Know Everything About Kundali Milan Right Here!

Tue, Jul 27, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jul 27, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Know Everything About Kundali Milan Right Here!

Have you ever witnessed a marriage in your close circle? What is the first thing that is considered in matters of a traditional Hindu marriage? It has to be the kundali milan or horoscope matchmaking that is done before taking matters further.  Reach out to the best astrologers at Astroyogi! Call Now!


It has been an ancient tradition to get the kundali charts matched by an astrologer to make sure that the bride and groom will form a great couple who will have no major marital problems after the marriage is performed. 


A majority of people ask a genuine astrologer to do the kundali milan and analyze the fate of the couple in detail. He/she determines the strength and bonding of the marital relationship on the basis of this match-making. While some people prefer to get the kundali milan by name analysis, some outrightly go for kundali milan by date of birth


Why Is Kundli Milan Considered To Be So Important

The age-old saying goes like this - “Marriages are made in heaven.” But if marriages are made in heaven, then why is kundali milan so significant? Can a horoscope chart really make a difference to what is already pre-decided by the almighty God?


Not many understand the simple fact that kundali matching is done to analyze the karmas of the bride and groom and how it will have a lasting effect on their marital life. Let us discuss some crucial points that show the absolute significance of kundali milan:


1. To Check How Compatible The Bride And Groom Are With Each Other

As per Vedic astrology, during kundali milan the compatibility of the couple is matched on the physical, mental and social level and they are given the points out of a total number of 36 points. These are based on the different aspects of life and determine the kind of future the couple will have together.


2. Will The Finances Last Long?

It is said that when the fortune of two people combine, then either it gets better and best or it gets bad or worse depending on the karmic actions of the individuals. If the couple is capable of dealing with the struggling period of their lives and are still ready to spend time with each other, then this often leads to a happy ending. 

On the other hand, the moment a couple faces financial troubles due to an unstable career, they drift apart and develop clashing personalities that lead to separation and divorce. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to go for a kundali milan in advance.  Now chat with astrologer in few clicks!


3. What About The Progeny?

By getting the kundali milan, the health of the child and the chances of conceiving can be easily determined and this is a really crucial point that builds up the happiness of a married couple. This specific area of life is known as Nadi and it holds the maximum points that one can score in the kundali milan. 


4. The Special Poojas to Rectify Doshas

You must have heard about the Manglik dosha that some people have in their kundali. This dosha is the most harmful and it is advised that people with this dosha must marry a Manglik dosha person only. 

But in case, some other dosha or an anshik Manglik dosha is found in a horoscope chart, then the marital life of the couple can still be saved by performing certain specific poojas that will rectify all the doshas and ensure that the couple leads a healthy and happy life together. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many more things that play a crucial role in determining the happiness of a couple and the strength of their bonding. But you will need only an expert astrologer who can analyze the kundalis and ensure that you get the best results and remedies after the completion of the kundali milan process. 


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