Mercury Transit in Virgo on 2nd September 2020

Mon, Aug 31, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 31, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Mercury Transit in Virgo on 2nd September 2020

Mercury is transiting on 2nd September 2020 from Leo to Virgo. It will be there till 22nd September 2020. Mercury exalted in Virgo, so this will give strong results in various aspects of life. Mercury is the karark of communication, knowledge, thoughts, intelligence, calculation, etc. Mercury is a neutral/dual nature planet that changes its characteristics according to the relation with other planets. Virgos can critically analyse things and focus on detailing so in this period mercury will behave like Virgo. Here is a more detailed explanation of how it will affect each Rashi. 

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Mercury will transit through the 6th house, the house of competition, enemies, and disease, so a person becomes more competitive in this period which is good for the students who are preparing for competitive exams. You will deal with your competitor diplomatically. You will be able to maintain a good relationship with your bosses and this will give you benefits later down the road. People who want to start their careers can get a new break. For others, there is a possibility of promotion. It will be a good time financially. You will tend to keep your health, hygiene in good shape, and will focus more on a healthy life by performing exercise in this period. You may face skin-related issues in this period. Your critical review will create disharmony in the relationship so be careful while being judgmental. People who are looking for a love partner have a good chance of finding one. Your ego can create problems in your relationship so keep aside your authoritativeness from love life. If your Dasha is also connected with the 6th house, there is a possibility to take a loan so please keep your expenditure in check.



Mercury will transit to the 5th house, the House of education, creativity, intellect, childbirth, and new creation. So, it is a very productive time for the students attending higher education as their learning ability will increase and some of them will be able to get a scholarship. Your efforts towards your career will be fruitful. Creativity will become key to your success. It is a quality time for research scholars who are thinking to start a new research topic. In the love life, people will have a romantic time and can date more than one person at a time. But it is a difficult time for life partners. You may have hot arguments. It is a good time for the people who are in the management field. Some people will gain unearned money through paternal wealth. It is time to accumulate wealth. Take care of your health and maintain hygiene to be healthy.

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Mercury will transit to the 4th house, House of mother, comfort, early education, Property, vehicle, and mental peace. So, this time is supportive of all kinds of intellectual work. Student’s grasping power will increase, and they will attend quality learning. People who are trying to buy a new vehicle and want to invest in property will have a beneficial time. People will enjoy all the comforts of life. Relationship with mother will improve. Businessmen can get an opportunity to expand their business and you will be one step ahead of your competitors. For love life, it is not a very fruitful time and you may have a hot argument with your lover. You will have to take care of your health and there is a possibility of expenses on health issues. Your harsh words may spoil your relationship so please think twice before speaking.



Mercury will transit to the third house, the house of younger siblings, communication, and courage. So, this is a very good time for the people connected to the media, publication, writing sector, consultant, marketing person, etc. through your communication skills, you will attain heights in your career. A short journey for work will give you benefits in the long term. Your involvement in the social platform will increase and contacts with new people will establish. Relationships with your siblings will flourish. Professionally and financially it is a very good time. Your risk-taking ability will increase but please read all the terms and conditions before investing money. You may have restlessness during this period and there might be in-fighting among your family members. For love life, it is an average time.  



Mercury will transit in the 2nd house, House of speech, wealth, and immediate family. Relationships with the family will improve and you will spend quality time with your family members. While communicating with others you will be mindful and intellectual. People who want to start their careers can get a new break. For others, there is a possibility of promotion or salary will increase. There is a good chance of making contacts in foreign countries. A short journey for work will be beneficial for your career. You will have the urge to attain knowledge and have a good possibility to attain fame through it. For a love relationship, this is an average time. Please do not get involved in any unethical activities as it might have a bad influence on you for the rest of your life. You will try to improve your relationship with your spouse.



Mercury will transit in your Lagna. It will be a good time for Virgos. Their intellectual ability will be at the top level. Analytical ability will help businessmen to judge the situation minutely and they will be able to make a wise plan. Your creative side will help you to get more gains in this period. It is a favourable time for people connected with Finance, Advisory, Consultancy, Data Handling, Accounting, Chartered Accountants, Actuaries, Scriptwriter, Media person, etc. this is also a quality time financially. People will be attracted to you for your Jolly nature and creativity. For students, it is a good time to focus on your studies and it will reward you. Your efforts in improving the love relationship will be fruitful. You may face a problem if you are too critical with others.



Mercury will transit to your 12th house, house of expenses. It is not a favourable transit for Librans. They will face a lot of challenges. Their judgments may get wrong and lead them to instability. Mental tension can affect your decision-making abilities. Professionally, this is not a time for you to make major decisions, and if the situation forces you to make one, please consult your mentors or your family members. It will be a difficult time for students as they will be unable to focus on their studies. There is a possibility to make plans for a long journey which will help you to settle your career. If you are planning to invest money, please read all the terms and conditions carefully. It is a stressful time so you are advised to do meditation or mental relaxation exercises so that it cannot hamper your health. Try to balance your life through your management skills. You are to take very good care of yourself as there is a possibility to face medical expenses in this period. For love life and relationships, transit is unfavourable. Try to avoid arguments. For the remedial part, you should worship lord Ganesha or should do OM chanting.



Mercury is transiting to your 11th house, the house of the elder sibling, gain, and fulfilment of desire. It is a favourable transit; your diplomatic behaviour will help to earn a substantial amount of money. On the career front, people will get name, power, authority, fame, and promotion. People in the service sector will have very good financial gain through that they will attend prosperity. Students who are preparing for competitive exams have good chances to get success. Social life will improve, and people will enjoy your company. Your friends will help you in career building. In work pressure, don't ignore your family otherwise you may face some difficulties. It is not a favourable time from the health point of view, you should take good care of yourself. There is also a possibility of a long journey. Romantic life can face some sort of problem. Efforts will give you long term financial gains.



Mercury is transiting to your 10th house, the house of profession. This period will be very fruitful for your professional life which will provide you with fame and status. Your prudent nature can analyze the situation very well. For businessmen, there is a chance for your business to expand and the problem or difficulties which you have been facing for a long time will come to an end. You will get support from your partner. For students, this is a very good time and the outcome, or the results will depend on your efforts. Your love life will be very romantic. Relationships with spouses will improve and you will come out with a strong personality. In the second half of the month, you will earn good financial gains. You will be able to complete pending work. There is a good chance to recover your money.



Mercury is transiting to your 9th house, the house of luck, father, dharma, long journey, and righteousness. Capricorn's luck will enhance during this transit. For the student, performance will improve, they will easily understand tough topics. Religious activity may increase. You will focus on spiritualism and meditation. Your interest in Mystic science will increase. Your time management skill will help you excel in your career. You will work aggressively to attend to your name and fame. You will not back down from taking a risk and these high risks will help you get success in your professional life. Financial gains will be good, but you need to control your expenditure as it may backfire in the future. There is a possibility of a long journey. The relationship with your spouse will be on a roller coaster ride. You will try to balance things. For lovebirds, it is a good time and they have a good possibility of marriage.



Mercury is transiting to your 8th house, the house of mystics, research, unearned money, and obstacles. People who have an interest in Mystic science like astrology, palmistry, Vastu, etc., this is a good time for them to learn. Students who are doing research work will come up with better findings. Students who are doing graduation or post-graduation need to be more focused. There is a possibility of obstacles in their study. For professional life, it is not a very good time. There will be a high possibility of your decisions to be wrong and the gains will only be delivered to you once you have worked hard. You will be in constant fear of unnecessary things during this time. To overcome this fear, chat Hanuman Chalisa. For relationships and love, life transit is not providing any positive influence.



Mercury is transiting to your 7th house, the House of partnership and business. For businessmen, you will be able to get a new business partner or expand your business which may help you to create fame and prosperity. People who want to start their careers can get a new break. For others, there is a possibility of promotion. People will also be able to secure their gains from the hard work they have been doing until now. It is a very good transit for better bonding with your spouse. It is a very favourable time for love birds, but your negative reaction will spoil all your good gestures. Health will be good, but you must take care of your sensitive nature. There is a good chance of a foreign trip which could be related to your career, so if you increase your efforts in this direction, you might be successful.

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