Love issues? Then Love horoscope 2020 has the solution for you!

Tue, Dec 31, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Dec 31, 2019
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Love issues? Then Love horoscope 2020 has the solution for you!

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings that one experiences in multiple forms during the span of his or her life. It is that essential part of life without which it is difficult to survive. They say one must not mix personal and professional life but unfortunately, if the personal life or love life is not on track then every aspect of life is likely to be tossed.

Even if we do not accept how important love is to us, in some or the other way it proves its relevance at every step of life.

Will your love life flourish or it will witness some unexpected turns? Is there a probability to find your soulmate? Are you going to go through a break- up or an old flame is likely to take a U-turn? These are some questions which most of us have in our mind before we enter a New Year.

Want to know more about your love life in 2020? Then consult our expert astrologers now!


With the new set of 365 days, we all expect to plan things out, know a little about the future in order to avoid any mishaps or uncontrolled havoc in life. To work this whole situation out and help you chalk out the whole year, Astroyogi is here with love horoscope 2020.

Before you begin the year peek into how your love life is likely to be in the coming year and how you can make it better.



For the Aries individuals, love horoscope 2020 suggests that your romantic life is about to be superb this year. The state of Venus and its placement influences sexual activity. Throughout the start of the year 2020, your horoscope suggests that the presence of the Sun in your ninth house of Venus within the tenth is creating circumstances of romance for you. Associate in activities which generate enthusiasm and charm to elevate excitement and happiness in your relationship, which may maintain the freshness of it.

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Love Horoscope 2020 for Taurus Zodiac is declaring that this year you'll be extremely romantic. Your expectations and desires will be consummated. You’ll be able to see the partner you had  wished. Venus, the lord of affection and relationships, is a gift within the ninth house of your zodiac and is indicating a positive result for you in your romantic endeavours. This year you'll be able to get happiness, cooperation from your life partner. Relationships of widowed lovers can also be expected to stay mellow. With the assistance of friends, you'll be able to relish a decent romantic life. Lost love may also come to you this year. However, the annual love horoscope 2020, indicates some ups and downs in your love.

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According to the Love Horoscope 2020, the year will bring the possibility of an excellent romance for you. Lord of the fourth house, which represents relationships and romance, Venus is a gift with Saturn, Sun, and Ketu within the seventh house and this may produce circumstances of a happy time in your relationship. Although, at the start of the year you'll be able to face some ups and downs in your romantic life. Your partner's health is your biggest concern and this may need you to require care of them similarly as yourself. This year you may be excellent along with your decision-making capabilities. It’s potential that there's no quandary in your mind related to a few life partners and you finally will set your heart on one. Lord of the zodiac, Mercury is a gift within the seventh house and is absolutely cooperating along with your zodiac sign at the start of the year 2020. However, you need to be cautious regarding your life partner's health. Buy time out with your partner, and express your love towards them.It will make your relationship even sweeter and blessed.

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According to the Love Horoscope 2020, your love life is going to be excellent this year. You’ll receive full support from your life partner. For widowed people that are already in a relationship, it's time to require their relationship to successive level. For people who are separated from their partners for a few reasons, this year is jam-packed with hope. You’ll begin a brand new starting this year. From a love wedding, you'll like the assistance of your friends. At the start of the year, Lord Saturn of the seventh home is within the twelfth house. These are signs of your romantic life being sensible. Even with Saturn within the twelfth place, Venus is in your seventh house, which is indicating prosperity in your wedding. Thanks to the presence of Mars in your zodiac, folks desperate to specific their feelings to a selected person can have a good time to let their feelings out. You’ll approach your love with whole confidence. The lord of the seventh house, Saturn at the start of the year will get into your zodiac within the same position. For people who are willing to bind within the bondage of wedding, now is additionally sensible, though you'll need to face some difficulties during this. Particularly for those who urge to getting married, a bit struggle could slow things down. You’re suggested to watch till March thirtieth, as a result of when this, Jupiter also will move with Saturn within the seventh house making favourable circumstances. This transformation also will help you receive new happiness in life.

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Love Horoscope 2020 for Leos indicates that your romantic life is auspicious this year. Within the case of relationships, you'll be able to feel lucky enough to possess such a good life partner however actually, to stay up the park you ought to face challenges in it. To keep your love happy, you've got to regulate your anger. Do not ruin on tiny things, as it can lead to the destruction of the larger picture. Try and perceive your partner's feelings and pay spend maximum amount of time with them. The lord of the seventh house, Saturn is within the twelfth house at the start of the year. The fifth home is occupied by Jupiter however besides it, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Ketu are a gift, which can produce signs of togetherness of unmarried lovers. Married individuals will have to take care within the initial times. You can get a great deal of support from a partner at the start of the year by the presence of the Moon within the seventh house. Wedding plans can even be created for unmarried individuals.

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According to Virgo Love Horoscope 2020, your romantic life is likely to be superb this year. The lord of the fifth house, Saturn is making probabilities of the wedding for you. The lord of the seventh home in Jupiter that beside Saturn is a gift within the fourth house. Overall, these planetary positions area unit inform to a contented love. Those who don't seem to be however in a relationship with anyone, with the influence of Jupiter will get an honest partner in 2020. Those who are already in a relationship will have confidence and take their relationship to the next level.

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According to the Love Horoscope 2020, this year is likely to be favourable for sensual lovers, as Venus is sitting within the fourth house of your zodiac, thanks to that you'll notice happiness and love. Those that haven't been able to meet any explicit person for an extended time will meet the correct one. Some recent recollections will flash ahead of your eyes suddenly and you may rekindle your recent romances. Talking concerning romantic life, Horoscope 2020 is creating probable options for the Libra folks. For love horoscope 2020, Venus is that the lord of your zodiac will exhibit factors of affection. The presence of Venus within the fourth house that is related to happiness is creating the probabilities of romance for you. The Creation of auspicious circumstances within the third place of your zodiac is additionally making probabilities of some unforgettable journey with a partner. The lord of the fifth house of your zodiac sign is Saturn that is sitting within the third house, Mars is sitting within the 2nd house, observing your fifth and eighth homes and this can be making positive circumstances for your romantic life. However, Rahu is additionally sitting within the ninth house that is making some friction in your relationship. This implies that you just need to manage your anger otherwise you will take a wrong call which will have an effect on your personal life.

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According to the Scorpio Love Horoscope 2020, this year could be an excellent indicator for you in terms of affection. Particularly at the start of the year, you'll be able to be terribly romantic and things may work for you. You’ll be able to be excited regarding your relationship. You’ll enjoy a sense of freshness in your sexual activity. With the impact of Jupiter, this year you may take into account the wedding and take your relationship to an entirely new level. Singles, need to specify their likeness to get a positive response. However, because it is claimed, love needs commitment and trust and you might have to travel so as to prove your likeliness for them.

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The Love Horoscope 2020 for Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2020, indicates that the year 2020 could offer you mixed results. Within the initial few months, there could also be some issues as a result of Rahu’s presence in seventh place can bother you. In such a scenario, there could also be differences with your partner, which might result in distances between the two of you. With the influence of Rahu there'll be sweetness within the relationship between you and your loved one. The distances will be less between lovers.

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According to Capricorn Love Horoscope 2020, this year goes to be excellent for you in terms of affection. In a way, the law of affection will increase. Horoscope 2020, your romance will be born. That’s to mention that you simply are certain within the love loop of associate within the workplace. This year is going to be great for those Individuals who are fascinated by love wedding. You’ll be able to get your family's approval for getting married. The obstacles created in your love wedding will vanish. You’ll be ready to begin a new life along with your beloved.

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This year is extremely auspicious for Aquarius lovers. The probabilities of affection are created. Mercury is sitting with the Sun which might increase the matter of ego between couples. Don’t argue with your partner or walk out. If your partner is angry with you then be nice to him or her. You need to attempt to not persuade your partner now. Married life will be in harmony. Neither tons of romance nor a lot of disputes. For people who don't seem to be too rational in a relationship, this year has good opportunities at the doorstep.

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According to Pisces Love Horoscope 2020, this year is anticipated to be excellent and pleasant. Planet Venus is occupying the eleventh house, which is able to assist you to keep up the sweetness within the love relationship throughout the year. Saturn can flip retrograde on eleventh which can affect your relationship. It will have an effect on the gap between you and your partner. There are also high chances of witnessing the differences between the two regarding something and this may put you in stress.

Simultaneously, within the horoscope of Pisces 2020, Jupiter will retrograde. At that time you'll begin obtaining the nice impact of this transition. Together with this, you and your partner may reach a happy ending. Having the vision of Jupiter within the sixth house of the horoscope can produce possibilities of a wedding too. Those of you facing some reasonable drawbacks in relationships for an extended time and people whose wedding was delayed or postponed  can see it come true this year.

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