Where to Keep What in Your Home Based on Vastu Shastra

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Where to Keep What in Your Home Based on Vastu Shastra

A new house can be a very exciting and important milestone in your life, be it with your family or your partner. However, to make your house into a home, there are a few aspects and placements within the house that you should be mindful of when buying a new house and while decorating it.

Planning to Buy a New Home or to Renovate Your Home?

‘Vastu’ offers certain guidelines and directions that can help manifest positive energy and prosperity in your house. Some of them include-

The first thing to ensure is that the main door of the house is built facing the north or east direction so that when you step out, you face the northern direction. This is considered to bring victory and progress in life. The main entry should also have the most appealing and superior quality door, and should open in a clockwise manner such that it opens inside. In the Indian setting, many families even place a ‘Ganesha’ statue at the entryway to bring positive energy into the house.

Temple/ Meditation or Yoga room should be constructed in the northeast direction to increase concentration, focus and spirituality. The room should preferably be painted a light color such as yellow, white, light green, etc. In the Indian culture, a Pooja room is a must have in every home.

Living Room should be built facing the northeast or northwest direction. The furniture in the room should be placed in the southwest or western direction of the room.

The Bedroom should be situated in the southwest direction of the house. This fosters positive energy and good relations between couples. It can also positively influence your sleep cycle; foster good health and can even prove prosperous. Within the bedroom, the cupboards/ ‘almirahs’ and the bed should be placed in the southwest corner. An ideal bedroom should be one with 4 corners, however, if your home has a bedroom with 5 corners, it can be considered negative and in order to minimize the negativity, bamboo flutes should be kept in the room.

The proper construction of the Kitchen is a crucial aspect while moving into a new house. Ensure that the kitchen isn’t constructed near or below a bathroom. The kitchen should be made in the southeast part of the house, as this direction is the best element of fire. Vibrant colors like yellow, rose, orange etc. should be used to paint the kitchen.

Apart from the various rooms, other ‘Vastu’ directions that can be followed to have a harmonious, positive and energetic household include, placing a mirror in the dining room to attract wealth and prosperity. A mirror can also be placed above the cash-drawer to increase good luck. Avoid placing mirrors facing the bed.

Pictures and photo-frames of family should be facing southwest to improve bonding and love.

Study tables for the children should face north to get success in school and studies.

There are many other ‘Vastu guidelines that you can follow to have loving relation between the family members and to maintain the harmony at home. There may be certain aspects that you may be doing wrong which could be having a negative influence on you and your family. To find remedies for those, you should consult a ‘Vastu’ Expert.

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