Want To Thank Your Mom This Mother's Day With A Gift? The Zodiac Signs Can Help!

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Want To Thank Your Mom This Mother's Day With A Gift? The Zodiac Signs Can Help!

Mother's Day, dedicated to celebrating mothers, is right around the corner. How can we show our appreciation for mothers in a special way? Check out these fantastic gift ideas to honor your mother based on her zodiac sign!

Mother's Day 2022 is on May 8. Mother's Day honors mothers and is a time to make an extra effort to recognize and appreciate their contributions to our lives. This day is frequently extended to multiple generations of mothers, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and mother figures. So, here’s all that you need to know this Mother’s day:

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What is The History of Mother's Day?

In ancient times, festivals honoring mothers were frequently associated with gods and goddesses. The Greeks and Romans worshiped the goddesses. Durga-puja, an important event in India, celebrates the goddess Durga until today.

The holiday originated in the United States and is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May. Many other countries observe the holiday on this day, while others do it at different times of the year.

Mother's Day was founded by Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, whose mother had created women's associations to encourage friendship and health. She had a memorial service at her late mother's church in Grafton, West Virginia, on May 12, 1907. Within five years, nearly every state had declared the day a holiday, and President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday in 1914. Despite Jarvis' promotion of wearing a white carnation as a tribute to one's mother, the habit of wearing a crimson or pink carnation to indicate a living mother or a white carnation to represent a departed mother developed.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas As Per Her Zodiac Sign

According to her zodiac sign, these are the 12 best Mother's Day gifts that she will absolutely love. However, don’t forget to reach out to your mother to offer her extra support, love, and recognition. After all, mothers are always there for us!

Aries Mother (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Mothers born under the sign of Aries are active and competitive by nature. So, if your mother is an Aries, offer her something that will keep her active and bring her enormous joy. Mother's Day gifts for Aries moms should include:

  • An exciting vacation.
  • A zumba or dance class membership.

Taurus Mother (Apr 20 – May 20)

If your mother is a Taurus, she will enjoy anything that smells or tastes fantastic. Taurus mothers also have a strong desire for luxury. As a result, the ideal Mother's Day gifts for Taurus mothers would be:

  • A perfume with a pleasant scent.
  • Brunch in a beautiful restaurant.

Gemini Mother (May 21 – Jun 20)

A Gemini mother is outgoing, humorous, and intelligent. So, surprise your mother with gifts that will tickle her intellect. The following are ideal Mother's Day gifts for Gemini-born mothers:

  • An engaging novel.
  • The latest smartphone.

Cancer Mother (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Cancerian mothers have a sentimental and caring nature. They appreciate thoughtful, handcrafted presents. So, for women born under the sign of Cancer, the best Mother's Day gifts would be:

  • A handwritten letter or card.
  • A customized gift.

Leo Mother (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

The Leo mothers are elegant and regal, and they have a great sense of style. Leo mothers are also fun and enjoy being the center of attention occasionally. So, if your mother is a Leo, surprise her with luxury gifts. For example, the ideal Mother's day gifts for Leo moms would be:

  • A trendy handbag.
  • A voucher for a spa treatment.

Virgo Mother (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Mothers that belong to the sign Virgo are gentle, elegant, and hardworking. You may also describe them as ultra-practical. If your mother is a Virgo, give her the best gifts corresponding to her zodiac sign on Mother's Day. The following are suitable Mother's Day gifts for a Virgo mother:

  • Take her to a charity event.
  • Serve breakfast in bed.

Libra Mother (Sep 23 – Oct22)

If your mother is a Libra, she is probably stylish and enjoys the luxuries. The Libra moms are drawn to anything extravagant. The following are the appropriate Mother's Day gifts for your Libra mother:

  • A beautiful and antique piece of jewelry.
  • A nice skincare set.

Scorpio Mother (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Mothers that belong to the sign Scorpio are charming, intelligent, sensitive, and mysterious. So, while shopping for a Mother's Day gift for your Scorpio mother, think about products that would appeal to her secretive side. The following are the best gifts for Scorpion mothers:

  • A mystery novel or puzzle.
  • A movie ticket or a day trip to mystery-themed parks.

Sagittarius Mother (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Mothers that belong to the sign Sagittarius are cheerful and adventurous. They're also philosophical and eager to pick up new information. So, for Mother's Day, the best Mother's Day gifts for your Sagittarius mom would be:

  • A camping trip.
  • Day trip to an adventure park.

Capricorn Mother (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Mothers born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are determined, ambitious, and practical. If your mother is a Capricorn, give her a gift that will bring her happiness. The following are the best Mother's Day gifts for Capricorn mothers:

  • A gorgeous jewelry set.
  • A journal or day planner.

Aquarius Mother (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Aquarian mothers are naturally independent, artistic, and rebellious. Mothers born under this sign are humanitarians who enjoy meeting new people. If your mother is an Aquarian, the following are the best Mother's Day gifts for her:

  • A customized gift (coffee mug or photo frame).
  • A beautiful bouquet.

Pisces Mother (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Mothers born under the sign of Pisces are mystical, artistic, and spiritual. They are also said to have exceptional photographic abilities. As a result, the best Mother's Day gifts for mothers born under the sign of Pisces are:

  • A meditation class membership.
  • A collection of poetry or a visit to a place with a beautiful view.

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