Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th December to 12th December 2021

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Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th December to 12th December 2021

Your weekly horoscope (6th December to 12th December 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. 

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The first week of December will be a rewarding one for those curious about liberal arts and other cultural activities. A stable relationship with your lover is indicated this week. 

The sole concern for you in the week will be your finances. Be cautious while handling your expenses in the week. Try to avoid heated discussions during important presentations at your workplace. You need the support of your seniors now, so treat them with utmost patience. 

Your dreams will gain new wings to fly towards success. Be alert about your actions, as your presumptuous behavior can agitate folks around you. 

It is an excellent time for you to evolve as a mature person both professionally as well as personally. Make use of the opportunities that cross your path, and utilize your hidden talent in the week. You will be surprised to know that your innate capabilities can do wonders in life. 

A surprise awaits you in the week, and it will probably be from a stranger. Gather momentum at work, because the stars are bound to favor you now. 


If you would like to make some important decisions in life, this is definitely the perfect time to try to do so. Overall, the primary week will inaugurate some domestic bliss as well as a ray of hope in your business life. Read More



The first week of December is going to be a tumultuous one for a native Taurus. Hectic schedules will overburden your business life with piles of pending work doing the rounds. Maintain serenity in your actions, and avoid heated discussions. 

Frequent disagreements with your partner will force you to question your relationship. Amidst all the chaos, attempt to maintain mental peace. You will want to remain patient during the week. Personal health is going to be good. Take a short trip this weekend to appease your mind and body. 

Financial gains will do the rounds this week, so you don’t get to fret or panic about it. Unwanted visits from your relatives are bound to be exasperating for you, but you should act wisely. 

Make sure that you greet them with the utmost amiability and affection in order for your actions to look presentable to them. Choose this weekend to enjoy self-inflicted luxuries, one where you will relax and destress yourself.

It might be best if you remembered that tough times are part and parcel of life, so attempt to advance in life with your head held high. The latter part of the week is hinting to bring excellent news for you and your family. This will be the time when you realize who your true friends are. Cherish the precious bond and be grateful for having them in your life. Read More



The start of December will be a satisfying one for a native Gemini. It is an excellent time to reforge the family bonds, especially with your siblings. You will plan a get-together with your entire family this weekend. 

The environment at your workplace is going to be relaxing enough to finish all pending work. Try to not make hasty decisions in the week, because it can have dire consequences in the future. You have got to work hard, and you will surely receive a few acclamations. Seniors are going to be impressed by your work. 

Marital life is going to be smooth, and you will get ample time to spend with your partner during the week. 

Some financial instability will hover around you, so attempt to manage your expenses in the week. Overall, it is an excellent time to resolve conflicts together with your near and dear ones and establish a healthy relationship again. Read More

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This week may be a special one for a native Cancer. You will be able to maintain a cordial relationship together with your family and relatives. Nevertheless, take care of your bond with your siblings, as troublesome times are predicted in the future. Remain calm and exercise utmost patience. 

The health of your elders, especially your mother, is probably going to improve with time. It is an excellent time to bond with your child and understand his or her desires. Spend time together with your loved ones to establish a strong connection with all of them. 

Seniors are going to be a matter of concern at your workplace, so attempt to avoid heated discussions with them. Your work will prove how efficient you are, which can gradually reap benefits for you professionally. 

A surprise awaits you this weekend, so be prepared for some good news! Read More



The first week of December is going to be an enjoyable one for you apart from minor financial troubles. If you're into humanistic disciplines, then the week will bring newer prospects for your career. 

It is a superb time to sit for competitive examinations because it will showcase your true talents and assist you in getting good results. The latter part of the week indicates marriage. If you're in a serious relationship for quite a while now, you can attempt to make things work for a long-lasting bond. 

Prepare to spend some quality time with your friends. It will act as a break in your otherwise monotonous and busy life. 

Think before you speak in family matters, and avoid uncomfortable situations. Domestic life is going to be a source of concern as your loved ones are likely to misunderstand you. Give them a while to understand what you mean to them. Read More



This week is a superb time for you to enjoy various social activities. You will feel the urge to assist others in need, which can compel you to actively participate in several welfare programs. 

The primary part of the week is going to be a bit exhausting with the hectic work schedules tiring you. You will consider going on a solo trip this weekend to gain some respite. Take excellent care of your health and do not avoid minor health issues. 

You will generate new sources of income, which can assist you in saving and investing considerably. Your intellect is going to be at the forefront during the week, allowing you to pursue new interests and disciplines. 

Within the latter part of the week, you are sure to feel lethargic due to hectic work life. Take enough rest to feel fresh and spend the weekend relaxing. Read More



The first week of December will inaugurate a period of exuberance for a native Libra. You will get the vigor and determination to finish all pending tasks. There is also a possibility to start something new. 

You will be ready to live up to your expectations, which can, in turn, motivate you to prosper in the future. An active conversation with your near and dear ones will enable you to learn crucial life lessons. 

The week indicates some serious discussions about your marital life, enabling you to make changes for the betterment of your relationship. 

A cheerful ambiance at work will assist you to get things done before you anticipated. You will also receive acclamations from your colleagues and seniors at work. 

Take excellent care of the health conditions of your elders, especially your father. It is an excellent time to take a leadership role, as it is bound to bring fortune in every way. Read More



This week isn't a favorable one both personally and professionally, for a native Scorpio. High expenses are expected amid low self-esteem and confidence. Avoid arguments with seniors at work. 

Financial losses can have a profound impact on your self-esteem. It is vital to take care of your mental peace and serenity to push past the tough times. The weekend is going to be somewhat of a relief, where you will get to relax a bit. Attempt to introspect a little to make things better. 

Success could seem hard to realize, but don't lose hope. Remember, tough times are part and parcel of your life, and this too shall pass. 

Your friends will assist you to recover from the adversity and they will attempt to cheer you up. Be grateful for having them in your life, and spend some quality time together. 



The first week of December is going to be a profitable one for a native Sagittarius. The financial and professional aspects of life will seem to show smooth progress. 

You will be ready to prove your worth at your workplace and it will earn you tons of praise from your seniors. 

You will most likely inherit properties or investments that you can fruitfully use in the future. 

Your familial bonds are something that you should be pleased with and ensure to nurture them in the future. You will even have a robust discussion with your partner in the week, which can assist you to discover new aspects of your relationship. 

Life holds some fantastic prospects for you this week, so attempt to make every effort count. You will slowly begin to realize everything you wished for professionally. Awaken the inner artist in you, and enjoy various exciting hobbies which will feed your soul. Read More



This week is the perfect time for a native Capricorn to develop newer professional prospects that will reap great benefits in the future.

You will have an alternative source of income in the week, and It will assist you in getting a clear idea of what you would like to do in the future. Take excellent care of your health, and don't avoid minor health issues. 

You are likely to encounter various altercations in your personal life. Try to not get swayed away by unnecessary flattering by your colleagues at work, as this will harm your work efficiency. 

Avoid unnecessary expenses in the week in order to save more in the future. You are likely to form new friends who will assist you in attaining mental peace and tranquillity. Plan a getaway this weekend with your family to get some relaxation from your hectic work schedules. Read More



A strong sense of unrest will prevail during this week for a native Aquarius. You will face financial issues that you simply must resolve to avoid further complications in the future. 

Learn to handle occasional mood swings, especially at your workplace. It might help if you make confident choices regarding your professional life in order to establish a stable career ahead. 

Avoid heated discussions with your parents, and respect their presence in your life that guards you against all the complicated life struggles. Your relationship with your partner is probably going to deteriorate in the week. It is recommended that you simply avoid arguments with him or her at the present. 

The weekend will seem to be more of a respite with family reunions on the horizon. It will help create an environment for you to make things better. You should know that things don't always work out as you would like, but situations do recover with time. Read More 

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For a native Pisces, the primary week of December is going to be filled with excitement and lively attitudes. You are bound to get promoted at work due to the superb work you have delivered for a long time. 


Your strength and vigor will assist you to remain motivated for a brighter future ahead. Attempt to establish an ideal bonding with your siblings and you will get to understand how much they mean to you in life. 


Make new friends who will assist you to sail through troublesome times in life. Romance is probably going to suffer a bit in the week, so attempt to focus more on work for now. 


Overall, it is an excellent time to start a business or apply for new jobs. Look out for your health issues to plan for success in different aspects of life. Get a break this weekend and pamper yourself with everything you wish for. Read More 

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