Time To Rethink About Life, When The World Is Paused For Good!

Fri, Jun 05, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Jun 05, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Time To Rethink About Life, When The World Is Paused For Good!

What does pause mean? An impermanent stop? Or a break or a suspension of regular life for some time! However we define or understand it, today when the world is paused due to unfavourable reasons, there are a lot of things to ponder over or even analyse.


Pause and look inside, we all need to work on ourselves and a little help would only make things better! Stretch your arm, we are right here!


Would you let this pause negatively hover over you or is it time to rethink about life?

 Let us pour some light over factors how you can see the good in this pause!

Keeping all the dilemmas aside, you need to open your mind and analyse about your life from both within and outside. Once you have sorted yourself then only you can make the right choice, understand the surrounding and go-ahead to take decisions. 

 Here we go…………


 Rethink on how you can overcome your fears

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles that puts a full stop to life. . Indeed, even in the most joyful vibe, it can infuse pessimistic feelings and even swallow the boldness of individuals to confront troublesome times. While the world is in the pause mode, you need to sit and note down all your fears. Even if it is the minutest one. Try to work on them and overcome. To do so you need to spend time with self, go deep within to explore the root cause behind it or you can even consult an expert astrologer to give you more in-depth knowledge.


 Rethink on how you can make better decisions

A skeptical head can never make the right decision. Also fails to oversee the real side of every situation and circumstances. You must have felt at times that your mind is tangled into thoughts and observation which restricts your vision to take the right path. In addition to that, the deadlines make you take hasty decisions. In the end, decision making goes for a toss. You end up making the wrong choices. Now you have ample time to rethink the way you look at situations, lives and people. Then go ahead with improving your decision-making abilities.


 Rethink on how to save

We all believe in the concept of living life like there is no tomorrow. But have you ever wondered what if we save some for the future to deal with upcoming problems? It does not imply only money but energy too. Our body is a house of energy which absorbs all kinds of vibes from the surrounding. So make sure you store good vibes and energies within to stay healthy and also to support you in the times of difficulty. Because if you are exhausted when you are supposed to be energetic and powerful you will end up losing the battle


Rethink on how to value nature

 Indeed it is too late to realise that nature is more powerful in comparison to us. So at this hour, we all need to focus towards valuing, preserving and also respecting it. When the course of nature is disturbed it retaliates and has its own ways of dealing. The abrupt equation with nature also reflects on our karma which gives fruits and trials accordingly.

So, inculcate in your life good behaviour, love for nature and respect for all the blessings.


 Rethink on how to manifest the good

A lot of you must have heard people using this word or even practising it. So for all those who are unaware of this word? It is a sort of meditation to concentrate on what you desire in life. It is a way to align all the energies around you to work towards fulfilling your dream or goal. A lot of people have dedicatedly manifested things and have seen miracles happen. On the other hand, if you occupy your mind with negative thoughts you will only attract negative energy and what you fear will surely take place. You need to make the right choice.

So, before you give up on life, learn the power of manifestation and also the positive energy surrounding you.


Rethink to reach for the right place for help

We are humans and unknowingly we are dependent on each other in some or the other way. So when we feel low, lose hope or are lonely, we often look out for support, assurance, and help. Some of us might think that seeking out for help makes you feel weak. But it is not true! It is completely normal to look out for help and feel better. Sometimes we might not be able to see the solution right in front of us but later when with someone’s help we can see things more clearly and make better decisions.

Astroyogi is one such platform which gives you a helping hand in getting more clarity in life and rejuvenates your mind and soul. They do not have a team of astrologers instead It is the team of life coaches who help you live life in a controlled and systematic way!

We always complain about not getting time for ourselves and now that we have we are not making the best use of it.



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