Promise Day - The Fifth Day of the Valentine Week

The fifth day in the Valentine week is the Promise Day and that falls on February 11th. As the name suggests, this day bonds couples through their promises, be it continuing old ones, or making new promises for the time to come.

This day can be more special for those of you who may be changing your relationship status- whether it is from single to committed, from committed to engaged, or even from engaged to married. As your relationship status changes, there are certain promises and assurances that you should share with your partner.

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Falling in love is the first step, but maintaining the feelings of love requires commitment and work. The significance of Promise Day in the Valentine’s Week is that it gives couples the chance to rekindle their love by reminding your partner of the promises that were made- promises to love each other, trust each other, not be judgemental, be supportive, pamper each other ..etc etc. you could even go ahead and make some new promises the year, that you both will keep for the rest of your life.

It is often believed that trust is very important in any relationship. And this trust is developed, of course over some time, but also through promises, through actions, through reassurances. What better way to ensure that your partner knows how much you love and appreciate them than making some integral vows.

This Promise Day, here are some suggested promises that underline a happy and loving relationship-

Be there for each other- It is an unspoken truth that you can, more like you should, rely on your partner in times of trouble. But this promise can often get undermined in a relationship. Just like you profess your love for each other every (few) day (s), you should also tell your partner regularly that they can rely on you, trust you to be there for them. Be there for them, not only in the good times, but also during the tough times, and allow them to lean on you.

Be supportive- Even if you do not always agree with your partner, be on their side. Not only with your words, but also with your actions, show them you support them. Just knowing that they have you on their side can reassure them of your love. And then, in case you disagree with their point of view, you could express yourself gently.

Make them laugh- Laughter is the best medicine. As clichéd as it may sound, scientifically it is true. Laughter initiated by your loved one can be even better. Laughing with your partner, and sometimes even teasing them, not only deepens your bond but also strengthens it. Promise your partner that you will always ‘laugh away’ any disagreement and not brood on it.

I will always trust you and will promise to love you- Yes, there will be times when you will fight with your beloved. You may not wish to even look at each other, you may throw things, exchange unpleasant words, but end the day by reconciling. Tell your partner that whatever said and done, whatever you may be fighting about, at the end of the day, you will always love your partner.

Often, couples who start off as friends are scared that if the relationship ends, so may their friendship. But promise each other that you will be there for one another, even if you do not stay together. It can go a long way in maintaining trust in your partner and love in your relationship.

Of course, this is not a set list of promises. The promises you should be making depends on your relationship, and what milestone you are at in your relationship, and in your life.

Astroyogi wishes everyone a happy Promise Day with the promise that our astrologers and tarot readers will be available 24*7 to answer any of your relationship queries. #GPSforLife

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