Cancer Horoscope 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2022

Dear Cancerians, your yearly horoscope 2022 will show you all that the New Year has in store for you. We all crave to know the new opportunities that the coming year will bring with it. On the other hand, we wish to be prepared for the challenges the next year has in store for us. People also have numerous questions about the new year. To answer these questions, like each year, Astroyogi has created your horoscope for the year 2022, based on your zodiac signs. Astroyogi’s predictions for 2022 have been made by gauging the positions of the moon, planets, constellations, etc., and their effects on every zodiac sign. So, let's know in detail about Cancer horoscope 2022.

• What is the Cancer yearly horoscope 2022 indicating for Cancer natives? 

• How will the year 2022 be like for Cancer natives' love lives? 

• What will the year 2022 bring to the Cancer natives' professional lives?

• Will Cancer natives undergo financial problems in 2022, or will they be successful in gathering wealth? 

• How will the relationship of Cancer natives be with their family members in 2022? 

• You can find the answers to all these questions in your Cancer horoscope 2022. 

What does the horoscope of the year 2022 say?

The year 2022 will begin in the Virgo Ascendant in Scorpio and Jyestha Nakshatra. As per the Cancer annual horoscope 2022, 2022 will have its ups and downs for you. The year will be mixed in terms of career. The chances are that you may get money from a financial point of view. Whatever work you are doing during the middle of the year, do it carefully, or you might have to undergo major losses. Saturn being the lord of your 7th and 8th house, is transiting in your 7th house. Jupiter, the lord of your 6th house, will be the lord of your 8th house. Owing to the aspect of Jupiter, 2022 will be promising in terms of money, but you have to be careful when it comes to your health. The sight of Saturn on the Ascendant will result in mental stress and tension; thus, you are advised to make decisions by staying cool. 
Owing to the aspect of Saturn in the 4th house, there will be a decline in the family's happiness. This year, Saturn's Dhaiya will start on Cancer natives. On the other hand, Mercury will retrograde from 10th May 2022 in Taurus and will be residing in this sign till 3rd June 2022, which will be auspicious for the Cancer natives. But rushing can cause you trouble. Money will also be spent throughout this period, so be a little wise about it. However, this year you'll repay your loan, and you will get peace of mind. 2022 will be very promising for the students. Rahu will transit in Aries on 12th April 2022, which will bring new variations in your work field. Married life and love life are expected to stay unstable this year. 
On 30th April 2022, the first solar eclipse will occur, and the Sun will be residing in the 10th house of Cancer. Due to this, the delayed work will finish during this period, and you will taste the sweet taste of success. There will be a solar eclipse on 25th October 2022, and it will be in the 4th house of your zodiac. As a result, you'll have to look after your mother's well-being. There will also be ups and downs in your family's happiness. You are advised to resolve every issue with patience and avoid unnecessary expenses. 
On 16th May 2022, the first lunar eclipse will occur in Scorpio. This time will be difficult for the children. Those who have an interest in the field of art might have to struggle. Differences are expected to emerge between couples. On 8th November 2022, the second lunar eclipse of the year will occur, and the Moon will reside in the 10th house of Cancer. This state of the Moon will help you attain progress in your work field, and the time will prove to be promising for you to change jobs and make crucial decisions. 

Astrology Tips for Cancer Natives for 2022

• Put water in a copper vessel, mix white sesame seeds, and pour it on the Shiv linga.

• Take blessings from your mother while leaving the house.

• Keep water in a silver vessel and drink it every morning after waking up.

• Eat Kheer on the full moon day.

• Take the blessings of gurus to strengthen your fortune. 

Auspicious colors for Cancer in the year 2022

In the year 2022, white and yellow colors will be auspicious for Cancer natives.
Lucky Numbers for Cancer in the year 2022
In the years 2022, 02, and 09 will be lucky numbers for Cancer natives.

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