Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha

Manglik dosha is due to the occurrence of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8thor 12th house of your birth chart. A person is called Manglik if Mars is ascendant in any of the houses. According to astrology, this dosha mainly causes obstruction in marriages and may lead to severe marital discords in the future.

It is believed that the union between Manglik partners nullifies the effect of this fiery malefic nature of Mars. Hence, astrological compatibility is very necessary to avoid the ill effects of manglik dosha. There are a lot of misconceptions related to manglik dosha, like all those who are born on Tuesdays inevitably come under the category of mangliks and marriage between a manglik and non-manglik results in death.

However, depending upon the position of Mars, the impact of mangal dosha is evaluated.

Also known as Bhomdosha or Kujadosha, it adversely affects a person in more than one way. For instance, presence of Mars in the 1st house results in recurrent domestic quarrels, violence and property issues.

In the 4th house, there will be a major impact on the professional front where you will change jobs frequently. In the 7th house, both sexual relationship and family bonding will suffer.

In the 8th house, it causes fights within the family over property. And the presence in the 12th house affects mental and physical health. Therefore, it is essential to consult an astrologer to seek correct remedy or find out the presence of this dosha in your birth chart.

Kundli Matching can help in finding the right match for mangliks. There are various methods by which a Vedic astrologer can learn about all the different ways of neutralizing the effect of this dosha. It is also believed that the presence of Shani or Saturn in any of the above houses reduces the effect of this dosha.

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