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Capricorn Lover

Capricorn Lover

If its love, it ought to be serious for Capricorns. You feel the need to love and to be loved but when romantic feelings start to blossom, you find it difficult to acknowledge and pursue it. This is because your yearning for true love is put under control by Saturn, the planet of discipline. It constantly commands you to be disciplined, practical and serious. This is actually a good sign as your practicality and sensibility ensures that you end up with the partner.

All the sense of practicality and sensibility just doesn’t come to you like that. You are someone who makes your own share of mistake, but you also make sure to learn from them. Experience is what you learn your life or love lessons from. But somebody who’s in love with you need not worry about a stable home and loyalty. You will expect your partner to love your parents and family members no matter what.

You can sometimes be full of contradictions and particularities when it comes to the matters of the heart. At times you can get cautious for which you seldom marry in haste and you abhor the idea of divorce. Meanwhile, you will also get involved in a lot of close relationships before settling down for a close and meaningful relationship.

You have a great desire to impress the one you love, and this might later on backfire on you. Your excellent organizational skills will help you plan everything meticulously but in the process make sure not to go overboard with it as it might get quite frustrating for your partner.

Well, you may seem to have all the traits and qualities of a loyal partner the only problem is you become too involved in thinking about the aspects of practicality and possibility in a relationship. This spoils the relationship in many occasions because you don’t allow yourself the freedom to express your emotions instinctively which keeps you away from the fun. You possess a cool attitude which helps you keep steer from any kind of complications. It may sometimes be mistaken like an ‘I don’t care’ attitude by your partner. Please do let the person hiding underneath the efficient and capable exterior out to reveal all the passion for a harmonious relationship.