Numerology 2023 Ruling Number 3

Number 3: Numerology 2022

Number 3 (People born on 3, 12, 21, 30)

Number 3 Represent Jupiter

Number 3 Numerology 2023 Predictions

Jupiter is a benefic planet. If you are affected by Jupiter, then you must have a religious personality. These individuals are obedient towards work, and they also have excellent teaching skills. This year (2022) will bring mixed results for people who belong to number 3. This year will not be a good time to start new things. It's better to continue with old projects as it will give you favorable results. The first half of the year will be a bit challenging for you, but the second half will be amazing. This year will be your learning period, and you will learn a lot of new things. Overall, this year will be a year with lots of challenges. But don't worry! Give a tough fight to all the obstacles, and you will definitely get favorable results. 

Numerology 2022: Career And Finance 

This year, you need to focus on achieving financial stability. Your overspendings can give you colossal losses. Hence, try to save more instead of spending. You should use your money wisely. Do not invest your money in deals that will give you a loss. You can set aside a little money for luxury, but you should not misuse the same. Those who have jobs might get an increment and also a good name in their workplace. If you are in the field of counseling or teaching, it will prove to be a great profession for you. Even for students who want to go into the field of teaching or counseling, this will be a great opportunity for you. 

Numerology 2022: Love And Relationships  

This year might be full of ups and downs for those who are in a relationship. This will be a challenging year. Try to stick with your partner and avoid unnecessary fights because it may break your relationship. Those who are single try to avoid relationships this year because it might disturb you. For those in a long-distance relationship, this year will be favorable for you. You might get the chance to meet your partner and have a good time with your loved ones. Use this time to make good memories with your partner. Overall, this year will be a good year for relationship-related matters.

Numerology 2022: Health 

This year might be a little stressful for you, and it can affect your spiritual and mental health.  Focus on the things that will give you peace of mind. Always surround yourself with people and things that do not stress you. Do meditation to relax your mind and get involved in activities that can help get relief from stress. This year you might put on some unhealthy weight, So, try to do regular exercise and consume food items which burn your calories. Indulge in daily walking, exercise, gymming, etc., to control your body fat. For your mental stress, take proper counseling so that your mental health can be stable.

Let's get to know about the remedies for Number 3 for the year 2022. 

Write the number 3 on a piece of paper with a golden-colored pen and keep it in your wallet. This will create positive vibrations of number 3 in your life and give you prosperity. Take a 2/2 inch brass piece in a square shape and keep it in your pocket. This will make your planet (Jupiter) strong and create the positive energy of Jupiter in your life. Donate bananas once every month in an old-age home and take blessings from everyone there. This will increase your luck and the power of Jupiter.

  • LUCKY CRYSTAL:- Yellow crystal, Pukhraj.
  • LUCKY COLOR:- Yellow, mustard, dull golden.
  • DONATIONS:- Donate yellow Chana dal and banana.
  • MANTRA CHANTING:- “Om graam greem graum sah brihaspataye namah”.
  • LUCKY NUMBER:-  3 and 1 

✍️ By- Astro Puujel

These are only generalized predictions for the upcoming year 2022. To find out your individual new year forecast and remedies, please connect with Vedic & Numerology Expert - Astro Puujel.

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