Failure in love does not mean there are no second chances!

Mon, May 04, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, May 04, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Failure in love does not mean there are no second chances!

Irrespective of the number of relationships you have had, the worst part is when love walks away, the cut that it gives is so deep that it takes a lifetime to heal. This is what I thought all this while and to a certain extent even felt it. 


But does that mean if once you have experienced failure in love there are no other chances? 


Can I ever trust someone with my life again? 


These are questions which pump our hearts time and again when we fail in love once.


Believe me! I have been there and surely it is not a good place to be at, so I decided to make it less painful for you and a more optimistic experience of life. If you are sailing in this boat do not feel lonely! A round of applause for those who have already come out of it.


So for all those who are hesitant to love again, scared of love failure, give life another chance to share your emotions!


 Here are some great tips you definitely can move on! 


His fault or mine? Stop doubting yourself!

Whenever a relationship does not work out or you are rejected by someone, you start finding faults in yourself. You doubt your efforts and dedication feeling miserable and depressed. You need to stop doing that. If one relationship fails does not mean you as a person are not good enough. Overcome this entanglement of thoughts like his fault or mine and accept the truth. It is possible that this might be for your own good and something better is waiting for you. Chances and hope go hand in hand. You need to trust your destiny.


Your what if’s should be answered

The word ‘what if’ can really boggle anyone’s mind. It can even make you think about things which do not even exist and in the end, it completely changes your mind and takes it to another tangent. So instead of pondering on your own, it is better to confront, get answers and clarify all the- ifs and buts. It will help you make better decisions in future and also know what exactly you want.


A second chance to the same person? Yah or Nah?

At times the ones you love are eligible for a second chance. It depends on whether you want to give that chance or not and also the intensity of the circumstance that brought you to this forked road. For some, it proves to be fruitful while for others it can turn out to be a mistake. To clarify this confusion, you can consult the best love astrologers at Astroyogi to get all kinds of clarity related to your love life & decisions. The experts here will analyse your birth chart and planetary position which can be the reason behind love problems or indicate some serious observation in the context.


You will not believe it but it is true! Planets can affect our love life in various ways and also indicate towards serious decisions to be made. 


It should be more than just ‘Love’!

A relationship stands on many aspects like trust, unity, compatibility, respect, equality and not just love. If one relationship failed despite being in love then you need to understand that it lacked other aspects of the relationship. Love is important but without other aspects this emotion is nothing. So if you failed in one relationship does not mean you will face the same things in the next. Do not be disheartened instead analyse as a person what more do you want in a relationship and if you do find one then make sure all these are present.


If the other party is ready to invest equally

Some decisions in life give pain but also teach a good lesson. To be equally involved and also have equal rights in the relationship is of utmost importance. At one point in time, most of us must have gone through a painful relationship, where you were not treated the way you should be. Some have compromised and accepted it as their destiny while others made sure this was not repeated. So, if you have just had a breakup or are overcoming one, make sure when you are ready to explore your chances in future equality should be a high priority. Do not lose your identity, as it would be painful in the longer run.


Dust it off and try again!

Swollen eyes, depression, lack of self-love, loneliness and hopelessness, these are a few emotions which one faces after failing in love. Losing the one you love or even being rejected by them is very painful. But that does not mean you lose hope to find the right one and stop loving yourself. 


Leave all the painful events behind, dust it off and try again. Life is full of chances to make the most of it with caution and optimism.


So, wipe off those tears, wash away those regrets and look at the brighter side of life. Life has a lot to offer you.

To get more clarity about your love life and present relationships! Call now!


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