Transit Of Mercury In Libra- Best Time To Negotiate

Mon, Sep 20, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Sep 20, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Transit Of Mercury In Libra- Best Time To Negotiate

Mercury is the planet of communication, calculation and intellect. It will transit in Libra on the 22nd September 2021 from his exalted sign Virgo to the airy and friendly sign Libra. It will stay in this sign up to 2nd October, and due to its retrograde movement, it will return to Virgo on 2nd October 2021. Libra is a balanced sign, so people will try to handle the situation diplomatically, and it will be very easy to negotiate with others. 

It is a very good time for MNC companies as well as businessmen. Libra is also a sign which highlights partnership, so people looking for partnership have a supportive time.  Cosmetics, Jewelry, and cloth businesses will shine during this period. Planet movement has different effects on people's lives according to their planetary position.  Looking for a personalised prediction by astrologer Deep Gupta? Call now.


Let us know in detail how every ascendant will be affected by this transit.  


The Mercury transit will occur through the 7th House, the House of partnership, marriage, and business. 

  • This transit will provide mixed results for Aries natives. Your competitive behaviour will provide you with success. 

  •  Old contracts of working professionals may be renewed. Business Partners should avoid clashes during this time as there is a possibility of business being divided. 

  • People in business will have good financial gains. 

  • Married couples need to be very careful; your partner could misunderstand your words, so choose your words carefully. 

  • Love birds may have a heated argument with their partner. 

  • Try to make the distance for some time so that it will not ruin your relationship. 

  • Students preparing for competitive exams or interviews will get success. Know more about Today's Aries horoscope



The Mercury transit will occur in your 6th House. It is the House of daily chores, enemies, debt and disease. Planet Mercury is the natural ruler of the 6th House, so in this transit, you will be sincere for your daily routine and may follow a timetable. 

  • You will be dutiful towards your responsibilities. 

  • Health will be a prime focus for you, and you will try to intake healthy food and follow an exercise routine. 

  • Friendly behaviour with your co-worker would help you to attain your targets easily. 

  • You will try to create a peaceful situation by solving old family disputes with positive and diplomatic conversations. 

  • Newcomers may get a job, and working professionals will get favour and reward from higher authorities. 

  • Students who are preparing for any competitive exams will be a great chance to succeed.  

  • Lack of communication may become the breakup region; stay connected with your love partner and clear all the doubtsKnow more about Today's Taurus horoscope



The planet Mercury transit will take place in your 5th House. It is the House of education, intellect, entertainment, creativity, and childbirth. 

  • This transit will strengthen your mind power in the best way possible. 

  • You will be able to express your creative ideas seamlessly and can perform work according to your planning. 

  • Entertainment will be the prime focus, and you will enjoy the company of your intellectual friends. 

  • Brain games would sharpen brain power. 

  • Creative people will have an excellent time. New product development is possible. 

  • Love partners will enjoy a romantic life. 

  • Students pursuing higher studies may perform well. 

  • You may be attracted to speculative ventures, but spend money carefully, and a financial advisor could better guide you. 

  • Professionally it is an average timeKnow more about Today's Gemini horoscope



Mercury will be positioned in the 4th House of the cancer natives, the House of comfort, mother, early education, property, etc.  It is a very positive transit for Cancerians. 

  • You may plan short journeys with your family and will enjoy comfort with them. 

  • If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, it is a good time to invest money. 

  • Your calculative mind will help you to earn more money. 

  • Smart efforts would generate new sources of gains. 

  • You will enjoy discussing your past life. 

  • If you live far from your hometown, you will plan to come back home to enjoy family life. 

  • It is also a good time to sell your old property and invest money in a new one. 

  • Expenses will be high; you may invest money to beautify your home. 

  • You would like to prove your skills and do some risky job but make sure to keep your feet on the groundKnow more about Today's Cancer horoscope

 Looking for a personalised prediction by astrologer Deep Gupta? Call now. 



The Mercury transit will take place through the 3rd House. It is the House of communication, short courage journeys, younger siblings, etc. 

  • Professionally it was a very good time for Leo's natives. Marketing professionals would be able to crack new deals with their articulated language. 

  • Writers, Media person's creative writing will help them to excel in their career. 

  • You would strengthen your relationship with your siblings, friends, and neighbours, but you need to be careful while choosing words; your high ego and dominance can create a problem for you. 

  • Accumulation of wealth will be your prime focus, and your efforts will help you to do so. 

  • Short journeys will help you to boost your career. You would spend much time on social media, so use it creatively and help improve your life. 

  • Love life would be disturbed; express your feelings rather than keep them with you. Know more about Today's Leo horoscope



Mercury will transit in the 2nd House, House of speech, wealth, values, and immediate family. It is a time of professional success, and people connected with the family business have a very good time generating assets. 

  • Your calculative mind, confidence, risk-taking ability, and favour of luck will help you to improve your financial status. 

  • Complete family support will provide you with the happiness you have been looking for. People connected with the finance, gems, and jewellery sector will be benefited from this transit. 

  • You will be focused on money and personal possessions as well as personal values during this time. 

  • You will come to know new money-making techniques, and by implementing those techniques, you will be able to strengthen your financial situation. 

  • Personal life would be very good; your practical approach will help you balance your professional and personal life. Know more about Today's Virgo horoscope



Mercury will transit in your Lagan house, the House of personality, health, and general prosperity. 

  • Your calculative and intellectual ability will provide the path to success. 

  • Your decision making power would help you to choose the right path. 

  • Your expenses will be high. 

  • You will try to make your personality impressive, and for that, you will spend money to groom it. 

  • Your communication ability will improve, and you would like to discuss your interests and needs. 

  • Your luck will support you. You may be restless due to continuous churning of thoughts, take proper rest and try meditation to improve your situation. 

  • Research scholars may get very good results. 

  • Poets and writers have a good chance to show their skills during this period. 

  • You will enjoy a harmonious relationship with your life partner. Avoid unnecessary expenses and plan your budget to avoid money crunches in the future. Know more about Today's Libra horoscope



Mercury will transit to your 12th House, House of expenses, meditation, research, and quarantine. 

  • This transit is very supportive for those connected with multinational companies or export and import businesses. Even after professional success, you may feel lonely and think about past events. 

  • It would be better to be careful while taking any important decision as your judgment and calculation may go wrong, and you may have to face odd situations. 

  • Avoid risky investments or take advice from experts. 

  • Creative endeavours could prosper now, particularly those that draw upon the emotions that require creative visualization skills such as poetry, acting, etc. 

  • This time you may behave a little bit secretly and will not like to disclose everything with others. 

  • You may face some difficulty in your personal life, but it can be handled with proper communication. Know more about Today's Scorpio horoscope



Mercury is transiting to your 11th House, the House of the elder sibling, gain, and fulfilment of desire, etc. Mercury transit will give your name, fame, power, and authority. It is very positive for professional success. 

  • Your social connection will help to achieve your target. 

  • Relationships with elder siblings will improve. 

  • Your innovative ideas will support others to get desired results. 

  • Your intuitive power will be so high, and you will easily read other people's minds. 

  • It will help you to make strategies accordingly. 

  • People may get a promotion or raise in salary. 

  • Students will get desired success in their field. 

  • Personal life will be very peaceful, and you will get full support from your partner. 

  • You will get opportunities to hang around in social gatherings. 

  • If you are waiting for government permission for the visa, passport, or any other governmental paperwork, you have a good chance of clearing the security check without any problemKnow more about Today's Sagittarius horoscope



Mercury is transiting to your 10th House, the House of the profession, Social status, etc. 

  • Your fortune will favour you to get professional success. 

  • You will be very calculative to identify every situation's pros and cons and make a plan accordingly. 

  • An experienced person's guidance will provide you with new opportunities. 

  • Creative writers and IT professionals will shine in their respective fields. 

  • Your communication skills will help you remove obstacles from your path, and you will be able to better communicate with your colleagues and people with higher authority. 

  • This will help you in either a promotion or a good bonus down the road. 

  • You will try to use the power of words to influence authority figures, and this is an excellent period for developing career and professional plans or strategies for your future. 

  • You will be involved in multiple tasks in this period. 

  • Students' punctuality and schedule management skills help them to achieve success. 

  • Your tight schedule can create problems in your love life, avoid communication gaps, and balance work and personal life. Know more about Today's Capricorn horoscope


Mercury is transiting to your 9th House, The House of luck, father, dharma, long journey, and righteousness. 

  • Professionally it is a challenging time; you may face lots of hurdles, and luck may not favour you. 

  • So, you are to work hard to get the desired results. You will try to find out the logic behind every ritual. 

  • Don't trust anybody; people may take advantage of your innocence, and you may face financial fraud. 

  • For higher studies or knowledge gain, it is a beneficial time. 

  • People connected with astrology or mystique science will strengthen their basic knowledge. 

  • Students pursuing higher studies will see that their performance has improved, and they could easily understand tough topics. 

  • Your love life will be very romantic. 

  • You will be more possessive of your partner. Know more about Today's Aquarius horoscope



Mercury is transiting to your 8th House, the House of mystics, research, unearned money, and obstacles. You will be able to understand other people and will understand their problems well. This will help you strengthen your relationship with them in both your personal as well as professional life. 

  • This is an excellent period for some financial planning and strategizing your future. 

  • You will try to channelize blocked money. 

  • It is also easier for you to approach and communicate on sensitive, intimate, and personal matters with rationality and logic. 

  • For people interested in mystic science like astrology, palmistry, Vaastu, etc., it is a good time to learn. Students who are doing research work will have success and could come up with great thesis ideas. 

  • Students who are doing graduation or post-graduation need to be more focused as there is a possibility of obstacles in their study. 

  • You will constantly fear unnecessary things, so try to avoid overthinking what others think about you.  

  • People may be involved in unethical sexual activity, which can lead them to defame, so be careful. 

  • For married couples, a high ego can create problems in married life. Know more about Today's Pisces horoscope


By Deepa Gupta

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