Mercury in Cancer - What It Means For Your Behaviour And Way Of Communication?

Fri, Jul 23, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Jul 23, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Mercury in Cancer - What It Means For Your Behaviour And Way Of Communication?

A transit is the passage of a planet through the zodiac at a particular point in time. While interpreting transit, we check the influence of the position of planets on one’s life. 

Mercury represents intelligence, the mind and communication. Mercury will transit in the Cancer sign on 25th July 2021 at 11.31 am (IST). 

As Cancer is a cardinal water sign, the Mercury transit in Cancer will have an impact on your behaviour and communication style. 

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The effects of Mercury Transit in Cancer on 25 July 2021 on the 12 moon signs are as follows.


Mercury will transit in the 4th house, bringing prosperity to domestic issues, property-related issues, plan fulfilment, and communicational gains. Know more about Aries


Mercury will transit in the 3rd house, which will boost your energy for completing assignments and responsibilities. It is possible to see short journeys and harmony with neighbours and relatives. It's also a good time for intellectual pursuits. Know more about Taurus


Mercury will transit the 2nd house, impacting communication skills, family life, wealth, and so on. A good time for speeches, negotiations, and business expansion. Know more about Gemini


This transit will have a significant impact because it occurs in your Lagna (1st House). The effects on mental peace and emotions will be seen here. Try to keep your perspectives stable and avoid serious or negative thoughts. Know more about Cancer 


Mercury will make a transit through the 12th house, which will affect your budget. Consider your options before you spend, and keep your expenses under control. Spiritual and religious matters will benefit from increased ability and research during this transit. Know more about Leo


Mercury will transit through the 11th house. This is a time of increased social interaction and communication. You may form new friendships with children. Happy at home, prosperity, financial gain, honour, satisfaction, a good and favourable time.  Know more about Virgo


Mercury will transit in the 10th house, which is a very powerful house. Professional development and advancement in work areas such as media, publishing, writing, teaching, and so on will be attained. There will be mental peace. Know more about Libra


Mercury will transit through the 9th house. It is an excellent time to study subjects such as foreign places, law, philosophy, or higher knowledge of any kind. Continue to work hard and stay away from your opponents. Know more about Scorpio


Mercury will transit in the 8th house, so there is a chance of encountering various obstacles in one's life. Deep and practical thought should precede action. Don't go with the flow; instead, stand firm. Know more about Sagittarius


Mercury will transit in the 7th house, which will significantly impact personal and professional relationships. Avoid any misunderstandings or concerns by being clear in your concerns with them. Don't try to be perfect; instead, seek assistance from others.Know more about Capricorn


Mercury will transit in the 6th house, so health and service work should be prioritised. It's an excellent time for mental work to succeed. Concentrate on your work and avoid comparing yourself to others. Take the best possible care of your health and diet.  Know more about Aquarius


Mercury would be in the 5th house, the house of knowledge and sensibility, during this transit. Explain your points of view to your spouse, family members, or children. Relations will be harmonious, so avoid any stubbornness that could disrupt the peace. Know more about Pisces


May luck be with you!


Astro D Rana

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