These 5 Pro Tips to Transform Your Dining Room’s Aura Are Insane!

Thu, Mar 28, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Mar 28, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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These 5 Pro Tips to Transform Your Dining Room’s Aura Are Insane!

The dining space is the heart of a dwelling. 

Besides looking after a family’s wellness, it also makes for a great bonding space for them. So, it’s essential to protect the energy of this home space. 

And luckily for us, Vastu Shastra provides a way to do this!

This ancient science reveals many fantastic ways to maintain balance in the dining area for leading a life enriched by peace and positivity. 

Want to get your hands on them? Here, we discuss some splendid Vastu for dining tips and their significance.


Vastu Shastra for The Dining Room - Why Is It Important?

Here’s why designing your dining space according to Vastu principles could go a long way for you. 

  • Brings Harmony: Togetherness is important in a family, and the dining room is one of the best places to practice that. Through Vastu Shastra, precious family bonds can be strengthened, and harmony can be maintained.

  • Invites Positivity: By setting the dining place according to certain Vastu principles, one can preserve a positive aura around the place that is both comforting and inviting.


Dining Room As Per Vastu - 5 Tips to Help You Create A Positive Dining Area

When planning the dining area of your home, here are some of the most important dining room Vastu principles you should follow to create a positive, wholesome ambiance. 

Pick The Right Location

According to Vastu, the most auspicious direction for the dining room is the west side of the house. It attracts prosperity and success. 

The kitchen should be attached to or near the dining area to attract peace and prosperity. Your house's dining room must be connected to the kitchen on the west, south, or east side of your humble abode. Another thing to remember is that the toilet should never be put near the dining area, as doing so can attract negative energies.

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Pay Attention to Your Dining Table!

Generally, you should prefer a rectangular or square shape for your dining table, as per Vastu. They represent balance, stability, and harmony. Avoid tables in round, irregular shapes. 

According to Vastu, the dining table should be made of wood, stone, or glass as they represent growth, stability, and transparency. In fact, out of these materials, wood is deemed to be the best. A metal table should not be used as a dining table.

It’s Time to Select Your Dining Table Direction As Per Vastu! 

The next essential thing is choosing the best direction for dining table placement. The best dining table position, as per Vastu, is the center of the room to facilitate easy movement and a balanced look. 

The seats should be arranged in such an order that the head of the family faces the east direction. This is believed to instill harmony and nurture positive conversations between the members.

Want to get a personalized Vastu plan for your dining room? Talk to the experts at Astroyogi today! 

The Right Colors Can Do Wonders

Since the color of a room is one of the first things that hits the eye, you should pay close attention to it. For the dining area, choose soothing colors like yellow, beige, light pink, or sage green. These colors tend to feel therapeutic and create a welcoming atmosphere in the room. 

Try not to opt for dark or dull shades for your dining area walls, as they could bring bland vibes to the room.

Tip to Always Remember: Zero Clutter

Whether it's the dining room or any other home space, a clutter-free setting keeps the mind clear and ready to be filled with positive thoughts. So, make sure your dining room area is clean. 

Remove all unnecessary items from the area, and make sure to properly clean the dining table after your meals. You must also avoid using damaged or broken crockery. 


Summing Up

Although the dining room Vastu ensures a vibrant and relaxing home, it is our own duty to maintain a healthy living atmosphere. By keeping the negativities away and following the Vastu principles faithfully, we can facilitate such an environment for ourselves.
In this blog, we covered various Vastu tips for a positive dining area. If you need a proper Vastu plan for your dining space, consult the experts at Astroyogi today!

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