Sun Transit in Leo Sign 16th August, 2020

Fri, Aug 14, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Aug 14, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Sun Transit in Leo Sign 16th August, 2020

Sun’s transit in Leo rashi will occur on 16th Aug 2020 at 19:12:00 IST. The effects of this transit will vary from person to person depending on the placement of the Sun in the natal chart and the dasha of the native.


The most authoritative planet in Vedic astrology, Sun is the kaarak (or significator) of authority, government, self-confidence, immunity, fame, etc. Therefore its transit is an event of immense importance.

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Let us analyze the effects of the Sun’s transit on all the Rashis.



The sun will transit to your 5th house and is likely to deliver mixed results. It will boost your academic and intellectual excellence. Your creativity will become elevated. You will be able to come up with a new plan and execute it efficiently, which will bring you prosperity, popularity and profits. Your social status and work-space relations will improve. For those who are pursuing some sort of education will benefit and have an excellent time. However, this period is not favourable for personal relationships, including romantic ones. You will have anger issues and your ego could affect your love life. Don’t react to petty things; try to stay calm.



The sun will transit to your 4th house. There is a likelihood that you will buy real estate or a vehicle, but be careful while spending your money. This transit augurs well for matters of love and your romantic relationship will flourish. Your relationship with your mother will deepen. She may face some health issues, so be prepared to take care of her. An association formed during this period will become the ladder to success in the future. Your intellectual abilities will guide you in academics and your professional life. Luck will be on your side, blessing you financially. 


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The sun will transit to your 3rd house. This will boost your communication skills. People connected with marketing or social media will come by new opportunities. You will work hard to prove yourself and will receive due recognition. This is the time to tune into your subconscious for guidance as it will surely show you the way. There is a possibility of transformation in your professional life. Students are likely to succeed in competitive examinations. Your love life will improve, but your harsh tongue may spoil things. Think before you speak. 



The sun will transit to your 2nd house. This transit will bring energy and enthusiasm to your work life. Professionally, you will be focused and determined which may bring you prestige and prominence. The high-risk decisions you take for career growth will meet with success. This period is financially good and shows a potential for growth. You will focus on investments and provide material comfort to your family. You will try to spend quality time with your loved ones and in return you will earn their emotional support. This is the time to pursue academic excellence. You will be dedicated to your studies. This may be a good time for single people looking to get into a relationship or married couples wanting a baby. Cancerians may have ego clashes with their partners, so be careful.



The sun will transit to your Lagana. This transit is very good for Leos. Leadership skills will blossom. You will dedicate your energy to the workspace which will result in a status boost and enhanced finances. You will impress everyone with your talents. Students will focus on their studies which will help them to find success. Investment in property will be fruitful. This is a good time to start a love relationship. There may be ego clashes in the family, so please think before you speak, as harsh words will distance you from your loved ones. Luck will support you to gain material things.



The sun will transit to your 12th house. This will be a good time for people connected with MNCs or import/export businesses. Your work relationship will improve and you will toil hard to prove your importance. There is a possibility of facing unexpected challenges. Students, especially in the research field, will excel. Your personal relationships will improve and you will spend time with family. Take good care of your health, maintain good hygiene and eat a balanced diet. This transit may increase your expenses, so plan well to avoid unnecessary spending. Follow rules and regulations to avoid legal issues.



The sun will transit to your 11th house, the house of gain. A promotion may be on the cards which will not only bring financial gains but also enhance your social status. Your wishes will come true during this period. This is a good time for investments. There could be disagreements with your spouse. Your relationship with your father will improve and you will receive financial gains from him. You will experience some anxiety during this period; the advice of friends and colleagues will help to resolve feelings of uncertainty. Take care of your health.

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The sun will transit to your 10th house, the house of profession. This is a very positive transit for your professional growth. New opportunities will present themselves in the form of authoritative posts which will not only bring financial gains but also elevate your social status. Senior colleagues will be suitably impressed and you will receive appreciation. Success in competitions is expected. Intellectual abilities will increase; this is a good time for students to focus on academics. Your senior position will make you dominating, which won’t be good for your personal relationships. You may face problems with your partner.



The sun will transit to your 10th house, the house of dharma. This transit will enhance the luck factor for Sagittarians. It is a good period for career growth. You will gain authority at your workplace and your social status will be enhanced. This period will see you emerge stronger. There is a good chance for growth, both in career and finance. Students will achieve success through hard work. Intellectual abilities will peak and you will strive to gain as much knowledge as possible. You will follow the religious path and try to increase your good karma. Relationship with spouse will improve. This is a good time for single people to start a new relationship.



The sun will transit to your 8th house. This is not a very good time for Capricorns. You will face many challenges and your luck won’t support you. You will have to work very hard at attain success at work. There will be constant restlessness, so it might be a good time to take up spiritual practices to calm yourself. There will be upheavals in your personal relationships as well. Since this is a period of transformation, you should avoid unnecessary expenses or you might face a financial crisis. Prevent the adverse influences of this transit by chanting Gayatri Mantra or Aditya Hridya strot to worship the sun.   



The sun will transit to your 7th house. This is not a very good transit for Aquarians. You will have to work hard to prove your worth at the workplace. You will work aggressively which may lead to success, but your authoritative methods will lead to an unnecessary argument. There is a good chance of a love marriage. Difference of opinion with your spouse may sour your relationship. Set aside your ego while communicating with family members. This transit does not support good health, so do take care. There is a possibility of medical expenses.



The sun will transit to your 6th house. This is a good transit for Pisces. They will be at the top of their game, doing very well at work. This will bolster their status in the office as well as in society. Your relationship with your boss will improve and you will receive appreciation. Students who are about to take a competitive examination should work hard as there are good chances for success. Relationship with spouse will improve but there will be some ego conflicts. Your health will not be at its best during this period. Take up yoga to keep your health in check.  

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