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Leo Health Horoscope 2016

Leo Health Horoscope 2016

Leo, your health is set to be fine in the year 2016. The planets do not suggest any major ailments, but as always you should take care of your health.

You will also need to be careful not to let your own lifestyle choices ruin it for you. Unhealthy habits can creep in at times, especially in August when Jupiter is in Virgo. You may start drinking more, or eating bad foods. The trick is to treat yourself, but to avoid extensive overindulgent periods.

You may need to keep an eye out for a member of your family when the Sun enters Pisces from the 14th March. A male such as your father or an uncle might fall ill, and their condition can also affect your own health if you are not careful to look after yourself.

Health will be good for most of the year, and the end of the year will see you return to a state of almost ecstatic well being, as the Sun enters Scorpio in November to bring you an exceptionally stable and clear mind that will help you to balance other aspects of your life.

Keep yourself healthy by enjoying positive lifestyles, and avoid damaging behaviors.