The Fourth House in Your Horoscope

Fri, May 19, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Fri, May 19, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
The Fourth House in Your Horoscope

The fourth house in the horoscope is the native sign for Cancer and is ruled by the planet Moon. It is the House ofhome and learning.

While the first house relates to our identity, second to our values, third to our interests, the fourth leads us to our roots, to our childhood, where we were nurtured, still find comfort and are emotionally at peace. Since it shows the deep roots from where we emerged, the house is located at the lowest point of the chart, the ‘Nadir’. The house cusp is formed in the chart by the IC.


The fourth house is the sensitive part of our whole being, a place where we want to come back(the secure home), after being out in the world. It relates to our inner emotions, our immovable possessions, our family(specially the mother).

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The physical attributes effected by this house is the chest(Including heart and lungs) and breasts.


Let’s Take A Look at The Varied Impact of The Nine Planets on The Fourth House


Sun - When the Sun is present in the fourth house, you will be attached to your family and will inculcate good values in them. Your own upbringing will encourage you to follow the right path to success. You will be financially well off, but could be a little proud.

If the Sun is malefic, you could have an unhappy childhood.


Moon - Since the moon is in its own house, its ‘soft’ and ‘fragile’ nature will make you sensitive, generous and kind from the core. You will stay attached to your past, to your possessions, to your childhood memories and will want your mother’s comfort. You will be resilient to changes in opinion and will find it difficult to stay in step with the fast moving world.

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Mars - When Mars is in the fourth house, it could make you aggressive and dominating. You could be fiercely protective of your possessions and family and bossy over them, much to peoples dislike. It could lead to altercation and lack of peace in your life.


Mercury - Mercury in the fourth house will give you immense intuitive powers. You will be able to draw conclusions just by observing people and situations. You will be attached to your mother and will have a very healthy relationship with her. Most of your basic education will be at her feet. Mercury will instil in you, the feeling of possessiveness for your belongings.


Jupiter -  When Jupiter is in the house of the moon, you will be blessed with the best of education and stability in your life. You will be devoted to your family, show respect to elders and enjoy providing comfort to family members. You will show mature and sensible behaviour and do great professionally.


Venus - Venus in the fourth house will ignite the love in you for creativity and beautiful things. You will be attached to your house and want to maintain it well. Family happiness will be important to you and you will get along well with your partner.

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Saturn - When Saturn is in the fourth house, you could have both good and difficult times. Your love and sense of duty towards your family could give you pleasure but the domineering and dictating nature in you may not be appreciated by the family and could lead to frequent squabbles. You may end up sounding rude to them while actually you are kind and loving.


Rahu - With Rahu in the fourth house, your mother will have high expectation from you which could stress you. With age, you will have ego issues and try to realise unrealistic aims. You will love to brag about your achievements and when you make a mistake, will try and pass the blame to someone else.


Ketu - When Ketu is benefic in the fourth house, it will promote spiritualism in you and will be lucky for your father. But if it is malefic, it could take away the happiness from your life and you, along with your mother, could be burdened with various health issues.


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