Will You End 2023 on A High Note? The Tarot Cards Reveal!

Sat, Dec 02, 2023
Tarot Krishnaa
  By Tarot Krishnaa
Sat, Dec 02, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Krishnaa
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Will You End 2023 on A High Note? The Tarot Cards Reveal!

Tarot cards are an excellent tool to gain insights into the current energies of a person or a situation. This excellent divination tool can help you see beyond the visible and to tap into the subconscious level of thoughts and emotions. 

The Tarot monthly horoscope predictions take into account past behaviors and present energies, which eventually make our future. The Tarot monthly reading is beneficial in situations wherein one wants to do something differently or wishes to achieve a desired result, and by seeing the present condition clearly, one can choose better for the future. 

What Does The Monthly Tarot Reading Say About The Last Month of The Year?

Are you thinking- "What can the Tarot cards say for December month?" The answer lies here! The Tarot prediction for December 2023 indicates that the last month of 2023 will usher in possibilities and opportunities to chase your dreams. This month is brimming with power and positivity for all 12 zodiac signs. 

But that's not all! You will also find effective remedies to help you make the most of this month. Get set for a thrilling journey through this month of transformation and self-discovery!

Tarot Aries Horoscope

Awesome Ariens, you need to be more free-spirited and more in sync with your true potential, as indicated by the Tarot reading for December. The circumstances in your life have been trying to get the better of you and make you feel subdued. It's time to free yourself and experiment with career and relationship choices. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Six of Wands)

There will be success in love. This will be an excellent month to propose for a committed relationship or marriage and take the next step. Good luck!

  • Career (Tarot Card - Nine of Pentacles)

As per the Tarot monthly horoscope, you can expect growth and promotion in your career path. If you are looking for a job switch, this month will be favorable for scouting new opportunities.

  • Family (Tarot Card - Nine of Cups)

This month, let others take the lead and shoulder more responsibilities. You need to take the back seat and be in observer mode. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Judgement)

There will be a bit of a struggle this month, so don't lose hope. You will have to show a lot of determination and hard work to continue on the path to success. So, do your absolute best!

Remedy - Reciting Hanuman Chalisa twice daily for 40 days.

Tarot Taurus Horoscope 

Terrific Taureans, you may be living in a world of illusion, in your own comfort zone, and unwilling to learn from past mistakes. However, the time has come to learn from your experience so that growth happens at a deeper and more consistent level.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Eight of Pentacles)

You can expect a connection with your ex-lover, old friend, etc. There will be periods of stagnancy, so you must follow your basic routine to make things easy and doable for you, especially when things are stagnant.  

  • Career (Tarot Card - Six of Pentacles)

You must seriously focus on making a switch, as your current role is insufficient for your potential, as per the Tarot prediction for December 2023. You are being undermined in your current position and need to look for a better-suited role. This month will be difficult, especially for your relationship with your superiors. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Queen of Swords)

This month, you need to focus more on being disciplined. You must follow a routine, keeping your health and well-being in mind. You must do so to set an example for your family members to follow so that you and everyone around you can become more disciplined and healthy.  

  • Business (Tarot Card - Death)

As per the Tarot monthly horoscope, a 360° shift is expected this month. This will lead to a revamp of the future of the business. There will be a focus on closing down loss-making segments, and there will be cost-cutting. 

Remedy - Donate white-colored food items (Sugar, Flour, Milk, etc.) at a temple or orphanage.

Tarot Gemini Horoscope

 Charming Geminis, promising career or business opportunities are coming your way, according to the Tarot reading for December. You must work towards expansion and long-term growth. There will be more family time, outings, and get-togethers. This month will be great to bond with your loved ones and compensate for the lost time. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Four of Cups)

This will be a hectic month when it comes to spending quality time with your beloved. You may feel drained and exhausted, so make sure you spend some 'Me-time' in between. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Justice)

Finally, your hard work will pay off, and you will be rewarded soon, as indicated by the Tarot prediction for December 2023. You can expect a promotion, and you can also expect a raise in salary or get a bonus. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - World)

This year's end will bring closure to the existing phase in your life and bring in a new era, so good luck! You must expect a change in residence. There can be a rekindling of old family connections. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Fool)

A new business venture is likely to happen. Therefore, you must focus more on networking and marketing during this month. 

Remedy - Wear a colored crystal bracelet (Peridot, Malachite, Moldavite Stone). 

Tarot Cancer Horoscope 

 Sweet Cancerians, you have been running for too long now, chasing something that isn't meant for you. It's time to stop and be at peace with yourself. The more you are in sync with yourself, the better the situation around you will be. Stop chasing, as it's time to attract. This year has taught you a lot, especially regarding relationships, finding your calling, and being in harmony. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Ten of Cups)

Try to maintain a balance this month and don't overdo anything in your relationship, as indicated by the Tarot December month predictions. If you have been giving too much, step back. If you have been laid-back, it's time to step up and make up for lost time. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Seven of Swords)

There would be friction and conflict of interest at your workplace. Your work environment may become toxic, and there could be politics involved. You must maintain your inner calm and focus only on achieving stability this month. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Page of Wands)

You must take things lightly, especially when it comes to family feuds and disputes. You must move away from seriousness and infuse lightness in your family life. This will lighten up your spirits!

  • Business (Tarot Card - Nine of Wands)

According to the Tarot reading for December, your efforts may not lead to desirable results this month. But the Tarot card suggests you continue to do hard work and plan better for the coming year. Don't give up! 

Remedy - Offer water to the Shivling every Monday for a month. 

Tarot Leo Horoscope 

 Fiery Leos, this month, you need to be extra cautious about the intentions of people around you, as indicated by the Tarot monthly horoscope. Don't go with the face value; instead, follow your intuition. You must be diplomatic and strategic at your workplace to get what you want. When it comes to your relationship, it will be better to take things slow and not be judgemental. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Seven of Swords)

You can expect closure in your on-again and off-again relationship. You have been investing a lot of energy into a relationship that's not worth salvaging. So, it's much better to let it go. Remember, there is something better in store for you!

  • Career (Tarot Card - Ace of Swords)

According to the Tarot prediction for December 2023, you will be looked up to in your workplace because, by now, you will have created a name for yourself. And your networking efforts are finally about to pay off. So, brace yourself! 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Three of Wands)

This month, you must live in the moment and experience the present. It's time to live your life for yourself. You must share your responsibilities with your family members. Make sure you make them participate and share your duties with them. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Devil)

You must make challenging decisions, like laying off employees or restructuring your business this month. This is in order to streamline work for the coming period. 

Wondering what the future will be like for your business? Astroyogi experts have the answers! Call or Chat with them right away! 

Remedy - You can wear a gold ring or offer water to the Lord Sun.

Tarot Virgo Horoscope

 Smart Virgos, you need to be emotionally and mentally stronger, as some challenging situations are coming your way. It's time for a 360° shift in your perspective to upgrade as a person. You can anticipate the next year to bring you new challenges. Hence, for that, you need to upgrade your skills. You can expect a change or switch your career or location. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Three of Swords)

There are chances of misunderstandings happening, so brace yourself! You can also expect an emotional breakdown if you are not careful. Therefore, the Tarot monthly reading suggests you take everything with a pinch of salt and let this month pass before making any serious decisions. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Page of Cups)

You need to start looking out for Angel Numbers and signs from the Universe. Have faith as your struggle to find a new job is about to end, as you will find lucrative career options soon.  

  • Family (Tarot Card - Ace of Pentacles)

It's time to handle any situation in your family life with maturity, as people around you will rely on your advice for sorting out family matters and disputes. According to the Tarot prediction for December 2023, you must prioritize saving your personal relationships this month.

  • Business (Tarot Card - Ten of Wands)

The Tarot Virgo horoscope indicates that you may incur unexpected losses this month, and this may lead to quick and faulty business decisions. So, please be careful. 

Remedy - Take the initiative and donate to a tree plantation.

Tarot Libra Horoscope

 Lovely Libras, you will be rewarded for your hard work and perseverance this month. This month, you can expect work promotions, recognition, and more leadership roles. On a personal front, your partner needs your support more than ever to achieve balance. The Tarot monthly horoscope indicates that it would help if you continued to focus on your willpower and confidence.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Justice)

Your support will be needed a lot by your beloved. Focus on giving more to your relationship and helping your partner achieve stability. This will be a good time for singles to seek out new relationships. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Strength)

The Tarot Libra horoscope indicates that your leadership and communication skills will be put to use, and this will help you get recognized at a senior level. So, make the most of this month. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Judgement)

It's time to find your true calling! This month, you must stay in detachment mode. Focus more on what brings you inner peace and true happiness. Follow your passions and hobbies.  

  • Business (Tarot Card - Eight of Wands)

Be open to new situations and alliances. You can expect work-related travel, especially to new destinations. 

Remedy - Meditate on the "Om" sound and practice the Bhramari Pranayama for at least 21 days. 

Tarot Scorpio Horoscope

Sensational Scorpios, you must focus more on your physical health. You need to exercise and eat a healthy diet, according to the Tarot prediction for December 2023. You seem to be coming out of a low phase, and things have just started to turn in your favor. You can expect more work to come your way. Financial gains are also on the cards. Take care of your health and build good habits, as these are needed for the journey ahead. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Four of Swords)

Don't rush into settling down; you must still explore future possibilities with your current partner. Instead, focus more on building a solid friendship. If you are seeking a marriage alliance, this should be delayed for a few months in order to get better prospects. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Queen of Pentacles)

According to the Tarot reading for December, you will get more quality leads and customers this month. Your good networking skills will finally start paying off this month. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Nine of Cups)

You must move away from your laid-back approach. You must get more involved in your family life, as elderly people in your home must be cared for. You can expect adequate medical checkups and doctor visits this month so that they are well taken care of. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - The High Priestess)

This month, your intuitive skills will guide you well, saving you from financial loss and hasty decisions. You must follow your gut instinct and don't rely on the opinions of others. 

Remedy - Offer red Sindoor in Lord Hanuman temple on Tuesday and Saturday for 8 weeks.

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 Tarot Sagittarius Horoscope 

Adventurous Sagittarians, you still need to work on your preparations, laying the foundation, and observing before you act. Next year will be full of action, but for now, focus more on the planning part. It's an excellent time to acquire new skills and learn a new language or vocational course. Your family situation will be challenging, so it will be better to let things settle before jumping to any conclusion. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Ten of Wands)

The Tarot Sagittarius horoscope indicates you may get caught in a fling or casual connection. It is recommended that you try to avoid emotional involvement. Everything happening this month will be temporary, so it is better to remain detached. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - Wheel of Fortune)

Your hard work will finally pay off, leading to more work and recognition. But it would help if you also focused on upgrading your skills for future growth. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Four of Pentacles)

According to the monthly Tarot reading, unforeseen family expenses will likely come up this month. You must cut down on splurging and focus only on necessities. A family member may need your financial support as well. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Two of Wands)

It would help if you diversified your work. The coming period will bring more exciting ideas for you. Just keep an open and flexible mind.

Remedy - Wear a yellow color crystal (Citrine and Yellow Aventurine).

Tarot Capricorn Horoscope 

Fantastic Capricorns, you must focus more on knowledge sharing and making others self-sufficient, as indicated by the Tarot reading for December. Spread positive vibes and be a beacon of hope, as people around you will look up to you for strength and stability. You must be a giver, so focus more on charity work. This month, you can expect harmony in relationships.

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Queen of Cups)

This month, be open to new relationships, as it's time to move on from your complicated past. A new connection is on the cards for you! So, let the Universe align what's meant for you.

  • Career (Tarot Card - Three of Pentacles)

As per the Tarot prediction for December 2023, your co-workers will need your guidance. Try to be a team player and assist others with their issues. You can expect more responsibility for this month. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - The Star)

Your family members, especially your siblings, will look up to you for guidance, and in order to lead them well, introspection will help tremendously. Observe, don't judge. 

  • Business (Tarot Card - Nine of Wands)

Charity and donation opportunities will come your way, as this will help make your brand/business more inclusive. You will collaborate with many NGOs for better visibility.

Remedy - Offer Mustard oil in a Shani Dev temple. 

Tarot Aquarius Horoscope

Amazing Aquarians, you may have lived in a world of illusion and are afraid to get a reality check. It's time to face your fears and to be more grounded and stable. Sudden financial or business losses may occur, so avoid short-term investments this month. Also, be careful of spending more than necessary, and avoid traveling for leisure. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - Judgement)

According to the Tarot monthly horoscope, you need to get a reality check about where this relationship is headed. You must sort out the communication issues immediately; don't leave things unattended for the future.

  • Career (Tarot Card - Six of Swords)

There would be an overload of work due to the previous backlog and unstable health issues, as indicated by the Tarot December month prediction. Try to get into the work-from-home situation to manage things effectively this month. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Seven of Pentacles)

This month will be fast-paced, where everything around you will need your attention. You must maintain patience and perseverance. Also, focus only on one thing at a time. Avoid group travels and outings.

  • Business (Tarot Card - Hierophant)

As per the Tarot reading for December, you must wait until next month to make all important decisions and focus only on maintaining the status quo during December. Also, avoid any investment decisions for the time being.

Remedy - Donate clothes at an orphanage or old age home.

Tarot Pisces Horoscope

Dreamy Pisceans, you need to stop procrastinating! Focus on completing long pending matters, as these will pay off in your favor. Also, irregular working hours and food habits will impact your physical well-being. Spend time in nature to unwind yourself. This will also offer clarity and help clear the messy communications. 

  • Love Life (Tarot Card - The Lovers)

After a communication gap, this month will bring you and your beloved closer to each other. Focus only on making your relationship stronger despite any differences. 

  • Career (Tarot Card - King of Swords)

As per the monthly Tarot reading, you may have wasted too much time on unimportant issues, which has hampered your work schedule. Start following a timetable to plan your days better. 

  • Family (Tarot Card - Ten of Pentacles)

You will get ample opportunities to interact with your near and dear ones, as indicated by the Tarot monthly reading. You can expect family vacations and trips. You must make sure to eat light and hydrate during your travels.

  • Business (Tarot Card - King of Wands)

Your creative spirit will start showing its true colors, and immense progress will be made this month. Any previous business losses will be managed, so continue making your efforts passionately. 

Remedy - Cleanse your house or work area by organizing a Havan or Sunderkand Paath or doing a Sage cleansing. 

*Note- The Tarot predictions for December 2023 given above are generalized. So, individual experiences may differ. Therefore, for personalized Tarot December month predictions and practical remedies, call or chat with Tarot Krishnaa on Astroyogi!

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