Today’s IPL Match Prediction: DC vs MI

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Aacharya Aaditya By Aacharya Aaditya
Today’s IPL Match Prediction: DC vs MI

On March 27, 2022, at 15:30 hours, at Brabourne – CCI stadium, an exciting match between DC (Delhi Capitals) and MI (Mumbai Indians) will occur. DC is led by Rishabh Pant, a young, dynamic cricketer with a fiery reputation. Nonetheless, MI is led by Rohit Sharma, the Indian national team's captain. He is a strong contender as he has won the IPL Premier League five times under his guidance.

Every IPL fan is eagerly anticipating the start of the match, and they will be watching for the match results on their televisions and mobile devices with bated breath! Astroyogi brings you today's IPL match prediction from expert astrologers, who can provide some fascinating insights. Let's get to know the teams a little better and see who has a chance to win.

Delhi Capitals - Rishabh  Pant (Captain)

Rishabh Pant, a young Indian wicket-keeper batsman, has been touted as a possible successor to MS Dhoni. The DC team has a team line with David Warner, Sarfaraz Khan, Axar Patel, and Prithvi Shaw. DC has had a reasonable amount of success in the IPL, with a winning percentage of roughly 46% in its total number of appearances.

Mumbai Indians - Rohit  Sharma (Captain)

Rohit Sharma is one of the four cricketers to have won the IPL, with two different teams (Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians). MI has a solid team lineup with Tim David, Md. Arshad Khan, and Daniel Sams. MI has a proven strength in their opening, middle-order batting, and effective death bowling. Ace batsmen like Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, and Kieron Pollard can get the required number of runs in almost all the matches.

Who Will Win Today’s IPL Match?

If we consider the Astrological perspective of this match, keeping in view the horoscopes of the skippers and the day analysis, we can understand the following things.

The match timing is 15:30 hours, and it would be Leo Lagna which is a fixed Lagna in nature. Lord of the Lagna, the Sun is in the 8th house (uncertainty); it appears that there will be an intense competition with an unknown outcome.

Rishabh Pant was born under Gemini Ascendant. Under the current transit position, exalted Mars is making him very bold in experimenting, and taking risks may not prove beneficial to him. Likewise, the placement of Sun in the 12th house is helpful for him. It is delivering protection from odds.

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma was born under Cancer Ascendant, and it is a Movable Lagna by nature. Lagna Lord Moon in the 7th house (in transit) with exalted Mars is very favorable for him and 6th house lord Jupiter maintaining a cross transit with Sun seems to make him more determined and capable of winning.


As of now, we can tell you which team has the best probability of winning based on astrological predictions. In today's match, Rohit Sharma and his team appear to have the upper hand over the DC team led by Rishabh Pant. However, because cricket is known for its unpredictable nature, only time will tell who will emerge victoriously.

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