Importance of Sun in Astrology

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Importance of Sun in Astrology

Sun rules the zodiac sign, Leo. It takes 12 months to orbit around the zodiac circle, staying in each zodiac sign for 1 month. In astrology, Sun is friendly with Mars, Jupiter and the Moon is neutral with Mercury, and his enemies with planets Venus and Saturn. When Sun is placed in the house of Mars or Jupiter i.e. in the zodiac signs of Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces, then it can be quite beneficial for the native. 

A life-giving celestial body, Sun has the power to enlighten the whole world. The Sun in astrology has the ability to shape our identity, and is thus, believed to be a true representation of ourselves, our souls, our exterior personality, and appearance. On one hand, it makes you energetic, lively, creative and gives you the ability to face challenges head-on. On the other hand, Sun can make the native aggressive and self-obsessed.

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun represents authority and dominance. It gives the native will-power, courage, and confidence, and blesses the native with good leadership skills. Sun also plays a major role in influencing your health, which is why its placement in your birth chart is very important.

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Personality Traits ruled by the Sun-

Those born with a positively placed Sun or those whose zodiac sign is Leo are blessed with uniques characteristics influenced by the nature of the Sun. Having a positively placed Sun can make you ambitious, determined, and highly driven. A well-placed Sun can also make you optimistic in life and give you a great sense of humor. While you do have a heart of gold and are very kind, you can also be aggressive, selfish, and sharp-witted. 

The Ascendant in your birth chart also interacts with the influence of the Sun. The ascendant is the ruling Lord of your 1st House. For those who have their Descendants as the Sun, you will likely be independent, dynamic, strong-willed, stubborn and commanding.

If you are a Leo (with Sun as your ruler) and also have Sun in your 1st House, you will be blessed with physical and mental strength, power, knowledge, and versatility.

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When The Sun is in Transit

You can benefit by understanding how the Sun’s transit, through the different houses, can affect your life. 

Sun’s transit in the 3rd House indicates the possibility of wealth, profits from land and property, and recognition. However, at the same time, this position can also lead to trouble with your sibling(s). Sun’s placement in the 6th and the 11th Houses brings good results for your health and can also bring success in life. In the 10th House, it brings overall positive results. 

Transiting Sun can also bring some ill effects. In the 1st House, Sun can make you tired and erratic, and in the 2nd House, it increases health complications and can cause problems with a partner. In the 5th House, Sun can make the native anxious and worrisome, while its placement in the 7th House indicates loss of fame and support. Sun in the 8th House can cause trouble with authority. In the 9th House, it may lead to family problems and in the 12th House, Sun may increase your expenditures.