5 Marriage Problems that Astrology can Solve

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5 Marriage Problems that Astrology can Solve

Relationships have ups and downs, but astrology can help you navigate these moments of uncertainty. Are you eager to know how the science of the celestial bodies can bring bliss into your humble abode? Read more to find out.

Marriage is a beautiful bond that brings two people together, binding them with feelings of love, respect, and harmony. It is indeed a bond that everybody wants to cherish as it has the potential to transform our lives, filling it with joy and contentment.

However, sometimes, this bond can turn sour as disputes can ruin the peace in one’s happy abode. Troubles arising in the relationship can make this relationship problematic and burdensome. It is often observed that usually, the first few months of matrimony fly away as the couple is immersed in the newness of the relationship and the excitement it brings along. However, as time passes, issues creep into the relationship, giving room to conflicts that end up in clashes between the once happily married couple.

Astrology can offer some help as it studies the planetary positions in the birth chart of the couple to come up with remedies that can bring back the lost charm of married life. Astrology, coupled with sincere efforts from both spouses, can bring peace and harmony into the relationship. 

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Let us now look at some of the common problems related to marital life that can be resolved with the help of astrology:

1. Compatibility Issues: 

Misunderstandings are a part of any relationship and are inevitable. Discrepancies can creep up in any marriage, but the crux of the matter is that one must put in efforts to find out the root cause of the misunderstanding as well as to resolve the issue. More often than not, these misunderstandings develop due to the lack of communication or because both partners have different priorities in life.

Therefore, there is a need to strike a balance between individual priorities to lead a happy married life. So, how can astrology help? Let us look at ways astrology can offer useful remedies-

  • Expert astrologers can carefully analyze and calculate the effect of the many planets, but most importantly, the influence exerted by Venus on our relationships. A study of the impact of Venus on the birth chart of both individuals can help arrive at ways to nullify the malefic influence of these astronomical bodies on each partner.

2. Intimacy Issues: 

While it is easy to maintain intimacy during the initial phase of a relationship, the spark soon fizzles out as time passes. It becomes difficult to match up to the same level of intimacy as before once the bubble bursts and the weight of responsibilities comes crashing down on our shoulders. The lack of intimacy over time can create a major rift between couples, causing tension in marital life.

Astrology tries to resolve these issues regarding intimacy in the following ways-

  • Rudra Abhishek is said to be a proven way to remove all the negativity from relationships. The Abhishek is believed to have the power to invoke “Rudra,” which is the most powerful cosmic energy. This energy can rid all negativity among married couples, ensuring harmony in relationships. 
  • Apart from this, the use of the tulsi plant or the holy basil can strengthen a bond of love. It is suggested that the daily worship of the plant can bestow the couple with the blessings of the Goddess in their marital life.

3. Financial Worries:

Marriages struggle to maintain the bliss of romance as worldly duties start taking priority. Money and finance are key issues that disrupt the peace at home, causing troubles between married folks. Lack of money can easily make things spiral out of control, ruining any happy relationship.

Astrology offers remedies to ease financial worries that can then translate to a happier home life. Here are some financial remedies for couples-

  • The planet Saturn can cause financial issues, and therefore couples should try to appease Lord Shani to achieve financial stability.
  • The locker in the house should be built in the North direction, which is the direction of Lord Kuber, the god of affluence.
  • Women of the house should always be treated with respect as this brings the positive influence of the planets upon one’s marriage.

4. Extra-marital Affairs:

Relationships need trust. Nothing in a relationship is possible without the feeling of trust, and once this trust is gone, no one can save a relationship from crumbling. Loyalty and relationships thus go hand in hand. Being unfaithful and indulging in affairs after getting married can wreak havoc on not only the relationship but also on the partner.

Astrology suggests that those individuals that have a weak influence of Jupiter in their birth chart are most likely to partake in extramarital affairs. Here are some remedies that astrologers suggest to make sure the bond remains strong-

  • The sanctity of a marital bond can be saved by performing remedies that free Jupiter from the malefic influence of Mars or Rahu
  • Yellow sapphire worn after a consultation with a skilled astrologer can strengthen Jupiter in the birth chart of each partner, fostering stronger bonds of love between couples.

5. Issues with In-Laws:

Marriage is not just about bringing two people together but also about bringing two families together. However, sometimes outward influence from other members of the family can create a rift in the bond of the married couple. A couple should be allowed to learn and grow together, and the other members should support them in their journey rather than overbearing them and their relationship.

Astrological remedies can help resolve the difference of opinion between spouses and their in-laws. Here are some ways harmony can be achieved between the young and the old-

  • If the 4th, 9th, and 10th houses in the birth chart are weak, it can lead to conflict with in-laws. Expert astrologers can carefully analyze birth charts to offer accurate remedies that can strengthen these houses, mending the relationship with in-laws.

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In a Nutshell!

The sacred union between a husband and his wife requires love, respect, and trust from both partners. It needs constant effort and action to maintain happiness and joy in the relationship. The challenges in married life can, however, be overcome by dedicatedly performing your duty towards your partner. Apart from this, sometimes, one can take the aid of astrology to help strengthen the alliance of love. 

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