41st Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vs. Mumbai Indians (MI)

Fri, Oct 23, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Oct 23, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
41st Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vs. Mumbai Indians (MI)

IPL 2020: 41st Match Prediction

Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians

Date - October 23, 2020

Venue - Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

Time - 7:30 pm (Indian time), 6:00 pm (UAE time)

Name of Chennai Super Kings - Aries

Name of Mumbai Indians - Leo


The 13th season of IPL started with the teams that reached the final of last year, i.e., Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Although CSK won the first match of the tournament, Chennai has not been able to advance their winning chariot. CSK's journey is almost over after losing 7 out of 10 matches in the tournament. But there is still hope for Dhoni's fans as he and his team have to win at least four matches under any circumstances. On the other hand, Mumbai Indians were defeated by Kings XI Punjab on October 18 after two super overs. However, Mumbai's team is ranked third in the table with 12 points. Now on October 23, Chennai is going to face Mumbai once again. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see if CSK can make it to the play-offs, or does Rohit & Co. show them the way out of the tournament? At present, based on astrological assessment, we tell you which team is more likely to win?


Mumbai Indians - Rohit Sharma


However, astrological predictions made by Astroyogi, astrologers know what the outcome of this match will be. Actually, from the first letter of the name, the name sign of Mumbai Indians is Leo. The lord of Leo zodiac is the Sun, which is the symbol of energy itself. Leo zodiac signs are very energetic. He is like a king. These qualities also appear like Mumbai Indians. According to that day and time, the stars are making such signs for Mumbai Indians.


The match starts in Aries Lagna on October 23, 2020, at 6 pm in Sharjah. Ascendant lord Mars in the twelfth house cannot be said to be good for the team. However, the ascendant being formed at the beginning of the match can also help Sun sit in the seventh position to maintain Mumbai's dominance over rivals. If we look at numerology, the sum of all the characters in Mumbai Indians (MI), then Radix 2, is formed, which is the number of the Moon. Simultaneously, the short name of MI is becoming 5, which is the number of Mercury. At the beginning of the match, the Moon is sitting in the sixth house; Mercury will remain in the 7th house from the 3rd and Lagna in the zodiac.


At the same time, according to Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma's date of birth and time, his name sign is Libra. At the same time, the presence of Venus in the current transit and Rohit's horoscope cannot be said to be auspicious for Mumbai. However, according to numerology, they form Radix 3, which is considered to be Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, Guru is considered to be a factor of knowledge and spirituality. That is, Rohit will get the support of Guru. Due to which he will be successful in making strategy and making it happen. Talking about Bhagyank, Bhagyank is five whose lord is Mercury planet. Mercury is a factor of wisdom and speech. Due to the sweet voice, Rohit's relations with his peers are expected to remain good. Minor hurdles will help the team learn. Rohit will be seen doing well as the captain. Overall, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League could be good for Rohit.


Chennai Super Kings - Mahendra Singh Dhoni


The name sign of Chennai Super Kings is Aries. According to Mars lord moving into twelfth place and looking at might, Chennai is leading to victory. In such a situation, becoming the winner of Chennai Super Kings, it can be considered fixed by Mars' transit in his name. But Chennai will also have to work hard to win.

Simultaneously, according to CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's date of birth, his name sign is Leo, which is considered the Sun's sign. The people of this Sun sign are very powerful. They break it by keeping themselves under control even in adverse circumstances. This is also Dhoni's quality. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) got the title of Captain Cool because of this. This IPL will be normal for Dhoni by name.


According to numerology, Dhoni's radix makes 7, which is considered as the number of Ketu in numerology. Ketu is considered a shadow planet and a cruel planet in Vedic astrology, giving the native results according to the zodiac sitting with him and his location. Ketu in transit in the Sagittarius sign means that it will give results like planet Jupiter in the house. Because Jupiter is transcendent in transit, upon meeting the Guru, Ketu will be strong and give the fruit of the Guru to Dhoni. The factor planet of Radix 7 will be considered fruitful for Ketu Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chennai Super King. Bhagyank 6 which is the number of Venus. 


This will also be in the interest of Dhoni. Overall, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League for Dhoni will yield mixed results.

Overall, the chances of Mumbai Indians winning the horoscope and transit of both teams are strong. However, cricket is called a game of uncertainties, so only time will tell who will taste the victory.


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Article Source : https://www.astroyogi.com/ipl/match/today-predictions


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