Venus Transit to Gemini and Its Impact on You

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Venus Transit to Gemini and Its Impact on You

Venus is a gleaming planet which is the second closest to the Sun. Venus is the planet that symbolizes or has feminine qualities and thereby is significantly considered to be the Deity of Love, beauty, marriage, and contentment. For the year 2020, the planet Venus will transit to Gemini on Saturday, August 1, 2020, at 05:29 AM.

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Venus is known as Shukra Grah where it’s main quality is to bestow it’s favored individuals with the pleasures of life, luxuries, clothes and entertainment and much more. Venus influences the feelings and perceptions of individuals about other people on numerous aspects of life. If the planet Venus is strong in the birth chart of the concerned individual then the individual would experience materialistic comforts and success. However, if Venus is weak then the individual could experience eye disorders, marital discords, and other issues.

Let us see how our own Astroyogi’s expert astrologers have explained in brief of the effect of this transit on each of the 12 zodiac signs.


Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs. (Know Your Moon Sign)



The planet Venus will transit into the 3rd House for Aries individuals. Single people will experience the beauty of a new relationship and married people will see that their spouse receiving sudden gains. Individuals will find happiness through travelling even if its short distance. There will be a significant rise in your social interactions where one will also find their level of fame in the society increasing. At the workplace, it is best advised to focus on ones given tasks and work hard in order to achieve that promotion. Health-wise, individuals will experience a good deal of energy which can be used for small trekking, hiking or light sports.



With the planet Venus transiting into the 2nd house, there will be a significant growth to the individual’s financial position. One may gain or obtain new wealth and assets. Individuals will feel a surge of energy and vitality which will help through the day. Peace and harmony will prevail at home. Individuals may find themselves with a higher expenditure chart which will be for one’s own pleasure and enjoyment. At the workplace, everything will be great and in tune.



The planet Venus will transit in the 1st house which brings enhancement to the individual’s wellbeing. The concerned individual’s nature will have an inviting effect on other people during this phase. Single individuals will find a new blooming relationship and Married people will enjoy quality time mutually. At the workplace, all the colleagues will be exceptionally in a great mood where it is advised to create some rapport at this opportunity. Take some time and sit back and enjoy, celebrate.



Being that the planet Venus will transit into the 12th house, one will experience a rise in expenses sharply. Be that as it is, the concerned individual will still enjoy luxuries and comforts. Foreign travel is forecasted and individuals may go out for adventurous travel as well. The partner or lover will be requiring some attention more than usual. Health-wise, individuals will be surging with energy and will be able to do all activities with ease and still have energy left to do more.

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The planet Venus is going to transit in the 11th house which indicates that whatever hard work the individuals put up in their work, it will bring back positive results. There will be significant likelihood to increase one’s wealth and prosperity. Moreover, the concerned individual’s love life will be galloping ahead and they will enjoy ecstatic moments with their partner. The individuals will also enjoy social meetings with friends and loved ones. Health-wise, it is advised to keep oneself fit and active to be able to enjoy all the wide angles of life.



With the planet Venus transiting into the 10th house, individual’s will see a rise in their career. Individuals may even change their jobs out of personal interest. Their daily works and tasks will move ahead efficiently with ease. The spouse or lover is going to be very supportive of your interests and actions which will definitely boost your motivation. It is advised to do a full body check up to make sure of any preventive measures to be taken.



Being that the planet Venus will transit into the 9th house which may make the individual some unexpected gains in diverse areas during this transit. Career-wise, the monotony of work will bore some individuals but it is advised to be creative and proactive so as to acquire some benefits in the long term. Health-wise, individuals will enjoy strength and power which can be used in the gym or even sports of one’s own choice. The spouse or lover will require some quality time set aside for them.



The planet Venus will transit into the 8th house where issues may sneak up in one’s own personal life which is highly likely to be in the romantic relationship. Be calm and do not overreact to situations like these. It is advised to not make any sort of investments as it may incur a loss. Health-wise, this is a good time to get checked up by the doctor so as to be sure and take any preventive measures. Career-wise, everything will be smooth and steady as long as the deadlines are met.



The planet Venus will transit into the 7th House which indicates marital bliss and a great deal of happiness in one’s relationship. Health-wise, individuals will feel great and energetic throughout the day and will be able to do almost everything with ease. Career-wise, it is recommended to stop divulging in silly office politics and be rebellious as it would not look good for your performance growth. Otherwise, the management will be quite impressed and it is best to keep it that way.



With the planet Venus transiting into the 6th house, individuals will involve themselves in a humungous amount of hard work for which one will seek a return on the hard work. Individuals will try speculative and questionable methods to bring in money like share market, gambling, lottery etc. Health-wise, it is advised to do a checkup with the doctor so as to take any preventive measures, if required. In the romantic side, one will experience distance and probable bitterness due to high expectations that are not practical. However, it can be resolved by accepting certain things as what they are.



Venus will transit into the 5th house which will turn out to be a successful phase. Individuals may change their jobs and may start over a superior profession. Individuals will experience rejuvenation and vitality in their romantic life. Investments right now of any sort may be a lucky strike in the future. Investing time into your health by doing regular gym and or sports will go a long way for oneself.



With Venus transiting into the 4th house is where the individuals will experience unity and harmony in the family. The concerned individual may also get some unanticipated news from the family. Individuals will sense and experience inner peace and joy. At the workplace, Individuals will do some amazing work and receive appreciation. Health-wise, individuals may feel lazy and cosy up at home whereas it is advised to get out and be active as it will help in the long run.


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