April Birthstone: Diamond is Birthstone for April Born People

Thu, Feb 29, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Feb 29, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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April Birthstone: Diamond is Birthstone for April Born People

April Birthstone: Those born in the month of April are fortunate enough to get the most desired gem for their birthstone - the spectacular diamond. Considered to be the most expensive and luxurious stone, the diamond can do wonders for the April-borns. In addition to the grandeur that these stones attach to the status of the wearer, diamond can fill the life of the wearer with ultimate positivity. 

What is The Birthstone for April?

Diamond is Birthstone for April Born people.

The ancient people believed that birthstones are mystical gems that possess magical powers and can be used to protect one from danger and threats. These stones were regarded very highly due to their efficacious nature and the optimism they spread in the life of the wearer. 

Diamond is considered to be one of the hardest gemstones that is made up of a single element - namely - carbon. The atoms of carbon are strongly bonded in the form of a crystal to provide a strong structure to diamond. The term ‘diamond’ was derived from the Greek word, ‘adamas’  that translates into ‘indestructible’. In fact, diamond is so hard that only another diamond can cut through its surface. 

This April birthstone comes in a wide variety of colors that includes yellow, green, pink, blueetc.. The brightness and brilliance of the diamond makes it the most valuable gemstone. Due to the high demand for color-treated diamonds, a colorless diamond is treated in the laboratory and color is added to it.

The diamond has gained its popularity from India where it was easily mined during the Mughal Empire and the Imperial Era. In fact, the largest cut diamond in the world, the Kohinoor, was mined in the Kollur mine in India but it is now a part of the British crown jewels. 

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Apart from its beauty, the diamond holds certain physical properties that make it a unique birthstone. According to the physical laws of nature, a diamond can disperse the white sunlight into the seven colors of the rainbow. Also, it can easily conduct heat through its surface but it is not a good conductor of electricity. 

The formation of the diamond plays an important role in establishing its significance as the world’s most desirable gemstone. It is formed under the crust of the earth for several years and is then forced upwards to the surface where it is finally discovered.

It is unbelievable that the dark and dull coal can be transformed into the dazzling diamond with the help of certain natural phenomena. After proper extraction, the diamond is sent for cleaning, cutting and polishing. And once all these processes are successfully carried out, we get the sparkling piece of the world’s most admired stone.

According to an age-old traditional belief, diamond was said to be “lightning turned real on earth.” Its lustrous surface and dazzling beauty makes it a symbol of eternal love for a couple. Gifting a diamond to your beloved proves that your love would last for more than a lifetime - it is a promise that nothing can separate them or eliminate their immortal love. This is the reason that a diamond is used as an ideal gift for a couple’s 60th or 75th anniversary.

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How To Wear Diamonds

The evergreen diamonds that are tagged to last for a lifetime can be personalized into a stunning jewelry piece that matches your taste and status.

Diamond is used in different jewelry pieces that include rings, solitaires, tiara, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendant sets, bangles, nose studs and much more.

A beautiful stone that becomes an apt choice for engagements and ring ceremonies, a diamond is durable enough to be worn every day.

Do you want to know about the impact these birthstones will have on you? Speak to our astrologers and find out the stone that best suits your personality

Effects of Wearing the April Birthstone

Since diamonds symbolize everlasting love and faith, it can be worn to strengthen the bond between a couple and put an end to their useless quarrels on petty matters.

It is believed that wearing a diamond makes the person happy and enhances his financial prospects.

It can also add to the liveliness of the individual and is said to balance the emotional aspects of the wearer.

Healing Properties of Diamonds

The ancient people were of the opinion that diamonds hold tremendous healing powers.

It is believed that wearing a diamond can clean the body by ejecting out its toxins and curing the diseases of the brain.

Also, the problems pertaining to the pituitary gland can also be treated with the help of diamonds. 

Do you want to know about the impact these birthstones will have on you? Speak to our astrologers and find out the stone that best suits your personality

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