7 most common mistakes people make in life during tough times!

Wed, Apr 29, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Apr 29, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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7 most common mistakes people make in life during tough times!

 Chill! I am not going to begin my blog writing about the saga of the virus, lockdown etc etc! I guess you all have been fed enough with all such 'gyaan'.  

Staying back at home during lockdown is indeed tough at this hour. But it has also exhibited varied shades of life and its effects. For some, it is a golden chance to de-clutter their wardrobe, clean their house, help their partners with household chores and get closer! 


While for others let’s face it, has turned out to be a time of trials in love, career, business and family.


What do most people fail to see is that it can also be a time to trigger unwanted thoughts, fear, insecurity and such problems which might push one to make mistakes they can never undo?

The ying-yang of life educates that it is a concoction of good, hopeful and bad events. The former two do not need much thought but the latter is something that can really turn your life upside down.


We all know that failures and mistakes are part and parcel of life! But its repercussions amplify during tough times! It is then when we tend to make mistakes and affect our overall growth, development or even relations.


Let us know what these common mistakes are-


Loose temper

Most of you might be well aware of their anger while some must be ignoring this trait conveniently. In short, when things don’t go the way we want them to then we all lose it. Everyone has a way of showing their anger, but how many of us actually work to suppress it during the situation? Why is it that we need someone else to calm us down? According to the study, anger is one of the biggest reasons for breakups, business failure, dipping a career and also destroying life. Now that we have time to ponder over what has happened in life till now and what the future holds for us. Make sure you work on your anger and do not let it aggravate the problem during the crisis or tough times.


Try it once, you will see a drastic difference! The frequency of the problem will reduce by 50%!


Consider it over

At times when unwanted time knocks at the door and affects your course of life most of us lay our guards. Despite constant efforts sometimes we fail. Does that mean we give up on life? This eventually gives birth to negative feelings, makes the person feel victimised and also considers life to be over. Due to this, the person does not make efforts to get up, work hard and try again. Instead, such people lock themselves up and do not let opportunity or hope enter.


This is a very common mistake which most of us commit. Sulking or feeling sorry for a situation for some time is fine, but making it a habit will only swallow your spirit to rise and shine. It is time to give up this habit!


At times even the planets can be the reason behind all kinds of imbalance in life. Ask the expert astrologers now!


Ignore their instinct

Call it gut feeling, instinct or by any other name. This voice within is surely powerful! All of you must have heard it at times from within before making a decision or at times when you really need advice or guidance. Never ignore it!


When we are overly focused on what we want in life, we often forget to analyse some important aspects and are even ready to opt for any way to attain it. At such a time our instinct often tries to prompt us towards a better path or decision making which we ignore.


Alas! Later when we fail or do not get the result we had expected then we whine and say- 'I wish I would have heard my gut feeling!'


Not questioning yourself

At times we just take decisions and do not question before doing anything and then regret later. A common mistake but can lead to a big disaster or problems. A simple habit that can help you get better results in life and also improve relations. One should always question yourself before pointing others, or even doubting them. Doing so helps to get a better idea and analyses of the situation reducing the risk of loss.


Letting emotions control you

Even though emotions are an intangible part of our lives, yet they hold the power to control us. When they take over, things become unpredictable and the person loses practicality. When one fails or commits a mistake his emotions are at peak and often cloud the brain with thoughts of regret, giving up and at times lures towards unacceptable activities. Come what may, whether you fail or win make sure you get a hold of your emotions. Stay optimistic, hopeful and compassionate towards yourself and your loved ones around! Obviously, you would not want to be treated like you treat others.


Not asking for help

Often people think asking help is like questioning their ability. A myth which grows over time and takes the shape of ego. There is no harm in asking for help, instead, it helps you to execute your idea in a more refined way. It even improves relations with lovers, family and colleagues. It can also give you more ideas and improve relations. You might be a smart lad but at times a little help can only take your hard work a notch higher.



Overthinking & negativity

As humans overthinking and negativity has now become a part of life. Which has hindered overall development in life? During tough times this fuels the mind to go towards the negative path and also eats up the confidence of people. Even if you have the calibre and stamina to improve things in life, overthinking and negativity ruins it. It also leads to negative vibes affecting the loved ones around you. Try to talk to yourself! Understand the plight of others and before reacting think from others perspective.   


Tough or good time? Seek advice from the best astrologers in India regarding your love, family, career and finance to make life better.


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