International Women's Day: What's The Perfect Zodiac-Inspired Gift For Her?

Tue, Mar 05, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Mar 05, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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International Women's Day: What's The Perfect Zodiac-Inspired Gift For Her?

Observed annually on March 8 globally with a lot of pomp, International Women’s Day is meant to celebrate the glory of women all around us. International Women's Day in 2024 will be celebrated on 8th March 2024, a Friday. 

No matter how much you try, you can't envision a world without women. They give birth to us and help us mold our lives in a multitude of ways. Hence, International Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to honor the accomplishments of women. 

So, as the world gears up to celebrate International Women's Day 2024, this is the right time to pay our respects and give accolades to all women. After all, they are the embodiment of strength, perseverance, and compassion.

All women deserve to get their due recognition and applause for all the good work that they do. So, how do you make a woman feel special on Women's Day? Well, gifts can do the trick! This is the perfect day to find an amazing gift to show gratitude for the amazing women in your life. 

So, here we are giving you some amazing Women's Day gifting ideas as per astrology. These gift ideas cater to every type of woman. Check out below! 

What Are Some Spectacular Women's Day Gift Ideas? 

Here are the Women’s Day Gifting Ideas as per the zodiac signs. So, if you are struggling, we have the inspiration. 


Known to be born daredevils with a penchant for adventures, Aries natives are enthusiastic, charismatic, and confident. They might be a bit impulsive, but they are friendly and love quirky gifts. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. A  pocket watch or GPS smartwatch are great gift ideas for a female friend. 

  2. A portable blender to whip up their favorite smoothie or juice. 

  3. An antique compass is also a great gift for their adventurous spirit.


Taureans love everything that exudes beauty. Known for being grounded and stable, Taureans are excellent planners who thrive in calculated and structured routines. Quality gifts that are functional to their daily lives are truly adored by the Bulls of the zodiac. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. One of the best Women's Day gift ideas in the office is giving your Taurean colleague a personalized planner. 

  2. Perfumes, cosmetics, or even a purse are good picks for these lovers of beauty. 

  3. Metallic or wooden bookmarks if they love reading.  


The social butterfly of the zodiac, Geminis are lively, charming, versatile, and vivacious. Variety is essential to them, as they tend to get bored quickly. So, instead of the regular gifts, always give them something unique that appeals to their intellect. They’ll appreciate that!

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. Personalized stationery items or a fountain pen are good picks as women’s gift ideas. It will be the perfect outlet for their varied thoughts.

  2. An instant mini camera will be excellent because Geminis live to travel. 

  3. A cool graphic t-shirt that depicts Geminis’ wild, smart, and lovely personality. 


Famously known for their protective and caring nature, Cancerians hold their dear ones close to their hearts. Cancerian women are emotional and are often the glue that holds everyone together. So, if you wish to celebrate the Cancerian woman, give her something sentimental. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. One of the best gift ideas for a female friend is a desktop photo calendar consisting of their photos along with their family and close friends. 

  2. A Gift Card for a spa session will allow Cancerian women to relax. 

  3. Curtains or table cloth as Cancerians are homebodies who like the comfort of their abode. 


Leo women, like all Leos, love getting showered with gifts. Confident, self-assured, and always the center of attention, Leo natives like standing out. The best Women's Day gift ideas for Leos are something beautiful and interesting and that looks expensive. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. As Leo women love making a fashion statement, jewelry like necklaces or earrings are good picks. 

  2. Good skincare products are a great pick as they love pampering themselves. 

  3. Perfumes because self-grooming and standing out are important to them, and this gift will allow them to do so. 


The perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgo women, are constantly busy. Pragmatic in their approach, these ladies love using their minds. Calm and composed, Virgos have high standards for themselves. They will appreciate practical gifts the most!

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. Crossword puzzles will push them to use their mental faculties. 

  2. Personalized stationery or office accessories are excellent Women's Day gift ideas for the office. 

  3. Watch or Fitness tracker as they will appreciate the usability of the gifts. 

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Known to have a great sense of style and taste, Libra women are born socialites. They are diplomatic and sensual. These ladies appreciate the thought that goes into a gift more than the gift. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. Plush robes or fluffy blankets as Libra women will appreciate cozy indulgences. 

  2. Art and crafting guides or an embroidery kit will enable them to unleash creativity. 

  3. Make-up products, jewelry, or a silk shirt are aesthetically pleasing picks for them.  


Famous for their mysterious nature and intuitive capabilities, Scorpio women are magnetic. They are passionate and have unending curiosity about what lies beneath the surface. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. A black leather jacket is an outstanding gift idea for a female friend. 

  2. Scorpio women will love a subtle necklace. 

  3. A black eyeliner that will allow them to showcase their bold and intense eyes. 


Driven by wanderlust, Sagittarians love exploring new places. Known for their optimistic nature, Sagittarians hate being restrained. They are spontaneous and love learning. If you’re giving a Sagittarian woman a gift, pick something that will allow them to ‘explore’ in some way. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. These travel-lovers will appreciate a passport case or a suitcase. 

  2. Give them accessories, like a zodiac-inspired subtle necklace or ring.  

  3. A statement piece like a purse or a handbag will allow Sagittarian ladies to show off their fun side. 


Capricorn women are organized, hard-working, and natural leaders. They are ambitious and goal-oriented. These ladies appreciate thoughtful gifts; for them, quality matters more than quantity.

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. An oversized blanket hoodie or wireless hand warmer will help them stay cozy in their birthday month. 

  2. A hardcover planner so that they can organize their schedule well. 

  3. A best-selling book so that they can build their mental library of knowledge.


From technology to creativity, Aquarius women have wide-ranging interests. These unconventional ladies are assertive and highly independent. When looking for women’s gift ideas, pick something cool, trendy, and unique for the Aquarians. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. Aquarians are all about tech, so give them a trendy Polaroid camera. 

  2. A crystal water bottle is a great gift idea for a female friend. 

  3. A make-up palette or eyeshadow palette to help them be creative with their makeup looks.

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Artistic and creative, Pisces women are like no other. They are empathetic and have deep emotional sensitivity, which governs their choices and desires. You can pick self-care gifts or gifts that appeal to their creative side to make them feel special. 

Gift Ideas for Women's Day

  1. A sound machine with ocean noises or a face mask will allow them to be kind to themselves. 

  2. A leather journal is one of the best Women's Day gift ideas in the office. 

  3. A weighted blanket so that they can take a well-needed break and rest. 

Summing Up

We hope that our curated list of International Women's Day gifting ideas per astrology can offer insights into finding the right gift for the extraordinary women in your life. 

This day is the perfect opportunity to promote gender equality, equal opportunity, and women empowerment in every domain of society and to applaud the women around you. So, treat them with respect and kindness. Don't overlook their contribution to making the world a better place. 

Need any astrological guidance or information? Feel free to contact the astrology experts at Astroyogi!

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