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My Style

Want to know about your individual style? Which trend is likely to draw your attention and what will make you cringe with disdain? This Tarot Reading will help you understand what the mystic sciences have to say about your tastes. Draw a card from the deck and read the interpretation associated with the card you have picked. This reading is based on the Major Arcana cards, a deck of 22 cards. The card you draw may appear either in the upward position or the reversed position, altering the meaning of the card. Tarot is not about getting a specific response. It is used as an occult tool to explore and discover hidden truths. It provides you with a deep insight into a situation and helps clear your vision for the future. Interpretations in Tarot Readings are never one and the same and it also depends a great deal on the mind of the one reading the card. Wisdom makes all the difference!

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