Guna Milan: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

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Getting to Know Guna Milan

Guna Milan is essential for a happy, harmonious, and successful matrimonial life. But do you know what Gunas and Guna Milan are? Read here to know all about Guna Milan in detail. 

One cannot deny that marriage is a life-altering moment. Undoubtedly, it is an important step in our life. Marriage is a sacred bond that brings two distinct and separate entities together for a long and healthy marital life. Everyone who is thinking of taking this crucial step in life must be cautious and analyze every parameter before deciding to get married. In Hindu marriages, one of the first things done before finalizing a marriage is Kundli Matching, commonly known as Kundli Milan.

In Vedic astrology, Kundli Matching holds utmost importance. There are different names for Kundli Matching for marriage, such as Guna Milan, Kundli Milan, Horoscope Matching, etc. No matter what name is used, the critical thing to know is that only when Guna Milan says that two individuals are compatible, marriage can be on the cards.

Let’s get to know a little about Guna Milan. 

Why is Kundli Matching Important?

Before we delve into Gunas and Guna Milan, let's first understand why Kundli Matching holds such importance in marriage. Kundli Matching for marriage is an ancient tradition that has been in practice since time immemorial. In Indian culture, arranged marriages are still a relevant concept. Arranged marriages make up a large proportion of marriages that happen in India. Before every arranged marriage, Kundli matching is done by Hindu families. In India, a marriage is not only a union between two individuals, but it also brings together two families. This is why most Hindu families deem Kundli matching a prerequisite before marriage. It is the first step that the two families take before going ahead with the marriage proposal.

Kundli matching is an excellent way to gauge the compatibility the would-be married couple would share, predict their marital life, and evaluate whether the marriage will be a success or not. All this is done by analyzing the birth charts or the Janam Kundlis of the prospective bride and groom and their signs, Grahas, Nakshatras, and other astrological elements in their birth charts. By analyzing the birth charts, you can check the Gunas, the position of the stars, the placement of planets, and Doshas. There are times when a groom or a bride might have some Graha Doshas, which could affect their marital life. This is why Kundli matching is done so that a professional astrologer can tell if such astrological conditions exist in a chart or not. Additionally, they can even help in eliminating these difficulties. In a way, Kundli matching becomes the deciding factor for the marriage's approval.

This is where your birth chart or Janam Kundli is required. By closely analyzing the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom, one can determine whether the union and their marital life will be a bed of roses or a bed of thorns.

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Finding The Right Life Partner with Guna Milan

As mentioned above, your Janam Kundli, also known as birth chart, natal chart, or horoscope chart, plays an essential role in Guna Milan and deciding the couple's marriage. So, what is Guna Milan?

Guna Milan is an age-old technique of matching the compatibility factors between the prospective bride and groom. Guna Milan is done on the basis of the position of the Moon in the birth charts of the future bride and groom. You might not know this, but Guna Milan is an essential part of Kundli Matching for marriage. You can term it as a subset of the entire marriage process. In simple terms, Guna Milan refers to the matching of the Gunas of the two people. It is done by the 'Ashtakoot Milan' method to check the compatibility of the prospective bride and groom. The matching of the individuals can be done in two ways, one is Gun Milan by name in Kundli Matching, and another is Gun Milan by date of birth.

The Guna Milan, also known as 'Ashtakoot Milan,' signifies the eight aspects of Gunas. The word 'Ashta' means 'eight,' and 'Koot' means 'aspects.' The Guna matching of a would-be couple depends on the eight aspects from the Kundlis. As per 'Ashtakoot Milan,' the eight Kootas are-

  • Varna (1) - This is based on four categories, namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. This deals with the matching of the categories of the bride and groom.
  • Vasya (2) - This deals with the nature and characteristics of the individuals to ascertain who will dominate in the marriage.
  • Tara (3) - This matches the horoscope based on the birth star or Nakshatra of the individuals. This is related to Nakshatra compatibility and the fate of the bride and groom.
  • Yoni (4) - This measures the couple's intimacy level, love, physical compatibility, and sexual compatibility. The Yoni Koota is classified into 14 animals. 
  • Graha Maitri (5) - This deals with mental compatibility, intellectual compatibility, and natural friendship between couples. It also takes into consideration the Moon sign compatibility.
  • Gana (6) - This is related to the human behavior, characteristics, and temperament of the two individuals. 
  • Bhakoot (7) - This deals with the love that the two people share, wealth, and emotional compatibility. This Koota takes into account the exact position of the Moon in the groom's birth chart compared with the bride's birth chart. 
  • Nadi (8) - This is related to the health, progeny, and reproductive capabilities of the bride and the groom. 

The compatibility analysis done during the Guna Milan is based on these eight essential aspects of the future bride and groom. Every Koota in your natal chart is given points from 1 to 8, which are considered while doing Guna Milan. All the points together make 36 points or Gunas that are taken into consideration. 

From the brief descriptions above, you can decipher that the Kootas signify different aspects of one's marital life and relationship. Among all the eight Kootas, Bhakoot and Nadi have 7 and 8 points. They are considered to be of utmost importance, and hence, the highest number of points have been allocated to them.

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How Many Gunas Should Be Matched for Marriage? 

As mentioned above, in Kundli Guna Milan, a total of 36 points are considered between the horoscopes of the would-be bride and groom. But, the important question is how many Gunas are supposed to match for a couple to be considered perfect? For a couple to be an ideal match during marriage matching, 36 out of 36 Gunas should match. When 36 Gunas or Chattis Gun match, it is considered the most harmonious pairing.

You should also know that if 32 or more Gunas match, instead of 36, it is considered a harmonious and successful pairing. However, it is only rare that more than 32 Gunas match between the bride and groom. This Guna Milan result would mean that such a marriage is deemed ideal, and the compatibility level is high between the to-be bride and groom. To have an astrology-approved marriage, at least 18 Gunas must match among 36. 

For a joyful and prosperous married life, at least 18 Gunas must match between the two to-be wedded individuals' Kundlis. If a couple scores less than 18, then the proposed union is not approved from an astrological point of view, as it is deemed that the relationship will run into troubled waters and will be a failure in the future. The minimum is 18 points that a couple must get for a marriage to be successful. If 18 to 25 Gunas match, it is deemed an acceptable marriage, and the couple can get married. If a couple scores more than 25, they are likely to have very good compatibility. As per the Ashtakoot Guna Milan in Kundli matching, the higher the score attained by a couple, the more will be the compatibility. 

The most critical aspects of the eight Kootas are that it sheds light on the durability of the marriage, planetary compatibility, sexual and mental compatibility between the to-be husband and wife, and the prospective bride and groom's approach, attitude, and perspective. It also focuses on the health of the couple and their children, Doshas such as Manglik Dosha, among other things. 

Concluding Thoughts

Many times, couples don't get favorable results in Guna Milan and Kundli Matching for marriage. There are often moments when the placement of the celestial bodies and the timing of a person's birth are such that they create Dosha in the horoscope, for instance, Mangal Dasha or Shani Dasha. These mismatching astrological elements or Doshas in the horoscope can cause problems after marriage. However, when you get the Kundlis matched by a professional and experienced astrologer, they can easily detect the Doshas and other mismatching elements and offer you remedies that can subdue the damaging effects of the Doshas.

Besides getting a Guna Milan done, you should also get other astrological factors checked and analyzed by an efficient astrologer. For example, the Moon's placement in the horoscope plays a vital role in Guna Milan; hence, the astrologers should take it into account. The Moon sign and Nakshatra should also be looked at to assess the future couple's compatibility. The astrologer should also analyze Venus and Jupiter's placement in the birth charts. 

Despite the onset of modernity and modern concepts bringing a cultural shift in our lives, Kundli Matching for marriage and Guna Milan rituals remain intact. The Guna Milan technique can help to figure out if the couple is suitable for marriage or not. Marriage is a lifetime union that ties together the husband and the wife in an eternal bond. Always opt for Guna Milan before marriage to ensure that your marital life is not filled with hurdles. Although an age-old ritual, this can give you accurate projections for your married life.

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