Venus In Libra- Is Likely To Influence The Luxury Of Life.

Fri, Sep 03, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Sep 03, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Venus In Libra- Is Likely To Influence The Luxury Of Life.

Venus would transit to Libra on the 6th of September 2021. Venus owns Libra in the natural zodiac system, and it also happens to be its Mool Trikona Rashi. Venus signifies love, emotions, marriage, good food, ambience, luxury, spouse, love interest, arts, vehicles, off white colour, wealth, gold and jewellery, etc. It is likely to influence these attributes in varying proportions to different natives.

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Let us try to understand these influences as per the Moon zodiac signs.



Venus would transit to the 7th house, and it is all set to deliver excellent results. Your love bonding with your spouse/love interest would move to the next level, and it can also turn out to be an excellent time to get married. 

  • Family life would be very joyful, and you would enjoy the company of your loved ones. 

  • Work would be gratifying in nature, and there would be no major hassles in your daily executions. 

  • Money flow would be even. You should organize a picnic/get-togethers and bring close to all your loved ones to make happy memories. Try to make fresh additions to your investment portfolio. Know more about Aries



Venus would transit to the 6th house, and it would grant mixed results. It would help if you stayed optimistic in everything you do, and little delay in getting desired results should not bother you. 

  • Financial stability would be good, and it can be a good time to pay off long-standing debts/loans. 

  • Your enemies would dare not face you, and you should focus your energy on more important things in life. 

  • Work would be competitive but equally rewarding. 

  • Take very calculative risks at work and try to excel in the routine job. Avoid spending too much on luxury. Know more about Taurus



Venus would transit to the 5th house. During this time you will enjoy good results.

  •  Education-based travel would be on the cards, and it can take you across the borders.

  •  Your children can be a source of happiness in your life, and they may get noticed for some excellence.

  •  Try to reward your children with their choice demands. 

  • Income flow would be very smooth, and you should try to make fresh additions to your investment portfolio. 

  • Spending on your family can be very fulfilling and rewarding. Organizing havan/yajna etc., at home, would be an extra bliss during this time. 

  • Work-life would be very stable.   Know more about Gemini

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Venus would transit to the 4th house, and it will help you see excellent results. Venus turns Digbali in the 4th house, so it would develop an extra attribute to cast protection to your actions and ensure rewards. 

  • The domestic environment would be enjoyable with your Mother leading from the front. 

  • Work would balance very well with personal life, and there would be negligible complaints in either set of life. 

  • Buying a new vehicle looks like a bright opportunity, and you should plan accordingly. 

  • House warming/renovation would be very auspicious at this time. 

  • It would also be a good time to understand concepts' more profound meaning, especially when related to the occult.  Know more about Cancer 



Venus would transit to the 3rd house, and you would enjoy the good result of your hard work. Your versatility would be at its best, and there would be a new set of learning coming your way. Such learning is very likely to enhance your skill set and, after that, your productivity at work. 

  • Work-related travel would be very beneficial, especially when it is interstate travel. 

  • Some long-distance pilgrimage also appears to be on the cards. 

  • It is likely to be a very rewarding time for those involved in arts, theatre and drama as your mental and emotional tendencies would be on a high. 

  • Work would be good, but you may find some difficulty in balancing work with your personal life. Fix it by prioritizing the aspects in both. 

  • Your younger co-workers are likely to have a good time with you. Know more about Leo

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Venus would transit to the 2nd house, and it is likely to deliver excellent results. 

  • Your communication skills would boost your success factor. Participate in every meeting where you get a chance to express yourself. 

  • You would likely get noticed and acknowledged for your good work. 

  • Your Father is also likely to have a good time. 

  • Your name/fame would rise, and your luck factor would also improve drastically. 

  • Avoid any concealing actions and do everything in the open. 

  • Family life would be good, and your overall income flow would be smooth. 

  • It can be a good time for those who are eligible to get married. 

  • Some long-distance journey with your family would be very memorable at this point. Know more about Virgo 



Venus would transit to Lagna/First house, and it is likely to deliver excellent results. Kindly ensure that you follow an odd course of actions/behaviour in your work and personal life; otherwise, results deteriorate. 

  • You would be shining with physical attraction, and your confidence would be very much visible in your body language. 

  • Accept fresh responsibilities at work, and you would be able to justify it to the fullest. 

  • Good time to express your love and make up for lost bonding with your spouse/love relationship. 

  • It also looks like a good time to fix marriage and organize marriage related functions. 

  • Your social networking skills would be very bright, so make full positive use of them. 

  • You may also be enjoying the company of influential people, especially women. 

  • Just watch out for your excesses. Know more about Libra



Venus would transit to the 12th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. 

  • Too much enjoyment and luxury can turn harmful, so stay calculative. 

  • You'll choose to excel in either of the two streams, i.e. spiritualism and materialism, so make a wise choice per your current needs. 

  • Your love life can be negatively influenced, so it would be better to maintain the status quo in your ongoing relationships. 

  • Your clientele may behave erratically at work, and you should handle it by being humble and improvising. 

  • It can be a good time to filter out people from your life who should not find a place in your life. 

  • Make very thoughtful capital expenditure and void any instance where you do not feel comfortable. Know more about Scorpio



Venus would transit to the 11th house, and it is likely to deliver good results.

  •  Work-life would be hectic but rewarding. The aspect of cash flow in life would be very even and poised.

  •  It is a possibility that out of such hardships, you may get rewarded with a much-wanted promotion. 

  • Competitive exams can deliver much-wanted success, so study hard. Deal politely with people around you, especially women. Association with females can benefit you, but you need to be very diligent while doing it. You may opt for a loan that has been due for a while. Such a loan is unlikely to lay heavy on you in the future. Family life would be good, especially when it would involve children. Some recognition/rewards can head your way, so stay upfront.  Know more about Sagittarius



Venus would transit to the 10th house, and it is likely to deliver excellent results. 

  • Work-life would be very dynamic, and you are very likely to get rewarded for your good work.

  •  Choice promotion/transfers/job roles are on the cards, so play wisely.

  •  It can be a good time to buy a property. Spend some good time with your Mother, and there can be some valuable advice coming from her. 

  • It can be a good time to change your job in case you have been looking for one. 

  • Money flow would be uninterrupted and poised. Work-related training/seminars etc., are very likely to benefit you, so get involved whenever there is an opportunity.  Know more about Capricorn



Venus would transit to the 9th house, and it is likely to deliver excellent results. You would be enjoying some memorable moments at home. 

  • There would be instances of your near and dear ones visiting you and enjoying feasts. Some long-distance journeys appear to be on the cards, which seem very fruitful. 

  • Work would be gratifying, and your superiors are likely to act in your favour. 

  • Do not hesitate to ask for choice favours. 

  • Your creativity would be at its striking best, so make the best use of it.

  •  Your fresh associations in the social network can turn out to be very beneficial, so don't miss any interaction opportunities. Know more about Aquarius



Venus would transit to the 8th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. 

  • Calculated risk in trade can provide a good yield. 

  • You may get attracted to certain activities that may not be termed moral, so be very vigilant. 

  • There can be ample opportunities to understand your inner self, and association with the occult can be very beneficial. Your long term sources of investment can deliver profit, so you should book them. 

  • If you are the elder one in the family, you need to take care of your younger co-borns as they might require your help. 

  • Limited participation in risky propositions at work can turn rewarding. Stay away from windfall gains yielding sources of income. Know more about Pisces


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya 


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