Mercury Transit To Sagittarius And Its Impact

Mercury Transit To Sagittarius And Its Impact

Legend says that Mercury is the offspring of Moon and Jupiter and hence has both of their characteristics. What a combination it is, and with its frequent transits Mercury may impact your overall confidence level, communication and decision-making skills. The transit of Mercury into Sagittarius on the advent of the New Year will have differed impact on each of the twelve zodiac signs. But in general, it will push you to look even more deeply within yourself and at what’s hidden or uncomfortable. Words should be chosen carefully during this time period and as they will have weight - this transit can be used to your advantage if you want to uncover secrets or deliver a message with maximum impact. Talk less and pay more attention to what’s going on behind the scenes. Mercury is a neutral planet by nature and it generally absorbs and reflects the influence of other planets which it comes into close proximity with. Read on to learn more about the impact of this Mercury transit on your zodiac sign.

Mercury’s positioning in Sagittarius during its natural course of transit would have some generalized implications, but those are not very relevant when we look at an individual’s horoscope reading. Consult expert astrologers of Astroyogi today for an in-depth and expert Horoscope analysis.

(Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs)


During this transit period, there are chances of strong and steady financial gains. But you may also approach a bank to get a loan for a major investment during this time period. It’s important to take a second opinion when you are going to make such big decisions.  You may be more inclined towards spirituality during this time period and it may assuage a lot of stress and tension which you were going through. Your sibling’s health is likely to be an area of concern, and you may also face impediments in your undertakings. To dodge health issues and illness, you need to take proper care of yourself. The onset of this transit may also bring about unplanned and unintentional errands.


During this transit period, you may have to spend some time and effort towards making your domestic life peaceful and harmonious. Moreover, open conversations would add gist to your family and love life. Unmarried natives may come across good alliances; hindrances might also come your way regarding the same. On the work front you might come across some fresh opportunities which offer better pay but you should take a call only after considering your career objectives and priorities. This transit of Mercury would enhance your diligence and decision-making skills.


It would be a favourable time period to pick up some long pending issues/projects at work as well as personal life and to close them. You might also be able to settle a land or property related dispute during this time period. At the same time, you need to keep your temperament under control as the rush of tremendous energy can lead to disputes and arguments. If you are planning to propose to your love interest, this is the right time to make that move.


During this transit period, your health may decline, so you are advised to take good care of yourself. Debates and disputes may take up a lot of your thought space and be the nucleus of your attention. Though there are chances of a lot of hindrances at work, but your sincerity and hard work would pay off. You may be hosting your maternal relatives during this time period. Expenses may surge but make sure you are spending your hard earned money for the right cause.


You will be pumped up and eager to take action and to behave very boldly in professional as well as personal life during this time period. It would be wise and appropriate to display your versatility at the workplace and to create a launch pad for your future success. Your seniors will most likely acknowledge your versatility at work and appreciate your efforts. You might come across a lucrative investment opportunity during this time period, you are advised to take an action only after consulting people who mean the best to you. It would be wise to seek the advice of elders in such matters


You will stay determined and persist in your endeavours during this transit period. You will be bestowed with good communication skills and a boost in your intellect is presaged. Your hobbies and interests will be embraced and you will make an effort to find time and space for them. Students who are aspiring to complete their higher education abroad will receive good news. There might be some friction and compatibility issues in your love life but deal them with tact and in the end, everything would be in full swings.


You need to control your temperament and especially the flow of words in your speech during this time period. There are chances of mishaps and heated debates, but make sure you are not spoiling a critical relationship. At work keep your calm and avoid writing heated emails and avoid using derogatory language. Avoid all sorts of risky endeavours like gambling and day trading during this time period as it can lead to potential losses. Try to maintain a clean image in work as well as personal life and stop yourself from getting involved in any type of controversies.


In this transit period, your hard work and efforts would definitely result in your success. You will be able to accomplish your goals no matter how difficult they might look at the first instance. Hurdles would come your way for sure, but still, you will emerge out of them with flying colours. You will be reaping financial benefits through rental properties during this time period. Irrespective of any hardship you face, your luck would support you and all you need to have is perseverance and determination. Single natives may identify the right partner for them during this time period.


You need to be polite and affectionate with your spouse during this time period and only then you would be able to enjoy the conjugal bliss. New business partnerships and alliances are on the cards but do not approach things impulsively but only after careful thought and scrutiny.  It will be a good time period to spend with your family and children. You might come across some opportunities to establish your hold at work and to get acknowledgement by your superiors. The energy imparted by the transit will make you very bold in your actions and your enemies would not dare to face you.


An on-site project is on the cards for IT professionals post the transit. You are also likely to create a good impression on your superiors with your diligence and hard work at the office. The transit will impart you with the abundance of positive energy and you should display your versatility at home as well as work. You might feel like missing out on your social life because of your busy work schedule but then again you cannot have it all at once. Focus on one your priorities primarily and later on, we can always find time for some good fun.


After this Mercury transit, you would witness a boost in your passion, energy, determination and communication skills. You might look out for a change in job actively but be sure that you are making the right choice. Your siblings and friends may be requiring your support but may not be asking for it directly. It’s up to you to read between the lines and be useful to them in such scenarios. Misunderstandings among couples are on the cards, respect each other’s individuality and to learn to give other their own space, everything can be sorted out then.


You would experience high expenditures during this time period and probably, you might also go abroad for business or professional purposes. These expeditions to abroad would turn out to be fruitful for you. During this transit period, many domestic disputes and arguments are probable. An elevation or rise in your career is indicated, and at the same time competition may grow stronger and your opponents may try to overpower you. Do not avoid your health issues as they may transform into severe complications. #GPSforLife

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