Jupiter Retrograde 2020 and Its Impact on Your Moon Sign

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Jupiter Retrograde 2020

According to Vedic astrology one’s wisdom, knowledge and also the relationship with the elderly are attributed to the planet Jupiter or Guru. Jupiter generally stays in a sign for a year and its transit is considered very important as it can bring about a drastic change in one’s life. Jupiter recently transited to Capricorn (30th of March 2020), but now it’s time for its retrogression. This important transit will be happening on the 30th of June 0020.

Read on to learn more about the impacts of this significant transit on each of the Twelve Zodiac Signs. (Predictions are based on Moon Sign)



Jupiter may induce some high octane thoughts in your mind during its retrogression which will lead to bigger aspirations and goals. Now it will take a lot more for quenching your overgrown aspirations. Always set keep your goals realistic and practical so that you don’t have to stress yourself too much and if you don’t fulfill these high expectations you may lose your confidence, and this can also lead to depression. It is the best time to look around and appreciate all those small things which have made your life so beautiful. Let’s make it easy for your brain to produce dopamine. Hold your horses if you tend to be very impulsive, try to distract yourself and to give it some time and thought no matter how excited you are.



Envision your dreams and goals in a bigger canvas, and if you are planning something big hold on till the retrogression of Jupiter is over. Use this time period to analyze every detail of your plan and discuss it well with your acquaintance. You may feel the lack of energy and enthusiasm during this time period, but this is just a passing phase. Be extra careful while traveling there are indications of injuries. Don’t bother about the gossips and negativity in the workplace, be clear about your to-do list every day and make sure you have stroked them off before you leave your desk.

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With Jupiter in retrogression phase, you will have some dilemma regarding work and your relationships. The best strategy here is to calm done to give it some time. Take a break if you want, never overstress yourself at work because that is not going to work. The output from a composed and clear mind will be much better during this time period. You surely have the caliber to pursue your ambitions, goals, and priorities as well as plenty of opportunities around you. Your relationship with the closest people will be harmonious, supportive and comfortable.



Avoid tense situations at work as well at home during Jupiter retrogression. Don’t be very blunt in your conversation with your better half; though it’s essential, to be honest, it is also wise to keep unpleasant truths to yourself. Your savings will gain some momentum and improve significantly; this is also an excellent time to analyze your investment portfolio. Pay attention to what you say and write during this time as this will cast a good impression on your seniors at work. Be careful while traveling, especially if you are driving.



You may have some doubts about someone very close to you during this time period. Don’t let anyone else mislead you. Always check the facts and reality before taking any action. You may have to undertake many short errands during this time period for both personal and professional reasons. Your financial condition will be stable during this Jupiter retrogression phase. If you are feeling stressed out at work, maybe it is time for you to take a break and go on a vacation. Your family will also love it if you spend more time with them during this time period.



Take your time when it comes to decisions related to money during this time period. Maintaining harmony at the home is imperative and vital during this tenure as friction can affect your mental peace and overall productivity. Just stay away from silly gossips at the workplace and avoid indulging in politics as they are not worth your time and you might end up in trouble. A degree of indecisiveness may haunt you, but rely on your creativity and wise acquaintance when you are faced with difficult problems.



The Jupiter retrogression will give you some difficult choices to make. It is also important to be kind at times than to be right always. Your partner’s company and support will prove to be the most important boon of your life during this time period. Hold on to your goals and be persistent even if work may seem mundane and monotonous. This is a good time to plan something new but not to actually start it. You should consult your seniors and elders at home for this.

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This will be the ideal time period for planning but not for execution. You will definitely find success if you put in persistent efforts. Your energy levels may not be very high during this time so just hold on to it as it is just a passing phase. Someone from your close circle may come up with a lucrative business, idea during this time period, but consult your seniors and the experienced before taking the final call. Bad temperament may harm your relationships during this time period, so try to keep a cool head. Health would stay normal and you would enjoy peace and harmony at home.



Work hard during this time period Sagittarius and you will reap the benefit once the retrogression phase of Jupiter is over. Thinks will be quiet straightforward at the work front; the results will be proportionate to the efforts you put in. Hold on tight to your high confidence because that is what drives your success at work and in love. People will approach you for advice and guidance, your remedies should be well thought through or else it may backfire on you. You will ace through the retrogression phase if you capitalize on your natural innate ability to balance different aspects of life and to be diplomatic.



Don't stress too much on things that won't matter in the long term. Rearrange your home or office décor to bring in a fresh vibe. Focus on the small tasks which will lead to the achievement of your bigger goal. Let the bygones be bygones, and give everything a fresh start after the transit. Your love life will be quiet happening during this time period. You will also get some time to spend with your parents.



The retrogression of Jupiter will not even leave a scratch on you if you learn to harness your temperament. You always do your best at any point of time and act for your best interests. There are a lot of other factors which lead to the results. Everything will make sense if you start believing in destiny. Restrain from your bad habits during this time period. You may find it hard to concentrate, and mind will be cluttered, this may trouble you.



With Jupiter retrograding in Sagittarius, your work tasks may require the help of someone else to be completed. You need to maintain a cordial relationship with your workmates. You generally prefer to work alone because of your autonomous and independent nature, but it is important for you to learn how to work cohesively with someone else for future projects. A sense of anxiety may be running beneath the surface– you may have an intuition that nothing is going right. But there is no reason for this negativity, things will fall in place, you just play your part well.



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