The Sun Transit into Cancer

Wed, Jul 14, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jul 14, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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The Sun Transit into Cancer

Sun is the significator of soul, government, authority, power, ego, self-esteem, pride, etc. It has great importance in Vedic Astrology and the life of human beings. Sun will transit into the watery sign Cancer on 16th July 2021 and will continue to stay in this sign till 17th August 2021. The Sun is transiting to a watery sign where its strength is reduced, and according to Kalpurush Kundli in the Cancer sign, it does not have directional strength, so that the Sun will be in a weak position during this transit. Transit results depend upon the Sun's placement in the natal chart and the Dasha of the person, so the result may vary from person to person. 


Let's analyze the effect of Sun transit on different zodiac signs.



It is a challenging period for the Aries ascendant people. It won't be easy to balance between family and work. Mental pressure will create restlessness. Due to that, your sleep will be disturbed. Unnecessary clashes are possible in the family. Take very good care of your mother's health. Health-related issues can create trouble in your life. You need to be organized and carefully use your management skills; working people may suffer due to less self-confidence. People who want to buy property will have a good chance. Renovation in the home is also possible. For the love relationship, try to avoid ego and hot discussions with your partners, leading to arguments. Keep yourself cool and calm, don't indulge in arguments during this period. For better results, you should recite Aditya hriday strot. Read More  



This transit is very positive for the Taurus natives. Their courage and valour will provide strength for their career life. Their communication skill and convincing power will create a new connection. There is a possibility of capturing more than one opportunity, which will pave the path towards gain in the future. You will work hard to prove yourself in your respective fields and be awarded for that hard work. This is the time to listen to your subconscious mind as it guides you to the right path. There is a possibility of transformation in your professional life. If you are planning to sell/change houses, you may get an opportunity. Students will have a good possibility to get success in competitive exams. A work-related journey is possible, but you may face discomfort during this trip. Your quick and explosive nature will create disharmony. There is a chance of constant disagreement between you and your subordinates, so be careful and control your ego and anger. Read More

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This transit will bring energy and enthusiasm to your work life. You will focus on the accumulation of wealth. There is a good possibility of promotion or increase in salary. Your authoritative nature will provide you with leadership qualities. If you face disappointment from your subordinates' side, try to avoid harsh words while dealing with them and motivate them to do better in the future. You will try to acquire more wealth and will invest money in long-term goals. Your false pride may lead you to a difficult situation. Ancestral property may become the reason for fights and arguments. From a health point of view, it is not a good time. You must deal with the unnecessary expense to maintain your health. Your possessiveness and authoritative behaviour can create problems; you should respect your partner's feelings for a better relationship. Read More



This transit is very good for cancer natives. Leadership skills will blossom. Strong willpower will give you success in your professional life. You will fight for righteousness and will try some daring deeds without caring about their reputation. With your talent, you will be able to impress everyone. Students will focus on studies that will help them find the right path to success. It is a good time to start a love relationship. Politically active people can get success in politics. There might be ego clashes in the family, so please think before you speak, as harsh words will distance you from your loved ones. Your focus will be on growth, gains, and desires fulfilment; you just want to accumulate wealth and smartly invest money. Investment in the property will be fruitful for you. Read More



Sun transit will be favourable for professionals working in MNC companies or connected with the export business to make good connections, which will help them in their profession. People will work hard to prove their importance in their career, and there is a possibility to face unexpected challenges. There is a good chance of a long professional journey that will boost your career. People need to be mindful while doing expenses. Their extravagant nature may harm their savings. People searching for spiritual growth will have a good time; it will be easy for them to meditate. Try to be with nature as it will help you to remove any negative thoughts. For the love life, your bonding will strengthen, married people may have chances of fights and disagreements. Follow the rules and regulations to avoid legal issues. Take good care of your health to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Read More



This is a very favourable transit for the Virgo natives. Their dreams come true in this period. There is a good possibility of attaining a promotion that will provide financial gains and increase social status. Desires will come true in this period. You may be involved in more than one work at a time. Leadership positions can get more gains if they work well with their juniors. Overall, it is a very good time from the career point of view but pride can harm all your gains, so be careful. This is a good time for investment which will give fruitful results in the future. Risky investments like the share market can give you a good return. You may have financial gains from your relatives. It is difficult for a love relationship; if you want to strengthen your relationship, keep your ego aside. You may have a sore relationship with your kids. Read More



The sun transit provides you with a powerful situation. You will have a deep desire to shine. You will get new opportunities in authoritative posts, which will provide financial gains and increase your social status. People who are interested in politics will also get a chance to make a career in this field. If you are looking for jobs in the government or an authoritative post, you can get their offer letter. People in business can start a new business or can expand their old one. You will emerge from this period with a strong personality. You will try to balance your personal and professional life, but you could not give quality time to your family due to excessive work. Your spouse can also help you in financial gains. Intellectual abilities will increase, and you will be keen to gain work-related higher knowledge. Read More



During this period, Scorpio people need to be very careful. There is a chance of fraud happening to you by a known person, so do not blindly follow people's advice. They should not disclose any secrets related to their career as people will take advantage of these, and you might feel cheated when they succeed using those secrets. This is the time when your hard work and strong dedication will not provide any good opportunity but do not stop, continue with your efforts; you will definitely get the fruits of the hard work in the future. If you are planning to change your career, it will be better to change. You might make plans for a long journey. This is a good time for spiritual development. Your attraction towards religion will increase, and charity work will help you to come out from a difficult situation. Research Students will be benefited from this transit. It will help if you are very careful about your father's health. Lovers have a good chance to get married to their beloved partner. Relationships with your spouse will strengthen. Read More



Sagittarius may face lots of challenges and hurdles during this transit. Excessive risk can backfire. There is a good possibility of transformation in a career path, so be careful while making that decision. Expenses will be high in this period, so please make sure to spend during this time moderately. The confidence level will be very low; You will be in constant fear due to unnecessary things. Your father's health can create a problem for you. Some people will have an attraction in the extra-marital relationship, which may cause more problems. For the love relationship, this is a good time. You may have arguments with your in-laws. Choose words carefully while talking. To save yourself from the ill effect of this transit, control your negative reaction and do spiritual practice. Read More



This transit will give mixed results. From a relationship point of view, your quick and explosive nature will create disharmony with your partner. There is a chance of constant disagreement between you and your partner. You will work confidently, which may lead to the path of success. You may get popularity which will depend upon your ability to cooperate and harmonize. You will try to be more authoritative in your workspace. There is a chance for your business to expand, giving you financial gain later down the road. You will be under constant mental stress during this period, so it is advised to do meditation and calm yourself. Your enemies will try to take advantage of this period, so be careful while dealing with people. There will be constant distracting thoughts for students, so be careful and try not to indulge in those thoughts and focus on your studies. Read More



The student who is preparing for competitive exams has good chances to get success. Working professionals will be more dutiful towards their work and responsibilities. They will look for quality at work, so they would be at the top of their game. They will be ahead of their competitors. Business personals will try to take loans for the expansion of their business. It is advised that they have thought the whole process through before deciding. It is not a favourable transit; there is a possibility of heartbreak due to ego issues. They must put lots of effort into maintaining a fruitful and peaceful relationship during this period for married couples. From the health point of view, this is not a very positive transit. People may suffer from high blood pressure or issues related to eyes, so make sure to take care of your health currently. Read More



The sun transit will likely deliver mixed results. It will uplift academic and intellectual excellence. Students who are looking for scholarships may achieve one in this period. Your creativity will increase; through that, you will be able to develop a new plan and execute it efficiently, which will give you prosperity, popularity, and profits. Your social status and workspace relations will improve. Some people may face a job change. People looking for jobs will get the new opportunity, for they may have to go through a training process. This time is not favourable for personal and love relationships; you will have anger and ego issues. There is a chance of misinterpreting your words and feelings. It is better to clarify things rather than living in false assumptions. Please avoid reaction to small pity issues and stay calm so it wouldn't affect your personal life. Healthwise, it is a good time, and your immunity will increase.  Read More


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