7 Proven Tips to Achieve Success In Competitive Examinations

Sat, Dec 16, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sat, Dec 16, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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7 Proven Tips to Achieve Success In Competitive Examinations

In today’s world, being educated is incredibly important. It ensures a secure future and helps us become independent. But most of all, these learnings make us wise and prepare us to face every hardship in life.

But often, people experience difficulty in attaining education. Sometimes failures, other times unfavorable family conditions - it feels like obstacles never seem to end.

So today, let’s talk about Vedic astrology and competitive exams and enlist a few tips and remedies you can follow to remove every hardship on the way to education and succeed in your endeavor. 

Top 7 Astrology Tips for Competitive Exams

Have you failed to score desirably in your exams despite putting in hours of dedication and hard work? It may not all be about the practice. So here’s a list of 7 simple yet effective astrological tips and remedies for academic success.

  • Wake Up in The Brahma Muhurta

The Brahma Muhurta is a divinely powerful phase of the day observed every morning from 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. During these hours, it's believed that positive energy is at its peak. So, if you are struggling to retain what you learn, wake up and study in this auspicious period and see how it brings positive results.

  • Study in The Right Direction

In astrology, facing the wrong direction while doing something important can prove to be unfavorable. So, it’s very important to be wary of the direction of studying when preparing for a crucial examination. According to expert astrologers, you should face east or northeast when practicing a topic. Also, place the table lamp for light towards the left side of the study table to ensure maximum learning efficiency.

  • Worship Lord Ganesha

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is revered as the God of wisdom and intellect. So, worshiping him during exam preparations is believed to be auspicious. Every Wednesday, recite Ganesha Chalisa and offer Durva grass to the God along with gram-flour Laddoos. Moreover, chanting "Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha" 11 times before writing the paper is also believed to be helpful. 

  • Chant Gayatri Mantra

There are many effective mantras to clear competitive exams. But if you’re looking for the most powerful mantra for success in studies, recite the Gayatri Mantra. In the morning, before you sit down to study or appear for an exam, chant the mantra 108 times. This improves focus and enhances concentration. In fact, you can also wear special Yantras for success in exams. For instance, wearing Saraswati Yantra around the neck reaps positive results.

  • Wear Gemstones

A gemstone is full of strong energies. Thus, wearing the right one can not only elevate your potential but also add the missing essence of luck and good fortune to your life. So, for example, if you’re constantly failing an examination despite trying your best, wear a Yellow Sapphire ring. Being associated with Jupiter, this gemstone can increase intellect and elevate your thinking capacity. However, when it comes to gemstones, always consult with astrologers before wearing them, as wearing the incorrect gemstone may negatively affect your life.

Want to know which gemstone is perfect for you? Book your first consultation for FREE and get an answer!

  • Make A Donation 

Many times, people fail to succeed in their academic pursuits, and if such is your situation, making donations can help. So, help the poor and the needy by donating food, clothes, money, etc. If you know a less fortunate child who is keen to study but unable to afford stationary, donate books, pens, pencils, and other essential items to them. This removes all defects from the Kundali and helps you attain your goal.

  • Pray to The Sun God

To eradicate the ill effects of planetary influences on exam results, pray to the Sun God. At sunrise, offer him water every morning. To offer Surya Arghya, simply create a mixture of Ganga Jal, flowers, red sandalwood, and rice and offer it to the rising Sun. This strengthens the planet in your birth chart and helps with exam results.

Summing Up

Education is the tool that helps us earn respect in the society. It enables us to sustain a livelihood and inspires us to become self-reliant. But reaching that stage is not easy, especially for those who must keep participating in competitive examinations. This blog aims to simplify the process for them by providing astrological tips and remedies to do well in their examinations.

So, good luck!

At Astroyogi, we house some of the top astrologers from across the country to help you fix your life issues. To get your horoscope checked by a professional, contact us immediately.

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