15 life mantras you need to follow during quarantine!

Tue, May 05, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, May 05, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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15 life mantras you need to follow during quarantine!

What is easier- to live with others or self?

The unusual phase of life is making us witness some new experiences! We are coming across various kinds of advice, suggestions, and new words like life mantras, as guides, to pass this uncalled time. 

In short, all these things are guiding us towards one simple thing- how to live with oneself. 

 Failure in love does not mean there are no second chances!

Really? Forget about others, have we forgotten to live with ourselves only?????


Due to the fast pace in life to achieve set goals or even maintain a standard of living, we all have been going out of the way. This has distant us from ourselves and now when the world is at standstill, we have nowhere to run or compete! We find it awkward to live with ourselves. Reason- we never got to spend time with self!-


It is pretty obvious that since we are not going out for any kind of leisure then what are we supposed to do at home during Quarantine? This might be the question knocking in your head!


Have you heard of terms like simple living, self-healing, rejuvenation and meditation? You might think of them as some trending words nowadays. But one needs to really know the truth behind these words as to why people are going after them. 


OK! We all have a different meaning regarding life mantras, ideologies, goals etc. Some we inherit from our parents, some we learn over time while some are yet to be explored.

Set of life mantras for life lead to self-healing, mind cleansing and a lot more which can help you change the usual course of life for good.


The truth about life is that when hell falls upon us in some or the other way, we have people around to help us, guide us or even show the way. In Spite of all the external pushes, it is that one internal push that gives light and weightage to all the efforts.


So, it is pretty simple to understand that you as a person is the only one who can make changes in your life, heal from wounds or even achieve your goals.


So, to revamp yourself and show the 2.0 version of you when the world resumes, here are 15 simple life mantras you can follow-

7 most common mistakes people make in life during tough times!

I will listen to myself 

We all listen to others more than we listen to ourselves. This leads to lack of focus and self-confidence. So while you are at home without orders and deadlines and others bossing over you or even interfering, give time to yourself. Talk to your soul, explore the hidden side, trust your instincts and also realise what exactly you want from life.


I will clean my mind off all negativity

Our mind is a house full of memories both good and bad and also thoughts which are often influenced by what we see, hear and experience. These thoughts are mostly negative which take place in our minds and stay until we treat them. These thoughts are one of the biggest reasons behind breakups, career failures, business losses and many other problems. Sitting at home where you are cut off from any kind of bad influences. Generate positivity and be more optimistic about life.


I will manifest good things 

Sulking over failures and expecting the same to happen often make it occur. Which means if you think about good things then you get positive results and vice versa. This concept is called manifestation. The universe runs on vibes- the good and the bad. So, if you generate and emit bad energy or vibe by sulking, talking negatively into the universe then you automatically attract the similar vibes which result in loss and failures. So ensure you start seeing the positive in everything around you and only desire the good. Try it to believe it! Even the best astrologers above all the remedies and cures will advise you to manifest all good in life. It does wonders!


I will be hopeful

Hope is one of the driving forces during tough times. This indeed is the best time to keep it alive in all of us. Be more hopeful for the good is waiting for all of us. Hope for a better tomorrow and hope for mankind to be saved from this pandemic. Being hopeful will give your life some purpose.


I will value others feelings

Being self-centred is surely not a very good idea. When you expect others to think about your likes and value you then you should reciprocate the same. Learn to value others efforts, likes, dislikes and also choices. This will help you become a better person in life and also make living better.


I will meditate

The fast pace of life has made us lose touch with peace, silence and harmony. Which had led to stress, restlessness and anxiety? Meditation is one of the best and the oldest way to calm yourself down and reduce stress and tension. Practising meditation will give you more clarity in life and better vision to analyse things.


I will analyse my life

All this while we did not get time to analyse our lives, its moves, decisions etc. Now that life has come to standstill we have enough time in hand to analyse our lives from all aspects. This will help you make better decisions and also examine all ties in life. Giving you a clearer idea about what you want from life and what way to choose in order to attain it.


I will take help when needed

Being self-dependent and independent are mostly defined as someone who is expected to never fall weak or seek help. But it is not true! We as humans are in some way dependent on each other, that is how we are made. So looking out for help during tough times does not put you in a weaker position or questions your strength. Troubled with life? You can approach the best of astrologers who will guide you about life, analyse your birth chart and also tell you about the effect and role of planets and their behaviour in your life.


I will stop feeling pity about self

When things go bad we end up feeling bad about ourselves and feel pity. Such behaviour chokes the hope in us and also holds from trying again. So, learn from your mistakes, failures and experiences but do not feel pity. Instead, remind yourself that you must go on.


I will conquer my fears

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles in our lives. It makes the person weak both emotionally and physically. It is very important to overcome your fears, face them and achieve what you want from life. Some expert astrologers can help you with exploring your life from past present and future perspective. They can also predict the shortcoming in the future which you can deal with at present.


What you think is what you become

Your mind and thoughts are what make you perceive things around and also what you do. This proves that the mind is the propeller that directs our body. So keep your thoughts clear. While you are at home, get clarity and sort things in mind because that will give you the vision to turn dreams into reality.


Healthy life leads to a healthy mind

Your body is the temple that protects your soul and is also responsible for the longevity of life. So if you stay healthy then you will be more active to work and put your mind in important things. During quarantine do not overindulge yourself into binge eating or overeating. Opt for necessary workouts to stay fit. It will also help to eliminate depression.


I will prioritise

At home when you have less burden and are surrounded by loved ones you have a good time to segregate priorities in life. This will help you know how to take care of things and also what all you need to keep in mind to fulfil those priorities.


I will value contentment & gratitude

We all love to take things, earn or even win. But we fail to count our blessings or even thank the universe for everything it provided us. Now is the time you can thank everyone who has made your life wonderful and also helped you achieve goals. Make efforts to thank them. Also, learn to be content in life then always wanting. Pay gratitude to all those who have done things for you.


I will be the change

We all expect the world to change for us but we fail to do the same for others. During this pandemic, it is necessary to take steps to change the present situation. So change the habits which are causing stress and also disrupting your growth along with nature. Value humanity instead of standing against each other. 


Some simple steps, yet powerful! These are not just life mantras but the key to making life better!


So before you fall short of activities during quarantine, look inside and ask- are you what you are supposed to be? Do you love yourself the way you are?



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