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Master number 11

Hey you! So, Master Number 11 -- never heard of this before? No worries, we will tell you that master number 11 is an extra special number in numerology, one which holds great significance and immense power.
Oh! Still confused, is it? Simply put, all numbers are special and tend to exhibit some kind of energy which is beneficial. But when you come to master number 11, you will easily discern that this number is really special. 

There are many theories that revolve around this number. To make things clearer, we have divided this article into three parts to discuss the meaning, personality and destiny of people associated with master number 11. 

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What Is the Meaning of Master Number 11?

Master number 11 is a numerical value that is associated with high levels of spirituality and sensitivity. Being the first master number, it can be said that it acts as the root for the other master numbers. 

It is believed that this number enhances your intuitive powers and also builds up your intellect. People who are associated with this number are said to be mature thinkers, who can perceive the dilemmas of others and empathise with them. 

How Does Master Number 11 Affect Your Personality?

If you are related to this number, there are high chances that you are an old soul that has been revisiting the earth. The purpose of rebirth has been to bring about a change in the nature of humanity, and make people learn about the various ways of helping others. 

Master Number 11 people have the ability to discern the hidden fears in people and understand their feelings. They are sensitive in nature and possess strong leadership skills so as to become an inspiration for those around them. 

But this number also has a dark side that can affect the holder of this number in a negative way. If the person is unable or unwilling to understand the power of this number, then its high energy may backfire. For instance, if you hold this number but are unable to focus its energies on a certain goal, then it will create an inner conflict within you and will ultimately instil phobias and fears into your being. This is why this master number must be given your full attention. 

Can Master Number 11 Change Your Destiny?

Many of you may wonder how a number can change your destiny. What can be so special about it that it can affect your fate? Well, believe it or not, the master number 11 really has the potential to change your destiny. 

As per numerology, the people related to this number are born with an aim in life to help others in the best possible way. They are extremely intelligent beings who are very ambitious and set big goals for themselves. These goals drive them, and their master number enhances their thought power to help them achieve their goals. If they keep going in the right direction, they will reach the top of the ladder of success. But if they deviate from their goals, there are high chances that they will witness a very rapid downfall. 

Master Number 11 people are joyous beings, filled with kindness and compassion. At the same time they tend to neglect themselves, which could attract disastrous consequences since this makes them vulnerable. Therefore, if you are associated with this number in any manner, make sure that you consult a numerologist as soon as possible and trace out the path that is destined for you.

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