Shani Sade Sati and Its Impact On Your 12 Moon Signs

Friday, May 17, 2013

 This marks the commencement of Sadhe Sati for Librans and conclusion of the Sadhe Sati for Cancerians. Saturn’s transit in Virgo will be a favourable one for most of us.

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Find out how will it affect your Moon Sign.

Effect on Aries (Mesha):
Saturn is transiting your sixth house. Saturn in the 6th house from the natal moon will cause: Good health, bestow wealth and happiness, conjugal or marital bliss, destruction of enemies. This Saturn transit indicates that your existing diseases shall persist. Skin diseases and infections are likely to grow. In addition to this its influence is favourable for attaining success in career as well as improving financial status. You will enjoy the company of people you like.  There will be success in service and enterprises, recognition of work and heavy responsibility.

Saturn turns his critical eye on matters of the sixth house, and you are likely to feel a certain level of pressure in the areas of work, daily functions, habits, and health. You might initially feel bogged down by undue pressure in your routine. This is an excellent time for starting new regimens to improve your health and well-being, such as regular exercise, more structured and productive use of your time, and so forth.

Consult India’s best Vedic astrologers on for Impact of Shani Sade Sati?

Effect on Taurus (Vrishabh):
Saturn is transiting your fifth house. When Saturn transits through Taurus, the strength of Saturn is considered to be favourable for earning name and fame, securing victory in lawsuits or paying back debts and recovering bad debts. The Fifth house is of love, romance, creativity, and children. It can cause emotional disturbance, and tension. Problems due to spouse and children will make you tense. There may be some small yet significant problems related to children. Love affairs will also be highlighted. New relationships are highly indicated.

If you are single, you will find a sudden change in the behaviour of your lover who might start behaving traditionally all of a sudden. For newly married couples, there may be a new child added to your family. This house also rules creativity and self-expression so it would be a great time to take up some creative work. This might be painting, playing music, singing, dancing or anything that takes serious study and concentration. Saturn will help you stay focused on the task at hand.
  Consult India’s best Vedic astrologers on for Impact of Shani Sade Sati?
Effect of Gemini (Mithuna) :
Saturn is currently transiting your fourth house. Saturn in the sign 4th from your Moon-sign is called Kantaka Sani. It may lead to conflicts at home and at your workplace. It creates domestic trouble and brings challenges in your path of success. Unexpected family related issues may disturb your peace of mind. This is the time for you to show some responsibility towards your family.

Saturn will test your self-confidence and patience during the next 30 months. Recklessness, anger and unnecessary arguments must be avoided. Estate and transport affairs will create some unusual tension. Litigation, quarrels with your relatives and outsiders will land you in trouble however you will succeed in litigation and overcome your enemies after much delay and sustained effort. Professionally, you will rise and you will get new opportunities of increase in income. For business people, you need to be patient and face competition with a stable mindset. You will surely get success and improve your profit margin. Help from friends and close relatives will bring remarkable success in your career.

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Effect on Cancer (Karka):
Saturn is currently transiting your third house. Saturn is going to give you good results and enhance your confidence and give you the desired results which you were expecting for a long time. Conditions at work place will also improve and you are likely to get full support from your superiors and bosses. Success is assured from all spheres. Travelling will be beneficial for you. People in business should expect good results and gains from deals. Your honor and prestige will be on upswing in this transit. You may also go on a long-awaited pilgrimage. However, you need to be more confident in your approach. Short journeys could be tiresome. Throat and ear related problems should be considered seriously.

You might feel the desire to pursue higher studies. You may notice that there are increased opportunities to learn through workshops, seminars etc. This 3rd house has a lot to do with your immediate environment as it rules siblings, neighbours and routine in that regard. It also has to do with your mental abilities and mental processes.

Saturn’s transit will have some good effects and this will be a favourable period for you. You will get pleasure, honour and expand your social base. Domestic life will be harmonious though you may face some trouble with your brothers. You will enjoy sound health. People with chronic problems will find relief. 

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Effect on Leo (Simha) :
Saturn is transiting your second house. You are in the third and last phase of your Sadhe Saati.  Problems regarding loss of health, wealth will be there. Some friends, relations and colleagues may turn against you. Those in business may suffer financial losses. The domestic atmosphere will get vitiated by arguments and altercations. Family troubles and financial worries will crop up. Delay and hindrance will continue in all your ventures. Business people have to pass through a period of frustration. Fresh investment and further expansion of business should be withheld during this period.

There are also chances of you being misquoted and misunderstood. Even your spouse may not understand you correctly. Your enemies will be at large in this transit and may disturb your peace. Saturn seeks to make you more responsible with your own money so that your savings are not affected. By the time this transit is over, you will have a new appreciation for money and what it can do for you.
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Effect on Virgo (Kanya):
Saturn is transiting over your Natal Moon. You are entering the Second phase of the Saturn Sadhe Sati. During the next 2700 days you have to concentrate more on taking care of internal matters rather than focusing on what’s going on out there with everyone else. The 1st House represents your health, your personality and how you approach things in life.

Saturn acts as a Natural Malefic for those born under Virgo Moon-sign or Virgo Ascendant. As a result, you are prone to health disorders.  Be prepared for futile and tiresome journeys to distant lands.  You will become more economical than desirable ignoring your personal needs.  There will be separation from the family members.  If involved in a litigation, it is strictly advised that you seek an anticipatory bail. You are also likely to suffer humiliation by your close relatives and friends.  Misunderstandings are likely to grow with friends and colleagues.   Saturn’s transit will cause loss of money and fame, fear, enmity with friends and relatives and mental instability.  Prolonged illness is also foreseen.
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Effect on Libra (Tula) :
Saturn is transiting twelfth house from your Natal Moon. This marks the beginning of the first phase of Sadhe Sati for you. Saturn is one of the most benefic planets for people born with Libra ascendant or moon-sign. The strong strength of Saturn is favourable for upgrading knowledge, fulfilling desires as well as enjoying happiness of children and grandchildren. In addition to this, it is favourable for deriving benefit from friends and results in an improvement in social as well as financial status.
During this phase of 30 months when Saturn transits in Virgo, you have a very good time to finish things off. However, refrain yourself from starting any new projects. You should be ending and concluding anything that is no longer working for you. It is a time for restructuring your plans. Whether it is ending a relationship, completing a business project, this is a period when you need to complete it all. During retrogression of Saturn, you are prone to severe health disorders.

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Effect on Scorpio (Vrishchika) :
Saturn is now transiting your eleventh house. Saturn could bring out problems, difficulties, or extra responsibilities. Maybe the group changes and it’s not fun any more. You can also get a promotion at work or get elected to an office in a club. This means more work and responsibility. Saturn benefits are frequently bittersweet. You will need to focus harder on your long term goals, hopes and wishes as these are the things that are represented by the 11th house. This is also the house of friends and organizations, so you may see yourself let go of a few friends when you realize that they are not your friends at all. You may also disconnect from organizations that are no longer serving or are just a complete waste of time.

The stress and strain you have been experiencing in your daily routine for the last few years will be over. It will be auspicious for you. There is positive chance of wish fulfillment and realization of long cherished dreams. Rewards will be paid. Saturn will confer all kinds of happiness, wealth and honour upon you. Income will flow in from many sources. Employed people will have better chances of promotion, and also favorable transfers. The career front will be promising. Those who were suffering from health problems will be recovering. Success will be made in business, profession and education. Increase in wealth and good health is also possible. Cash inflow will increase. Wasteful expenditure will come down. Socially, you will become more popular and respected.

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Effect on Sagittarius (Dhanu) :
Saturn is transiting your tenth house. You may become more structured, responsible and disciplined with your career and take it more seriously than you have in the recent past. You are ready to get down to work and down to business. Dedication is the key ingredient to your successful career right now. You may feel exposed, publicly scrutinized, or under fire at work. You may also feel burdened by your responsibilities. This discomfort comes only as a result of a rush of reality into the matters of the tenth house, and if the discomfort is great, it is only due to the fact that you may have been holding onto false images of yourselves.
From the health point of view this transit is not very promising. Your health may not be very good and if you are suffering from any chronic disease then you may find that your condition may worsen in this transit. Even health of your parents may not be very good. You may be misunderstood and misquoted in your social and family circle.

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Effect on Capricorn (Makara) :
Saturn is currently transiting your ninth house. Saturn in the 9th house from natal moon will cause happiness at times and at times severe sorrow, troubles to wife and children, trouble from rivals, enemies and officials, fruitless travelling, loss of elders and obstacles.
This period in our lives is generally dedicated to self-improvement. Obstacles will also be on your way to success. You might be unnecessarily dragged into litigation, which too, is likely to prolong. Whether you are into business or in service there will be strong competition and opposition. You will be hard pressed and expected to show good results. In the process your health and family life will suffer and you may come under severe mental distress and pressure. Domestic life will be harmonious and cooperation from friends and relations is also there. Ill health is likely but you will be cured on time. Business may suffer a minor loss. Saturn will not just show negative effect. After 7 months a promotional change in position is foreseen. You will be much inclined to religious activities. Some pleasant travelling and pilgrimage may be expected. Your beliefs, convictions, ideas may change. You are seeking a higher truth to your everyday existence and you may just find it. Changes with authority figures, bosses and older relatives may be a source of concern now.

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Effect on Aquarius (Kumbha) :
Saturn is currently transiting your eighth house and you are under the influence of Ashtam Shani. Financial problems are likely. This could include anything from insurance, taxes, stocks, bonds, inheritance, debts, loans or anything else that is a shared resource with a partner. This can be with a marriage partner or business partner. There is a strong possibility that you will need to learn how to live with less money.
Remember that Saturn doesn’t cause trouble. All it does is bring it to the surface. Saturn going through your 8th House doesn’t have to indicate anything adverse. Saturn transiting the eighth brings about sexual dysfunctions, whether we encounter these in ourselves or in our partners. We may find it difficult to satisfy our partner and have intimacy related problems as well.

Life will be quiet unsteady. Saturn’s transit in this house is poised to spoil your health and undiagnosed health problems may be a matter of concern. You may suffer from chronic ailments. Financial matters and all transactions could come under a cloud and strain. Loss of position or wealth is possible. You will face undue delay in recovering long pending dues. Your expenditure will be more than your income. You are likely to get some unexpected money like from legacy or insurance etc.

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Effect on Pisces (Meena):
Saturn is currently transiting your seventh house. Saturn may not create any major obstacles for those in service but may create a few problems who are in business. In Astrology the 7th house is the house of your partner whether marriage or business partner. This house is also your house of spouse and partnership in business. It is also concerned with how the public sees you and your image in public. There is a possibility of separation from your spouse and disturbances in your married life. New alliances are also possible in business while the old ones come to an end. Your family life may get disturbed. It is also possible that you may have to move out or live apart from your spouse due to business/professional reasons.

Single people will feel the initial pressure of Saturn transiting the seventh house as well. A feeling of loneliness is possible among singles. Healthy partnerships can be the outcome of this transit, whether they are new ones or strengthened existing partnerships. Saturn always brings with itself a fair measure of reality and objectivity, so whatever relationship it is your wants will be more defined.

You may feel a bit miserable on many fronts during this transit period. Saturn’s transit will bring in reverses and changes in your career. Your health or your spouse’s is likely to suffer. You might have to relocate to a far off place. Business projects will take a long time to complete. You will be able to protect your financial and official interests to a great extent with your self confidence and the blessings of seniors.

Consult India’s best Vedic astrologers on for Impact of Shani Sade Sati?


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