement in one’s family life is forecasted. Individuals will experience a rise in expenditure which will mostly be directed to household activities. Individuals will notice that their career is steering towards advancement. Health-wise, everything is on the clear and energy levels will be high with vitality.



With the planet Venus being in transit into the 3rd house, individuals will find love with a probability of getting married. Short travels are foreseen. Financial stability will be great with some extra inflow of income from past investments. At the workplace, things will not seem to be as gracious in the beginning therefore it is advised to put in some extra efforts to ensure benefits. Health-wise, it is all clear and dandy with surges of energy for one’s daily routines and more.



The planet Venus will transit into the 2nd house where one might enjoy celebrations and commemorations in the family. Individuals will experience a significant amount of gain in wealth from foreign investments or through people from remote areas of the world. Romantic relationships or spousal relations will require some quality time to be spent with love and warmth. Individuals will experience a significant rush of energy which can be directed to sports or trekking.



The planet Venus will transit into the 1st house where individuals will enjoy comforts and luxury. Individuals will fall in love; however, it is best to avoid showboating to avoid giving out the wrong impressions. Married individuals will go through some disputes and tiffs after which marital life would progress efficiently. Health-wise, it is recommended to get a check up to take any precautionary measures if required. There are some beneficial investments that can be made in property and even antiques. Considerable amounts of profits will be reaped in from past investments.



With the planet Venus being in transit into the 12th house, it is foreseen that individuals will experience a rise in expenditures. Travelling abroad for professional and leisure is also seen to take place. With Leo born individual’s inclination towards sensual activities, there would be an increase of such activities whereby it is also advised to keep it in limited quantities. It is also advised to take care of one’s health by keeping oneself active. Investments of any sort are not recommended and keeping a check on inflow and outflow is advised to avoid financial crunches.


Planet Venus - The Significator of Love |   Planet Venus  |  Venus Transit 2020



The planet Venus will transit into the 11th house whereby it is foreseen that this transit will be progressive for Virgo individuals in terms of financial gains and social activities. Individuals will experience a steady rise in income. Individuals will find that their romantic relationships are flourishing with some occasional tiffs. Health-wise, it is advised to take precautionary measures for any untoward pain or setbacks in health by doing a full medical checkup. Career-wise, everything is sailing smooth with clear waters ahead.



The planet Venus will transit into the 10th house where individuals can go through some conflicts at the workplace, nevertheless, it is advised that one should stay away from any controversy as it can be unfavourable. Domestic life would not be blissful and individuals will see chaos and troubles from their partners. It is advised to focus on ones work and other important aspects of life. Health-wise, everything is in working order, however, some light exercise is recommended like cycling or zumba.



Being that the planet Venus will transit into the 9th house, individuals will experience mixed results. One can notice gains through foreign relations. Travelling long distances are forecasted with benefits. Individuals will experience their romantic life improving as well as enjoying romantic encounters. Health-wise, it is forecasted that one will be overcome with energy that can be directed to the gym or sporting activities. Financially, individuals will be sound and gaining profits from investments.



The planet Venus will transit into the 8th house where it is advised to be careful about one’s health and take precautionary medications, if required. Individuals would enjoy otherwise, however, it is advised to not take part in any untoward activities which can bring dishonor. Investments of any sort are not recommended as it will go into loss. There will be harmony and peace at home as long as one plays by the rulebook.

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The planet Venus will transit into the 7th house where there will be significant improvement in one’s marital life. There will be romance in the air with some quality time being enjoyed. At the workplace, individuals will feel great as there is a promotion forecasted. There will be stability in the financial side of one’s life and profits will be reaped in from recent investments. Health-wise, it is advised to go for regular walks or jogs to keep one active and fit.



With the planet Venus being in transit into 6th house, individuals will need to work hard in order to get things done in their favour. There is a significant rise in expenditures foreseen. Individuals who work in the field of litigation will experience some significant success, however, if seen generally, it can be seen that one would emerge as a conqueror in disputes, quarrels or competitions. Health-wise, adventure sports and some heavy sporting activities will burn off all those extra pounds one has put on over the holidays. Relationships will be harmonious and at peace with love and warmth.



The planet Venus will transit into the 5th house where one’s inclination would be towards improving the artistic abilities. Individuals will experience a new love relationship that will be inspirational. Financial gains can be seen on the horizon with expenditure on a tad bit increase as well. Career-wise, it is vital to improve oneself in their own field of work so as to be avoid being beaten by the younger generation. Health-wise, it is advised to refrain from ill-inducing toxicants such as liquor or tobacco completely and go for a full medical checkup to take any precautions, if necessary.

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