April's First Week: Ideal For Griha Pravesh! Explore Other Shubh Muhurats!

Mon, Apr 01, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Apr 01, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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April's First Week: Ideal For Griha Pravesh! Explore Other Shubh Muhurats!

Fortunately, April is full of Shubh Muhurats, making this month a great time to conduct all your auspicious tasks and important events. Whether it's a wedding or a Griha Pravesh ceremony, April is a favorable time to give your life a new direction.

According to Vedic astrology, following Shubh Muhurat dates can help you attain success, peace, prosperity, and satisfaction. Any work performed during an auspicious time can help you achieve the results you desire. This is only possible because all the celestial bodies are well aligned and appropriately positioned during a favorable Muhurat. 

So dive into the April Shubh Muhurats and use them for all your endeavors. 

Shubh Muhurat: April 2024

Are you looking for good days in April 2024 to hold your important events? You are in the right place. 

With the monthly Shubh Muhurats, you can learn about favorable dates and times you shouldn't miss out on. Here, we are bringing you the April shubh Muhurats based on the Hindu calendar so that you can align your important tasks with auspicious Muhurats and complete them well. These are according to the Indian Standard Time (IST).

What’s The Favorable Griha Pravesh Muhurtas In April 2024? Check Them Out Here!

Home is a shelter from all types of storms. This is where you find security, comfort, joy, and peace. But to enjoy a prosperous life in your abode, you need to ensure that it is a beacon of positive vibes. This can easily be achieved by adhering to the Griha Pravesh Shubh Muhurats

Selecting the ideal Griha Pravesh Muhurta to conduct the Griha Pravesh ceremony before shifting to a new house will ensure that positive energy inhabits your home. This can ensure that your nest is protected from the negativity of the outside world. By selecting the ideal Griha Pravesh auspicious day for the ceremony, you can receive divine blessings and ensure positive vibrations in your house. Therefore, picking the right Muhurats for the housewarming ceremony is an absolute must.

What Are the Griha Pravesh Shubh Muhurats In April 2024?

3rd April 2024 is the only auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurta for entering the house. If you want information, check below.

  • 3rd April 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 06:29 PM to 09:47 PM, Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha

Do You Wish To Know About The Right Time For A Wedding? Here’s The Favorable Marriage Muhurtas In April 2024

The selection of an auspicious time and date is of great importance for those embarking on the journey of marriage. By picking the right Vivah Muhurat, you can align your matrimonial journey with the celestial forces so that you can have a harmonious married life. 

Choosing a Marriage Muhurta based on Vedic astrology is like laying a strong foundation for a blissful future and enjoying better compatibility, romance, and communication in your married life. The Panchang Shubh Muhurats can inform you of the planetary and celestial arrangements. When the wedding nuptials occur on a favorable day, you and your to-be spouse will be blessed with happiness and prosperity. The celestial bodies can bestow divine blessings, setting the stage for a life full of love, growth, and abundance.

What Are the perfect Vivah Muhurats In April 2024?

The winter days are long gone in April, and there is a little warmth in the air. This month, nature wakes up from its sleep, making it the perfect time for a wedding. According to the Hindu calendar, auspicious Marriage Muhurtas this month are on the 18th, 19th, or 20th of April 2024. 

Here’s the detailed information. 

  • 18th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 12:44 AM to 05:51 AM, 19th April 2024,  Nakshatra- Magha

  • 19th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 05:51 AM to 06:46 AM, Nakshatra- Magha

  • 20th April 2024 (Saturday), Timing- From 02:04 PM to 02:48 PM, 21st April 2024, Nakshatra- Uttara Phalguni

Are you eager to know when you’ll get married? Or do you wish to know what your future married life will look like? No matter what the question is, the astrologer at Astroyogi can offer you an answer.  

Do You Wish To Buy A Swanky New Ride? Here’s The Vehicle Purchase Muhurats In April 2024!

Cars are the ultimate symbol of independence; with a car, you have the convenience to go anywhere. With a car, you can improve the quality of your life. While the car's price, make, and model should be paid close attention to, another important factor to consider is the auspicious time needed to buy a vehicle

When you choose a Panchang Shubh Muhurat to buy a vehicle, you are blessed with luck, harmony, and positivity. However, you are more likely to face misfortune when you don't adhere to a particular auspicious time when purchasing a vehicle. Thus, selecting a favorable time while buying a vehicle is a good idea.

What Are the Shubh Muhurats In April 2024 To purchase vehicles?

April is a good month to buy a car. 4, 5, 12, 15, 21, 24, and 26 April 2024 are perfect monthly Shubh Muhurats to buy any vehicle. For detailed information, use the details given below.

  • 4th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 06:07 AM to 06:06 AM, 5th April 2024, Nakshatra- Shravana and Dhanishtha

  • 5th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 06:06 AM to 01:28 PM, Nakshatra- Dhanishtha

  • 12th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 01:11 PM to 05:57 AM, 13th April 2024, Nakshatra- Rohini and Mrigashirsha

  • 15th April 2024 (Monday), Timing- From 12:11 PM to 05:54 AM, 16th April 2024, Nakshatra- Punarvasu and Pushya

  • 21st April 2024 (Sunday), Timing- From 05:08 PM to 01:11 PM, 22nd April 2024, Nakshatra- Hasta

  • 24th April 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 05:46 AM to 12:41 AM, 25th April 2024, Nakshatra- Swati

  • 26th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 07:45 AM to 03:40 AM, 27th April 2024, Nakshatra- Anuradha

Are You Interested In Buying Your Dream Property? Here’s The Ideal Timings In April 2024

Besides having enough funds in your bank account, you should also focus on a monthly Shubh Muhurat when it comes to purchasing property. After all, purchasing a property is a huge financial undertaking, so you should consider April Shubh Muhurats for the big purchase. 

When you pick an auspicious time, you can ensure that your new property acquisition is in sync with positive energy flow. Additionally, you can also ensure that your property brings growth, luck, and fortune while assisting you in avoiding any potential pitfalls or hardships. 

What are the auspicious days in April 2024 to purchase a property in April 2024?

If you are searching for April Shubh Muhurats to purchase a property, you can use the dates of 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th April 2024. See below for detailed information. 

  • 12th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 12:51 PM to 05:57 AM, 13th April 2024, Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha

  • 18th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 05:52 AM to 05:51 PM, 19th April 2024, Nakshatra- Ashlesha and Magha

  • 19th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 05:51 AM to 05:50 AM, 20th April 2024, Nakshatra- Magha and Purva Phalguni

  • 25th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 05:45 AM to 05:45 AM, 26th April 2024, Nakshatra- Vishakha and Anuradha

  • 26th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 05:44 AM to 03:40 AM, 27th April 2024, Nakshatra- Anuradha

Starting A Business Venture In April 2024? Uncover The Monthly Shubh Muhurats For The Best Start!

Starting a business venture is much about innovation and determination. However, that’s not all. If you are starting an entrepreneurial venture, you must be well-aligned with the celestial forces. Thus, the Shubh Muhurats should always be paid close attention to. Selecting the right time to begin a business is also essential for success.

Therefore, the Astroyogi astrologers always advise you to pick an auspicious time to start a new business. This will ensure that your business endeavors are aligned with favorable celestial bodies and other essential factors in order to reach a new peak of success.

What Is the auspicious Time To Start A New business In April 2024?

According to the Hindu calendar, the good Muhurats in April 2024 are 10, 11, 18, and 25 April 2024. So, April will be a great month for your new business ventures. Do you want detailed information? Check below.

  • 10th April 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 07:28 AM to 12:30 PM, Nakshatra- Bharani

  • 11th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 06:41 AM to 08:16 PM, Nakshatra- Krittika

  • 18th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 07:48 AM to 09:44 AM, Nakshatra- Ashlesha

  • 25th April 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 07:21 AM to 11:31 AM, Nakshatra- Vishakha

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When Is The Right Time To Name Your Bundle Of Joy? Check Out The Namkaran Muhurats This April!

If you are a parent, you want your child to have a beautiful life and a bright future. To ensure that, adhering to a name ceremony Muhurat, for the Namkaran Sanskar, becomes highly important. According to tradition, the family seeks celestial guidance in order to choose an ideal name because your little one's fate depends on it.

A child's name plays an important role in society as it represents their identity and personality and shapes their life. Hence, the Naming Muhurat should not be taken lightly. It is believed that the Namkaran ceremony should be done at an auspicious time because doing so ensures that your baby gets blessings from the celestial forces. The right name given at the right time can usher luck and fortune into your baby's life. 

What Are The perfect Name Ceremony Muhurats in April 2024?

The Hindu calendar reveals seven dates, 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 26, and 30, as the most auspicious days in April 2024 for a Namkaran ceremony. Use the information provided below for the ceremony.

  • 3rd April 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 06:12 AM to 06:06 PM, 5th April 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha

  • 7th April 2024 (Sunday), Timing- From 12:58 PM to 06:05 AM, 9th April 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada

  • 12th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 01:38 AM to 06:01 AM, 13th April 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Rohini

  • 16th April 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- From 03:05 AM to 05:58 AM, Nakshatra- Pushya

  • 21st April 2024 (Sunday), Timing- From 05:08 PM to 07:59 PM, 22nd April 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Hasta

  • 26th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 02:24 AM to 03:39 AM, 27th April 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Anuradha

  • 30th April 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- From 04:42 AM to 05:44 AM, Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha

Get To Know The Full Moon And New Moon Dates In April 2024

Check the dates below.

  • Full Moon Day- 24th April 2024 (Wednesday)

  • New Moon Day- 8th April 2024 (Monday)

April’s Festive Extravaganza: Let The Celebration Begin!

We have a list of the celebrations and fasting festivals of the month of April! Important festivals like the Chaitra Navratri, Ram Navami, and Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated this month. So, give the list of festivals of the month of April a quick look.

  • Sheetala Saptami- 1st April 2024 (Monday)

  • Sheetala Ashtami- 2nd April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Papmochani Ekadashi- 5th April 2024 (Friday)

  • Ugadi- 9th April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Gudi Padwa- 9th April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Chaitra Ghatasthapana (Chaitra Navratri)- 9th April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Cheti Chanda- 9th April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Matsya Jayanti- 11th April 2024 (Thursday)

  • Gangaur Puja- 11th April 2024 (Thursday)

  • Lakshmi Panchami- 12th April 2024 (Friday)

  • Mesha Sankranti- 13th April 2024 (Saturday)

  • Vaishakhi- 13th April 2024 (Saturday)

  • Yamuna Chhath- 14th April 2024 (Sunday)

  • Puthandu- 14th April 2024 (Sunday)

  • Pohela Boishakh- 14th April 2024 (Sunday)

  • Vishu Kani- 14th April 2024 (Sunday)

  • B. R. Ambedkar Jayanti- 14th April 2024 (Sunday)

  • Ram Navami- 17th April 2024 (Wednesday)

  • Kamada Ekadashi- 19th April 2024 (Friday)

  • Thrissur Pooram- 20th April 2024 (Saturday)

  • Mahavir Jayanti- 21st April 2024 (Sunday)

  • Earth Day- 22nd April 2024 (Monday)

  • Hanuman Jayanti- 23rd April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Chitra Pournami- 23rd April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Vikata Sankashti Chaturthi- 27th April 2024 (Saturday)

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April’s Celestial Spectacle: Planetary Transits in 2024!

Get ready, as many transits are taking place this month! These major planetary transits of the month of April will impact every domain of your life. 

Here are the important planetary transits in April 2024.

  • Mercury Retrograde in Aries- 2nd April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Mercury Retrograde in Pisces- 9th April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Sun Transit in Aries- 13th April 2024 (Saturday)

  • Mars Transit in Pisces- 23rd April 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Venus Transit in Aries- 25th April 2024 (Thursday)

A Solar Eclipse will also happen on 8th April 2024 (Monday). 

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you are well aware of the monthly Shubh Muhurats in April, don't forget to utilize them to the fullest to add a cosmic touch to your life and transform it for the better. As per the Hindu calendar, auspicious times and dates can offer the choicest blessings of the celestial forces for your endeavors. 

Knowing the Shubh Muhurat in April 2024 allows a person to choose the right time to start any new and important work. Following Shubh Muhurats ensures that you complete your work without any trouble. This ensures that your efforts will yield the best possible results. On the other hand, ignoring auspicious time can welcome problems into your life. 

Therefore, you must take full advantage of the Shubh Muhurat in April 2024 to enjoy luck and abundance. 

Do you have any more queries about Shubh Muhurat in April? Feel free to reach out to the Astroyogi astrologers before any important work!

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