Does True Love Mean Perfection, Compromise or It Is A Different Story Altogether?

Tue, Sep 06, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Sep 06, 2022
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Does True Love Mean Perfection, Compromise or It Is A Different Story Altogether?

What is Love? A security that assures you will never be alone or a deal that involves a barter system? Is love always beautiful & perfect or it is a concoction of complication?

Indeed, Love is a feeling which is felt differently by all and is yet unique. It also means something else for everyone.

This sentiment is unconditional which is embraced by people even if it gives scars or heals wounds. To understand this intangible emotion one needs to go deep. It isn’t what you see instead it is what you feel. In short, when you defy all the concrete and predefined logic of humans to love someone. It is not necessary that one needs to be a rebel or every love story needs one but love that makes you stronger, fight all odds and be there is the beginning of true love.

What Love Means Today?

When talked about love the cynics consider it as a hoax while the one who are hopelessly romantic ask everyone to look out for the love of their life. Love in the 21st century is slightly twisted, straight forward and bold as we can say! Unfortunately, relationships are more fragile nowadays then before. As the century is all about pomp, money, power and limelight! Even though today love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes the happiness of being together is short-lived.

People fail to understand that knowing yourself your desires and feelings is the first step to saving the relationship! One needs life coaches like Astroyogi to get clarity in life in order to understand what true love is!

A human’s basic emotions and reactions are easy to understand but when a person is in love, this mechanism and calculations goes for a toss.

Perfect vs Imperfect Love

What is perfect love or the matter fact imperfect love? Does it have a definition or it is a trek that gives a different experience to all? Sorry people there is nothing as perfect or even imperfect love! For some being loved and pampered is perfect love while for some being selfless is what love means. If you try to scratch your head too much or analyse then it often gets more complicated.

So, to handle love with care is what one needs to love themselves first.

What one fails to understand is we are in control of half of our dynamics or you can call it deeds or decisions. So, before one actually entangles himself figuring out what true love is, we need to go deep inside ourselves.

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A Different Story

A lot of us must have been in love and are with our soulmates while some are still on the verge to be with theirs. In this quest of finally being with the one you love, we often fail to understand what we are as a person and what exactly do we want in a relationship? It is often seen we admire others relationship, partners because we fail to understand ours. More profoundly ourselves. This creates friction in unions and leads to heart break.

Talking about true love, it is simple, less complicated, selfless and even unbiased. It does not involve perfection, it explains pure feelings of accepting one another with open arms in spite of shortcomings. Helping the other one become more compassionate, hardworking and loyal. To be more forgiving, caring and sharing.

If words like compromise, adjustment and sacrifice start to creep in the relationship then surely it is not true love!

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Clarity & Help

Constant failure in marriage, failed relationships, break-ups, being cheated, being ill-treated in relationship and the list is on. People think accepting all these things in a relationship is true love! But sorry my friend you are on the wrong page! When you know you are not sure about a relationship or it makes you feel uncomfortable then you should go out and seek help. At times your partner may be good but things might not turn out how they should, there are high chances that things were blissful before but now they have gone out of hand. In order to deal with such issues and before you lose trust on true love, go ahead and take help.

These helping hands will first help you know yourself.

You can talk to an astrologer or chat at Astroyogi and make things work whether to get back or even let loose. 

✍️ By- Team Astroyogi

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